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Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Style for Each – Toolbox

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Sub Themes

Welcome back. Hope you are still playing EDH after you had tried to build and played a Sub Theme Steal deck. As a recap, last article we talked about the effectiveness of the Sub Theme, Steal, which gains board advantage through stealing your opponent’s resources. Neutralizing threats and turning them against their owners. As effective as it is, Steal is a very big attention magnet for hate as you gain more enemies the more you steal from your opponents. As a foil to this Sub Theme, permanents which could sacrifice themselves would fizzles your steal, and permanents with Shroud or Hexproof also render most of your steal useless as most of the time you cannot steal what you cannot target. For today article, we shall examine the Sub Theme, Toolbox, which is customized to deal with anything and everything.


D.Tutor & V.Tutor For the Win. . . .


You could handle whatever your opponents throw at you as much as you equipped your decks. This Sub theme packs the deck full of answers to every situation along with tutors to search out that solution, ensuring that you have the right tool at the right time. Below is a list of some of the Tutors and the things they searched for:-

With the above set of Tutors set in, you now need to fill your deck with solutions against your opponent’s threat. This could be very metagame based but there are cards which are generally used to defend against certain kind of situations or threats. Here are some of the solution cards and the threat they answer to:-


As a lot of card slots are used as situational tool, forfeiting those spells which are always good no matter when you cast them, you will be stuck with those cards in your hand or having them on the battlefield with no purpose. Also due to the huge deck size, even with this much of tutors, is still not enough for you to search up the tool in time to deal with the situation. One way to counter against this problem is use your available Tutors to search for Planar Portal, giving you a permanent way to search for any card you need thereafter. Although not a full proof plan, as you got to protect your Planar Portal after that, but it beats not having the right answer at the right time. Card draw and library manipulation are also a good ways to enable you to cycle through your deck for Tutors or solutions.

Generals of Choice:

  • Captain Sisay: – Tutor by herself Commander with Color Identity which consists of most of the best solution cards.

  • Momir Vig, Simic Visionary: – Another Tutor by himself General. Color Identity is also packed with quite a good number of “187” Creatures.

  • Zur the Enchanter: – The most annoying General which could search for Enchantments with 3cc each time it attacks. In time, Zur could totally overwhelm your opponents with Enchantments that would seal the game for them. Color Identity provides many control cards too.

So as you could see that with this Sub Theme, it is possible to have singleton answers to all sorts of threats in your deck and packed yourself with lots of Tutors to search them out for the right moment. Although effective, the plan could also backfire as you pack your decks with solution cards for threats your opponents do not use, making your solution cards dead cards. Also with such a big deck, you could also not draw your solution cards or Tutors in time to save you. Due to this fact, a lot of times Toolbox is more suited as a support theme rather than a main theme for EDH decks. And with that we come to a close for this article. Do join us back here for yet another Sub Theme.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



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