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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Land Destruction (Land-D)

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Sub Themes

Welcome back. Last we left you we showcased two very similar Sub Themes, Ramp and Big Mana, which should be included in all EDH deck somehow to ensure smooth running of the deck. Both accelerate their mana base through various means, improving your ability to cast spells. As with great powers comes great responsibilities, these two Sub Themes also come with it big attention, especially with Big Mana. This is partly due of the big epic plays Big Mana is capable of. For this article we are looking at the direct opposite of Ramp and Big Mana. Where in Ramp and Big Mana you search for Lands to ramp up your mana, this week Sub Theme looks to destroy all those Lands, on your opponents side that is.


Land Destruction (Land-D):-

Leave no Lands behind~!!!



The name of the Sub Theme is Land Destruction, or in short Land-D. Since mana is essential to every deck, Land-D main focus to deny your opponent of their Land resources which in turn restrict what your opponents can do each turn. Long story short, your opponents cannot interact much with you when they do not have the mana. It is not so much of a problem when this Sub Theme is widely included in EDH decks as a form of solution against Land which poses a threat to everyone, great thing to everyone. But the true evil side of this Sub Theme is when you go all out to fulfill its theme, mana denial to the max. Below are some of the evil ways used for this unfriendly.


Why destroy one Land when you can destroy all….

Another more devastated way to play this Sub Theme and the true evil side of this Sub Theme is to pack the deck with lots of alternate mana sources with Artifacts or Creatures. Along with using the above ways to Land-D, include spells or effects which destroy multiple Land or all Lands instead of just one or two, usually with a threat or clock already casted for your opponent. As all lands are destroyed in this case, opponents could well be sent to the bus stop even before they had recovered enough to make a comeback. A very unfriendly way to play but if your goal of playing MtG is to torture your friends; then this is the way to play this Sub Theme for you. Just don’t tell them you learn it from here, muahahah. Examples of cards which blow up the whole world include the below:-

  •  Ajani Vengeant – Power Land-D Planeswalker who supports Land-D theme. Locks down permanents by preventing them from untapping; building up to the final ultimate of destroying all of target player’s Lands
  • Armageddon / Boom // Bust / Ravages of War – The classic “Destroy all Lands” Armageddon and its two friends. Destroying everyone Lands, usually after you had gain the upper hand to seal off the victory; or just blow it all up and play alternate mana sources to get out of the tight spot
  • Bend or Break – Crude way to let everyone separates their Lands and then let their opponents choose which one to be destroyed. Mess up the friendship and make enemies in the table in an instant. Though you probably be the most hated since you are the one who initialed the whole thing
  • Catastrophe – Alternate mean for you to deal with Creatures destroys all of them should they pose a threat to you. If they don’t, just blow up everyone Lands
  • Decree of Annihilation – Uncounterable way to destroy everyone Lands by just cycling the card itself; drawing a card at the same time
  • Desolation Angel – Both the threat and the destroy all Lands when kicked
  • Destructive Force / Wildfire – Forces sacrifice on multiple Lands and wipe out the smaller Creatures (not really small considering that Destructive Force spares Creature with toughness of 6 and above and Wildfire 5 and above)
  • Devastating Dreams – Low cost mass Land-D which deals with Creatures too. Number of Lands sacrifice and damage dealt is dependent on the number cards you chose to discard. Though the discard is randomly, Devastating Dreams replace cards which are otherwise dead in your hand at the moment
  • Epicenter – Forces sacrifice on all Lands when you have Threshold. One way to deal with Lands which are Indestructible
  • Impending Disaster – Builds up fast in EDH games which has many players at each game. Set your opponents on the caution to not play too many Lands
  • Keldon Firebombers – Forces sacrifice on all Lands except for three for all. Bonus 3/3 body provided along for the beat
  • Myojin of Infinite Rage – Protects itself by being Indestructible. Then when the time is right, destroy all Lands by giving up that indestructibility
  • Wake of Destruction – Mono color killer which destroy target Land and all others which share its name. Play with alternate mana sources to avoid being hit if opponent happen to be playing the same Land as you


It is generally very difficult to deal with multi-players all at the same time.Unless you are playing the extreme mode of this Sub Theme, many of times you will only be able to cripple one or two players only to have the neglected dude take you out. As with most Land-D decks, Land-D Sub Theme do not gain you any friends. This is especially so when you go the extreme mode. No one likes to sit down in a game and not be able to do anything and then get show the way to the bus stop. With the goal of your Sub Theme met, it will be inevitable that everyone will be aiming you right from the start when they know what your deck does. As a simple survival instinct, it is either getting you out of the game or them staying in the game not being able to do anything.


Generals of Choice:

Numot, the Devastator: – Super Land-D General who destroy not just one but up to two Lands upon contact to your opponents. Its 6 power is also nothing to sneeze at too as you leave your opponents very near to 21 General Damage very soon. Color Identity also supports Blue with card draw and control.


Wort, the Raidmother: – Commander which gives all your Instants and Sorceries Conspire. Speeds up the process of locking an opponent since now every Land-D spells you cast will be destroying at least two Lands instead of one. Color Identity also contains the most number of Land-D spells and effects.


As power as it is, Sub Theme Land-D is very lonesome when you go full force for it. With no Lands on their sides, opponents will not be able to interact much with you while you kill them with your finisher. As effective as it sounds, the strategy proves somehow overpower and would causes you to be the main target to get rid of at the table. And since EDH games involve many players, you might not be able to handle so many players all at one time. With all that said, we shall leave you to digest and further explore this Sub Theme. Do come back next article though as we move on to another Sub Theme. So…… do try to stay alive if you do decide to use today Sub Theme to torture your play group.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



8 Responses to “A Style for Each – Land Destruction (Land-D)”
  1. baihai says:

    Hi Edward, nice land d article, finally it’s done, any chance that u can build a edh from bottom up? I am saying building a cascade theme edh deck, since edh is all abt casual.

    • Edward says:

      Thanks for the anticipation.

      Yes it is possible, though there are very little Cascade spells to work with.

      11 from Alara Reborn:-
      Ardent Plea (WU)
      Bituminous Blast (BR)
      Bloodbraid Elf (RG)
      Captured Sunlight (GW)
      Demonic Dread (BR)
      Deny Reality (UB)
      Enigma Sphinx (WUB)
      Enlisted Wurm (GW)
      Kathari Remnant (UB)
      Stormcaller’s Boon (WU)
      Violent Outburst (RG)

      3 from Planechase 2012:-
      Etherium-Horn Sorcerer (UR)
      Maelstrom Wanderer (URG)
      Shardless Agent (GU)

      and 1 Enchantment which changes all your first spell per turn into Cascade spells:- Maelstrom Nexus

      That’s only 14 cascade by default plus 1 Enchantment which makes cascade spells. Not a lot to work on for cascade. To get the full use of it, you will need all 5 colors to get all Cascade spells in.

      Otherwise you can just use the Cascade Commander, Maelstrom Wanderer, restricting your colors to URG. You will need ways to reduce its casting cost though. Coincidentally, Animar does that and shares the same colors as Maelstrom Wanderer. Wrote about that in the below link, check that out too for more ideas.



  2. Tim says:

    Sir, I’m attempting to build a edh as general and include all red cards,white and blue. Red prim land d, blue draw and white is the creature stomp with the mirrior signal Sargent, and stone horn dignitary, with paradox haze, followed footsteps, conjures closet

    • Edward says:

      Thanks Tim for your comment.

      Wow. I see you got a pretty nice combo of lockdown there. Which route you are taking for the Land-D? A good point to add to your idea would be some form of stoppage against an early horde. But otherwise I learn a thing and two from just those few cards you just mentioned. Pretty good man.

      As I play a Numot EDH too, and controlling the early horde can sometimes be a big headache. My Land-D style is mass Land-D. So its not that easy for the long run when the table knows you are playing it. So you got to be prepare for that kind of threat.

      Cheers and thanks again for your comment. 🙂


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