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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each

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Most MTG-ers who had played the game long enough should know that they are much more accustomed to certain play style than others. What this means really is that some players are more familiar with controlling his or her opponents every actions, while others just open the gates and let out all their threats on the opponent from the start.  It is nevertheless same in EDH as after all it is also a variant of MTG. Once you had identified your Play Style, it would greatly help you to further improve your decks. The more synergy you could find between cards the more better the deck works out. Through knowing which style you would like to play with the deck could help you in a great deal to achieve that task.


Choosing a Play Style:-

Does it ever happen to you that after building your 99+1 with your favorite General, you find that you ain’t winning games or just could never play the deck right? This could be due to the fact that you had not built your deck according to your Play Style. For more advance deck construction, you would be choosing a Play Style first before you choose your General. How would you like to play out? How would you want to achieve that victory? Do you wanna Go for the Throat right from the start, or Hold the Line earlier on and then drop the bomb on your opponents later on? Or create X number of X/X Ooze Tokens through some crazy huge mana combo powered Gelatinous Genesis (15 15/15 Ooze Tokens, we had seen it happened before…); or Training Grounds + Ashnod’s Altar + Sliver Queen then win by Epic Struggle. Remember with EDH games, any crazy game play is possible. As we mentioned earlier, you should generally choose your play style first before choosing your Commander. This would help you to better choose the right Commander for your deck followed by card choices for your deck.


Romance of the 3 Archetypes + Little Countries of Sub Themes:-

Like a Balance of Power, the 3 Archetypes; Aggro, Control & Combo; which are always discussed in normal MTG are also common in EDH. These 3 basic Archetypes, like 3 great tyrants, are pretty much what every deck will fit into. Balancing with each other, each Archetype foils each other. Though not necessary always true, the 3 Archetypes generally counter each other in this manner: Aggro beats Control, Control beats Combo, Combo beats Aggro. Decks could be built in Hybrid forms of these Archetypes too. This is especially so in EDH whereby overlapping of Archetypes and Sub Themes is not rare. Since a large card pool is involved and cards except basic lands are restricted to only one per deck. Deck Archetypes are rather flexible and most decks do not really fall into any one style. Commonly it would be 1 or 2 elements taken from a Deck Archetypes with lots of overlapping between each other.

Beside the 3 Archetypes, there are many other Sub Themes which act like support to the 3 Main Archetypes. These Sub Themes are not considered as Archetypes because they still fall into the 3 Archetypes in regardless of how they are built. Players usually use those help in the development and solution of the decks (eg. Ramp for mana and color; 187 for solution and attacker at the same time; Recursion for recycling of Creature resource). Some Sub Themes have a huge card pool supporting them that the entire deck could be centered on them.

So as you would understand now that besides having the 99+1 deck build, EDH Play Styles are no different from normal MTG, it would be to your advantage to build a deck which is of your own familiar Play Style. A Play Style is like a signature of you. When you are playing with a familiar Play Style, it is easier to improve your deck as you playtest it.  For the upcoming articles, we will examine the different kind of Play Styles to let you better understand some of the popular styles you might like to adopt when playing. So do stay tune here for some in-depth analysis of each Play Styles.

This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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