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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Blink

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Sub Themes

Welcome back from the holiday seasons. A small recap from last article, we showed you Group Hug, a very political Play Style which focuses on helping out your opponents by giving them extra stuff from cards, mana, sometimes even free spells, while you set them up for the eventual kill. Fun as it is, the Play Style is very hard to play as your opponents would and often get developed out of control for you to handle. Board advantage swing chaotically that players would just hate the source of it all which is you. With the summarize done, now we shall look at another Sub Theme which also abuses the Enter The Battlefield & Leave The Battlefield effects like Sac & Recur but in a different way.

Blink or “187”:-

“Ohh yeah…. Blink us man~”


Similarly to Sac & Recur, this Sub Theme, Blink or “187” (187 is the numeric code for homicide in the States and used to nicknamed Creatures with Enter The Battlefield effects), exploits the Enter The Battlefield and Leave The Battlefield effects of creatures. This Sub Theme has the advantage of not depending on the graveyard, eliminating the weakness that Sac & Recur has against graveyard hate. Instead of repeatedly sacrificing and recurring the creatures, Blink depends on blink or bounce effects to abuse the Enter The Battlefield and Leave The Battlefield effects of the creatures. This Sub Theme is also one of the most common and could be seen in many decks as Enter The Battlefield and Leave The Battlefield effects are present in all colors, even artifacts. It is very effective as the Enter The Battlefield creatures also serve as your blockers after they enter the battlefield. Most of the Creatures Cards used in Sac & Recur are common too in this Sub Theme, but bear in mind that you are looking for those who has Leave The Battlefield effect which doesn’t involve it going to the graveyard. Here are some of the cards that you could use for Blink:-

  • Acidic Slime – The 3-way threat removal for Artifact, Enchantment or Land, with Deathtouch previously used in Sac & Recur is also used here to deal with your opponent’s threats
  • Angel of Despair – Your solution to almost any permanent threat with a badass body to go with it.
  • Angelic Chorus – Nets you life with each creatures entering and reentering your side of the battlefield
  • Aura Shards – Ditto as Angelic Chorus but Naturalize effect
  • Eternal Witness – Good combo with permanent ways to return Creatures for reusing of their Enter The Battlefield effects, allowing you to return anything lost previously
  • Indrik Stomphowler – As in Sac & Recur, this creature also serve the same purpose here providing solution to Artifact or Enchantment while providing you with a beater
  • Malakir Bloodwitch – Heavy Vampire Tribal theme to work but possibly a fast kill as most blink effects are relatively low cc
  • Mulldrifter – Draws you two cards whenever it enters the battlefield
  • Reveillark – Consider to be one of the best Creatures to blink out as its Leave The Battlefield only require it to just Leave The Battlefield without going to the graveyard. In this Sub Theme. Could consider combo of it with Body Double; or just bring in more Creatures with Enter The Battle effects
  • Woodfall Primus – Again the best answer against any noncreature permanent, like Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker & Karn Liberated. Blink effect could remove any -1/-1 counter on it to allow for its Persist to work again

With the Creatures chosen, you now need ways to abuse their Enter The Battlefield effects. Generally this is accomplished by bounce effects or blink effects. In case some of you are wondering, bounce effects is when you return a creature back to your hand to cast it again, whereas blink is to exile the creature and then return it to the battlefield as a new creature. Here are a couple of examples for you to bounce or blink your creatures:-

  • Dust Elemental / Stonecloaker / Stormfront Riders / Whitemane Lion – This group of Creature are nicknamed Rescuers, because they all bounce one or a number of creatures back to the hand as they enter the battlefield. All except Stormfront Riders have Flash, making them act as an emergency outlet to save your creatures if needed, hence the nickname Rescuers
  • Erratic Portal – A permanent way to bounce a creature back to your hand for recasting. With this, you could get Enter The Battlefield effect out of your creature every turn
  • Flicker / Liberate / Momentary Blink / Otherworldly Journey / Turn to Mist – Ways to blink your creatures. Each function differently as follows; Otherworldly Journey & Turn to Mist could target not just your own creatures, with Otherworldly Journey pumping the creature as it returns; Flicker could blink any nontoken permanents; Momentary Blink is the same as Liberate but with Flashback, both targeting only creatures you control. Except for Flicker which is a Sorcery, the rest are Instants
  • Flickerwisp / Glimmerpoint Stag – Creatures with the blink effect attached
  • Ghostway – Board blink for all your creatures
  • Mistmeadow Witch – Creature form of Turn to Mist. Could be activated multiple times if you have enough mana to spare
  • Portal Creatures – Nicknamed this way by Wizards. This group of creatures, in the story point view, is summoned by using another creature as a portal gateway to summon them. Like the Rescuers, this group of Creatures from the Planeshift set, also bounces a creature back to the hand as they enter the battlefield, but only bouncing a creature which shared a color with them as well. A good thing about these creatures is that some of them relatively big creatures with low cc. Here are some examples:-





Cavern Harpy

Blue / Black


Flying and could bounce itself back for 1 life for more bouncing effects

Doomsday Specter

Blue / Black


Flying plus hand disruption to your opponent on contact

Marsh Crocodile

Blue / Black


Minor hand disruption to everyone

Sawtooth Loon

White / Blue


Flying and library top improvement

Silver Drake

White / Blue


Middle size Flying for 3cc

  • Sunken Hope – A double edge sword which ensures that everyone could reuse the Enter The Battlefield they want each turn. Serve as your political tool at the table3
  • Venser, the Sojourner – Your friendly Planeswalker who blink your Creatures while building up to his ultimate emblem, which allows you to exile a permanent whenever you cast a spell…… wicked~!!!



As one of the ways to abuse the Creatures Enter The Battlefield effects is to bounce them, the danger of losing the Creature to hand disruption is present. Sometimes you might not be able to recast the creature in time and it got stuck in your hand only to be discarded. This is made so too due to the fact that blink effects are not so abundant to bounce effects. Tutors are recommended to be included in the deck in order to search for your bounce and blink means. Preferably permanent means, like Erratic Portal & Mistmeadow Witch.


Generals of Choice:

  • Rasputin Dreamweaver: – Commander who has the Color Identity which has the most Bounce and Blink effects (White & Blue). Added ability of removing Dream Counters from him provides you with Colorless mana for spell casting and preventing damage dealt to him.


  • Sakashima the Impostor: – Since Sakashima has the ability to copy any Creature on the battlefield as it enters the battlefield, it is effectively any Creatures with Enter The Battlefield you had already have on the battlefield. A bonus for Sakashima is that he could also bounce himself back to your hand.


Blink is a very effective Sub Theme which could be in-corporate into any decks as Creatures with Enter The Battlefield effects are spread over all colors and even Artifact. Blink usually use two methods to abuse the Creatures: Blink effects or Bounce effects. Blink effects are mainly seen in White and Blue, whereas Bounce is mainly Blue but also could be found in other colors and Artifacts. As most of the time your Creatures are either in your hand waiting to be cast or on the battlefield to be exile by Blink effects, it does not has the weakness which Sac & Recur has against graveyard hate. But as Blink effects being not as abundant like Bounce effects, Blink does have the weakness against hand disruption if it so happened that the Creature was in your hand. Packing Tutors to search for your permanent ways to Blink or Bounce to truly abuse this Sub Theme. So with that, we come to our conclusion for this Sub Theme. Till next article when we introduce yet another Sub Theme, enjoy abusing those “187” Creatures~!?
This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



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