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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Enchantress

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Sub Themes

Enchantress. Drawing you cards since the beginning of MtG.

Welcome back and thank you for staying with us for so long. Hope that you had enjoyed our articles so far and had gained much insight on how to build better refined decks according to your Play Style. Where we had left you in our last article, we introduce you to the Sub Themes, Poison. Much like another Sub Theme, Voltron, Poison works the same way in that it also win by sending in one Creature to deal the lethal blow. But in this case, you only have to deal 10 poison counters to kill your opponents. As with Voltron, Poison also has the same weakness of narrowing down the target for your opponents to deal with, as you are only sending in one guy to deal the lethal Infect Damage. To counteract against this, ways to allow Infect Creatures to deal direct damage to your opponents are to be included in your deck. Another alternate way is to let your opponents have at least 1 poison counter, so you could kill them by using Proliferate, increasing their poison counters count without having to attack again. Enough of recap, for today article, we will, as usual, be introducing another Sub Theme. Today Sub Theme is like an expanded version of its normal variant, the super controllish, duper defensive and ultra powerful card drawing engine, Enchantress.



Going Retro

As mentioned above, the Sub Theme, Enchantress is a control and defensive style. Looking at its namesake, you could see that the Sub Theme plays with the Enchantresses and then casting various Enchantments to generate massive card advantage from them (the Enchantresses). The whole idea is that once you have an Enchantress on the battlefield, each Enchantment you cast thereafter would draw you a card, which maybe another Enchantment, forming sort of a draw engine. Below are the chosen ones used to generate the huge amount of card advantage Enchantments for the deck:-

  • Argothian Enchantress – Comes with Shroud to protect itself. Low cc of 1G to cast. Commonly, and usually the most powerful first to be casted
  • Enchantress’s Presence – Enchantment form of the namesake. Avoids mass board sweep
  • Femeref Enchantress – Opposite of most Enchantress. Nets you a card only when your Enchantments got destroyed
  • Kor Spiritdancer – Scaled down version which only works on Auras. A welcome additional draw engine to the whole theme though
  • Mesa Enchantress / Verduran Enchantress – Except for color, both are functionally the same card. Drawing of card is optional for these two, which helps to prevent you from drawing too much and decking yourself in the process. Verduran Enchantress is the pioneer of the Enchantress, with Mesa Enchantress being the Planeshifted version of it


Enchantress Paradise

Another staple of the deck is Serra’s Sanctum. With so many Enchantments involved, this Land which produces White mana equals the number of Enchantments you control, is a standard addition to all Enchantress decks to allow you to play out the more Enchantments each turn. After you had packed your preferred number of Enchantresses to your deck, the next step is to choose the right kind of Enchantments to include into your deck. In fact, most of the Enchantments that are used in the Sub Theme, Toolbox, could be used here along with the Tutors or search cards which search for the specific Enchantments for the situation. Bear in mind that since most of these cards are Enchantments, they draw you a card once you had set up the engine, effectively replacing themselves as you cast them. As you will be drawing a lot of cards each turn, there will bound to be instances that you are unable to clear your hand fast enough and had to discard at the end of your turn, Reliquary Tower, another Land besides Serra’s Sanctum, could also be added to your deck to allow you to draw as much cards as you like when you cast those Enchantments without having to worrying about what to discard afterwards for overdrawing. With that cleared, here are some examples of the cards that are normally used for Sub Theme, Enchantress:-

Once you start the engine, you never wanna stop it.

  • Privileged Position – Protects all your other permanents, permanents like your Enchantresses, by giving them Hexproof
  • Runed Halo – Your COP against one General
  • Sigil of the Empty Throne – Adding on to the draw engine, this Enchantment provides you with an army of 4/4 Angels as you cast your Enchantments. One of the many win con of the Sub Theme, Enchantress
  • Sphere of Safety – Tax X for each Creature attacking you or Planeswalkers you control. The Sphere stands out for the X increases with each Enchantments you have, playing right into the Enchantress Style. It is also special for protecting your Planeswalkers too
  • Sterling Grove – Protects your other Enchantments by giving them Shroud. Double as your Tutor for Enchantments as well
  • Test of Endurance + Words of Worship – Alternate win con through having 50 or more life. Combo with Words of Worship to convert each skipped card draws into 5 life. Felidar Sovereign could also be added in for this win con. Although in the case of Felidar Sovereign, you could probably win without the help of Words of Worship since your starting is already 40 and it only needs 40 to win
  • Utopia Sprawl + Wild Growth + Words of Wind – A mini combo which allows you to bounce a number of permanents for as much Lands you could enchant with Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth. Combo works by using the mana provided by the two Auras when you tap the Land they are enchanted to pay for the Words of Wind which would make everyone bounce one permanent every time you use its ability. For that case you will be bouncing one of the Auras. Then you will tap the Land enchanted with the remaining Aura, recast the bounced Aura, and bounced the remaining one. The whole process will go on till your Lands are all tapped out or you ran out of Lands to enchant with the Auras
  • Vow Auras – Set of Auras which enhance the Creature it enchant but prevent the enchanted Creature from attacking the controller of the Auras
  • Yavimaya Enchantress – Not the usual type of Enchantress, this gal gets bigger as more Enchantments hit the battlefield. An alternate kill con in the mid or late game

“Don’t Worry. I’m a BIG girl now.”



No Enchantress, no extra cards drawn. The whole deck idea focuses so heavily on that card advantage generated from the Enchantresses that once you do not have any of the Enchantresses on the battlefield, the deck become considerably weak. Sometimes even to the point of crippled weak that you wonder why you even chose to play it. As you looked at the Enchantresses list given, you might wonder with 99 cards in a deck how could you hope to draw an Enchantress in time to get the engine moving; or how could you even build an EDH deck with so little Enchantresses available. To counteract that problem, the below cards would help get you the extra “Enchantresses”:-

One is never enough

Generals of Choice:

Hanna, Ship’s Navigator:- Hanna serves well as the Commander for this Sub Theme by bringing back any Artifacts or Enchantments that were destroyed. Her Color Identity is a bit limited with the number of Enchantress which can use. Use her Color Identity of Blue to copy and multiple your numbers of Enchantresses for maximum card advantage


Rafiq of the Many: – The traditional Colors for Enchantress are all in. Color Identity gives access to all the cards which makes Enchantress decks the controllish and defensive Play Style it is. Rafiq also provides a kill con when you need it.


Uril, the Miststalker: – Combination of Play Styles of Voltron and Enchantress. This union allows you to refill your hand whenever you pump Uril up with Enchantments. Also addition option of kill with Red spells which deals X damage could abuse the mana generated from Serra’s Sanctum.


All in all, today Sub Theme, Enchantress, revolves around the namesake of the deck, controlling the board and defending you with all the Enchantments you cast. You generally refill your hand as you cast more Enchantments to develop your board. As powerful as it is, its namesake is also its weakness. The Sub Theme will not function well when you do not have the Enchantress on the battlefield. This weakness is further amplified by the deck building rule of EDH (all cards are restricted to one except basic Lands), making it harder to draw into an Enchantress, sometimes winning or losing the game and not even drawing one at all. One way to counter this weakness is to copy your Enchantress, increasing the number of Enchantresses.


That’s a Wrap!! For now….

All Good Things come to an end, All Journey ends at a destination. But life doesn’t end like that so, onward with more new horizons~!!!

We have now come to a close for Play Styles for now. Generally there is no hard and fast rule to follow in choosing Play Style. You could choose two or three Play Styles as sometimes they overlap or support each other in someways. Do not be afraid to experiment with the numerous ideas you may have as you play, but do follow your heart when deciding on the Play Style. This is because you could get a much clearer picture and directions for your deck when you are playing with something you like or are familiar with. So once you find the Play Style which you like, play decisions, card choices to improve your deck will be much easier to make and you definitely have more fun playing with your deck. And so with that, we wrap it up for today article. We thank you for following this series of Article so far.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



2 Responses to “A Style for Each – Enchantress”
  1. Daniel says:

    Great post, i would like to know your thoughts about new cards to enchantress deck to play Legacy, because most deck are very very fast and i don’t know how to deal with it….

    I am from Venezuela, in South America…

    Thanks for your future comments

    • Edward says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for taking your time to read my article.

      Even though I have an Enchantress Legacy myself, I may not be the right person to reply as I had been missing the Legacy scene for a while.

      Would you update me what are the new additions to the deck though. So I may provide my humble thoughts.

      Thank you and cheers 😀