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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Thievery

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Sub Themes

Hello there, fellow EDH-ers, welcome back for yet another article of the Sub Themes. Last article we looked at Blink, the Sub Theme which abuses Enter The Battlefield & Leave The Battlefield effects of creatures by blinking them out of the battlefield; or bouncing them back to the hand and then recast them. As the creatures do not stay in the graveyard, it is safe from graveyard hate but vulnerable to hand disruption as the Creatures sometimes staying in the hand is open to discard. Today article we shall look at a sneaky (Our play group, Mr Chris’ favourite) Sub Theme, Thievery or as some like to call it Steal.

Thievery or Steal:-


As the name of the Sub Theme implies, the main focus of this Sub Theme is to steal your opponent resources and using it against them. Nothing beats the feeling of using your opponents best threat against them; or as the receiving end of the deal, nothing sucks more than to get hit by your own stuff. By doing so, each time you steal from your opponent, you actually generate card advantage as well. Why and how you ask? It’s very simple really. Whenever you steal a threat from your opponent side, you also neutralize it at the same time since its no longer on your opponent side threatening you. After stealing your opponent’s stuff, you could either use it back against your opponent; or sacrifice it for other effects leaving your opponent with nothing while you reap the rewards from his stuff. There are many ways already available for you to choose from to steal your opponent’s stuff, depending on what you want to steal. The following list may not be complete, but comprises of the large variety of ways to steal stuff from your opponents:-



As much fun it is to be using your opponents’ stuff against them, it could really speeds up your death too, as everyone at the table will be pissed with you stealing their stuff. So you have to be prepared to take on the whole table when you start stealing everyone stuff. Also this Sub Theme has the biggest weakness of being opponent dependent. You could only steal as much as your opponent has, if they do not have anything you have nothing to steal, leaving the game in a standstill till someone has something if your deck do not have a win con on its own. Also this Sub Theme becomes less effective if your opponent runs a lot of permanents which could sacrifice themselves causing your steal effects to fizzle on loss of target. Permanents which has Shroud or Hexproof also prevents you from stealing them, as most steals are targeted.


Generals of Choice:

  • Thada Adel, Acquisitor:- General who steals your opponent’s Artifacts from their library as it connects with them. Color Identity is also the king of steal.

  • Memnarch:- Steals Artifacts and also has the ability to changes any permanents into Artifacts for you to steal.

  • Merieke Ri Berit:- Steals any Creature but kills them once you could untap her…..

  • Skyfire Kirin:- Heavy Spirit Tribal theme to steal creatures until end of turn. Add sacrifice outlets to kill the stolen creatures to best abuse this ability.


Steal is a very efficient to play as each steal would improve your board advantage against your opponents, as your opponents had wasted their resource to cast their kill only to be stolen by you and then used against them. The major drawback is that you would be very much hated as you are stealing everyone stuff and if your opponents do not play anything you have nothing to steal. Permanents which could sacrifice themselves or has Shroud or Hexproof are also foil to your game plan. And with that, we come to a close for this Sub Theme. Do try it and enjoy the fruits of your opponent’s efforts. But if you got beaten up while annoying the hell out of your opponents, please don’t tell them you learn it from here…… 😡


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



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