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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Stax or Prison

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Sub Themes

Welcome back and since you are reading today article, I presume either you managed to stay alive after playing last article’s Sub Theme, Land-D or have not try it out at all. As talked about last article, the Sub Theme Land-D is one of the unfriendly strategies which deny your opponents of mana by destroying their Lands. As Lands are the most basic mana source played in the game, destroying them will render your opponents unable to do anything to retaliate against your threat. Sub Theme Land-D could go to an extreme mode whereby you simply destroy all Lands including yours, and uses alternate mana sources to keep ahead of your opponents. A sound strategy but will usually leave you being the bad guy and number one guy to send to the bus stop. Your hands will be full since you have to deal with everyone.Enough about the last Sub Theme, let’s go on with today article. If you were a big fan of Sub Theme, Land-D, then today Sub Theme is going to interest you even more. So just sit back and let us guide you through the Sub Theme, Stax; or as some calls it, Prison.

Stax or Prison:-

That’s the reason why you should not be outdoors when there is a sandstorm.


If you think that Land-D is annoying, wait till you see Stax or Prison. With the Sub Theme Land-D, unless you are going the extreme mode, you are only denying one or two opponents of Lands so they could not do anything. But with the case of Sub Theme Stax or Prison, you lock down ALL your opponents at the same time. This is very effective in EDH as you are locking everyone down, the chances of recovering is much lesser, unlike Land-D whereby you could only focus on destroying one or two opponents. In general, it is a disruptive Sub Theme which tax other players for everything they do and denies them of resources while developing your own, creating a Soft Lock on the board which makes it difficult for opponents to react or do anything, hence the nickname Prison. Land-D is sometimes incorporate in here to achieve this goal. Most cards used are usually along the line of controlling or taxing your opponents. Examples of such cards are as follow:-


Since most of the spells played in Prison are mostly controlling and locking down your opponents, most of their threats are neutralize as you cast your own, allowing for more card choices for other purpose in your decks. Tutors are necessary for smooth running of the deck as well. Tutors used in Sub Theme, Tool Box could all be employed here too if their Color Identity so fits.



Being the most unfriendly deck in normal variant, it is no difference here in EDH. This Sub Theme usually generates more enemies than friends. As EDH games are usually play with multi-players in mind, it is always ensured that you be the main target of everyone and possibly even be the first one to be sent to the Bus Stop before you could send anyone there.

No one likes to sits in for EDH and do nothing…. Unless there is free beer



Generals of Choice:

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV: – Commander who reduces all your Blue and White spells while taxing your opponents’ spells. Combing both control and countering power from both its Color Identity to further control the board.


Savra, Queen of the Golgari: – General which adds on effects to your sacrifice of Creatures. Control on opponents who depend heavily on Creatures.


Gaddock Teeg: – Your Commander of choice to seal off the victory for preventing your opponents’ big spells from being cast. Especially useful in EDH where big spells are common and abundant.


Rakdos the Defiler: – Heavy Demon Tribal theme which destroys mass amount of permanents. Each attack render opponent with lesser permanents to deal with your General. Color Identity provides disruption too.


Linvala, Keeper of Silence: – Lock down on activated abilities of Creatures, mana Creatures, on your opponents’ side.


Prison locks down players and due to the fact that you are the one initialing the lock, you will be the only one fully prepared and spared from the ordeal. Threats are usually locked down and thus neutralized. As effective as it is, it is not a popular Sub Theme among players, and is usually the number one public enemy for every play group to take out first. With that we shall leave Prison behind for now. Do come back next article for another new Sub Theme.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



8 Responses to “A Style for Each – Stax or Prison”
  1. Joascenso says:

    LOVE IT!!!! But i will bet on OLORO as Commander.

  2. Recep says:

    good suggestion lol I was thniking about adding temple bell, probably over washout or volition reigns. I find that even though I can give some people cards with NIn its not enough to make friends at the table.

  3. Edward says:

    Guess the damage from Nin was more than everyone could take hahaha.


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