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A Style for Each – Voltron

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Sub Themes

Welcome fellow EDH-ers for yet another Sub Theme article. Last article we talked about the Sub Theme, Toolbox, where we had examined how it could enable you to deal with any situations your opponents throw at you, by using all sorts of solutions and Tutors to search them out. As effective as it sounds, this Sub Theme is quite prone to the weakness of not drawing your solutions or Tutors to search for them in time as you have huge deck of 99+1 to begin with. This often then not in fact will leave you in frustrating situations of having enough to cast a Tutor but not enough to cast the solutions; or losing the game only to find out that the next card is the solution or Tutor for it. For this article we shall look at another Sub Theme, one which our group’s Manferd loves to use to torment us all, Voltron.



mtg edh voltron


Just in case you guys are wondering what is Voltron. It is five Lion form robots combining to become a bigger, stronger robot. Sub Theme Voltron works the same way too, working to power up one Creature and then sending it in for the kill. That one Creature in question here is none other than your General. This is because although everyone is playing with 40 life for EDH games, only 21 points of combat damage from one General is needed to end the game for anyone. So Voltron win con is to put your General on the battlefield and then equip or enchant to power it up for a quick 21 points General Damage for the win. It is also not uncommon to see Generals in this Sub Theme to be packed full of Auras and Equipments making it to be very hard to deal with it. The most common and effective way to power up your Commander is to give it some form of evasion to get through with combat damage. Below are some Auras and Equipments which are you could consider for building your Voltron:-

  • Argentum Armor / Eldrazi Conscription – Beefs up your General and gives it a permanent destroying ability just by attacking. Argentum Armor act as spot removal while Eldrazi Conscription grants Annihilator 2 which places the opponent in the hot spot of choosing what to sacrifice on their side
  • Armadillo Cloak / Behemoth Sledge / Loxodon Warhammer – Pump up your Commander along with Trample and Lifelink
  • Banshee’s Blade – Could be casted early and equipped on your other Creatures to store up on charge counters (+1/+1 for each charge counters on Banshee’s Blade), then transfer to your General for the final strike
  • Bonehoard – Turns your Commander into a Lhurgoyf. Especially great in EDH where a lot players have creatures going to the graveyard. Bonus of getting a Germ token from Living Weapon first, which is effectively a Lhurgoyf itself
  • Dauthi Embrace – Not really an Aura but grants any Creature Shadow until end of turn, and in this case that creature we are talking about would be your General
  • Daybreak Coronet – Nice addition to your Commander who is already packed full of Auras
  • Demonspine Whip – Allows you to pump all extra mana you have into your General’s power
  • Dragon Breath / Dragon Fangs / Dragon Shadow / Dragon Wings – Four of a cycle of Auras which return to the battlefield from the graveyard if a creature with 6cc or more casting cost enters the battlefield, great combination with a lot of Commanders as most have 6cc or more casting cost. These four are mentioned because each grants abilities which could end the game outright; Dragon Breath gives haste and R: +1/+0; Dragon Fangs give +1/+1 with Trample; Dragon Shadow gives +1/+0 and Fear; and Dragon Wings gives Flying and could be set up in the graveyard by Cycling it away
  • Empyrial Armor / Empyrial Plate – Add on your hand size to your General’s power
  • Gigantiform – Changes even the smallest Commander into 8/8 with Trample
  • Grafted Exoskeleton / Phyresis / Snake Cult Initiation – Give your General a faster kill by allowing them to kill by poison counters….. A kill made famous in our EDH group by Chris….
  • Kaldra Equipments (Helm of Kaldra / Shield of Kaldra / Sword of Kaldra) – When fully equipped with all three equipments of Helm, Sheild and Sword, your Commander gets +5/+5, First Strike, Trample, Haste, is Indestructible and exiles Creatures it damages. Could also act as alternate kill con when all three are on the battlefield, made possible by Helm’s ability to create Kaldra token
  • Mage Slayer – If General equipped with this is not blocked, this Equipment is effective giving the General Double Strike
  • Rancor – Cheap to cast Aura which pumps your Commander and giving it Trample ensuring combat damage. Aura also returns to your hand for recasting after going to the graveyard from the battlefield
  • Shield of the Oversoul – Make White and Green Generals bigger, at the same Flying and Indestructible
  • Steel of the Godhead – Make White and Blue Commanders bigger, giving it Lifelink and unblockable
  • Sword of Body and Mind / Sword of Feast and Famine / Sword of Fire and Ice / Sword of Light and Shadow / Sword of War and Peace – Each one of this sword beefs up your General by +2/+2, at the same time giving it Protection from two colors, and two extra abilities on contact to your opponent
  • Sword of Vengeance – Almost turning your Commander almost into Akroma by giving it +2/+0, First Strike, Vigilance, Trample and Haste
  • Umezawa’s Jitte – Pumps the General by +2/+2 till end of turn, kills Creatures by -1/-1 and life gain of two, all in one. A good Equipment in normal variant and still good in EDH
  • Unquestioned Authority – Cantrip Aura which neglects your opponent’s defense, since Creatures he or she control cannot block your Commander
  • Whispersilk Cloak – Shields your General with Shroud while making it unblockable


Other than above Auras and Equipments, Spells could also be used to power up your General. How this work is that you could surprised your opponent and mess up their math, as they calculated your General’s power and stuff only to have you cast a couple of instants and killed him or her in the process. Check out some of the spells you could use below:

  • Assault Strobe / Sangrite Surge – Being Sorceries, these spells loses the surprise element but still get the job done
  • Berserk / Fatal Frenzy – Double up your already powered up General’s power
  • Double Cleave / Psychotic Fury – Surprises your opponent when they had calculated nicely that they would not die from your Commander damage only to have you double it all up
  • Hatred – Since life is high at 40, you pump the General power to almost sky high with this
  • Inner Calm, Outer Strength – Adds your hand to your Commander’s power
  • Might of the Masses – Adds up your number of Creatures to your General’s power
  • Primal Bellow – Adds up your number of Forest to the Commander’s power
  • Shadow Rift – Gives your General Shadow until end of turn so it could go in for the kill
  • Tainted Strike – Gives your Commander Infect until end of turn allowing it to bring one guy down as long as it has ten power or more. One of the reason why we ganged up on Chris



One threat, one answer. It is as simple as that. Due to the fact that you are only depending on that one General for your win con, it is very depressing to be finally prepared and going in for the kill only to have your General taken down with one spot removal. Therefore it is important to at the same time while powering up your Commander, you should also include ways to protect your Commander. Some ways to do that are as follows:-

  • Alexi’s Cloak – Comes with Flash allowing you to cast it out instantly to give your Commander Shroud, works effectively like a counterspell
  • Aspect of Mongoose – Shields your General with Shroud. Perpetual Aura which would return to your hand for recasting when destroyed
  • Diplomatic Immunity / Darksteel Plate – Aura and Equipment respectively which protects themselves and the Commander they are enchanted or equipped to
  • General’s Kabuto – A fitting name for an Equipment that protects your General. Protects your General not only by Shroud but also prevents all combat damage it
  • Shield of Kaldra – Alone by itself, this would protects your Commander by making it Indestructible
  • Lightning Greaves – Gives your General Haste and Shroud. A very nice handy piece of Equipment which could be included into any deck to protect the General
  • Neurok Stealthsuit – Gives equipped Commander Shroud. Added ability to equip instantly
  • Whispersilk Cloak – Shields your General with Shroud


Generals of Choice:

  • Zur the Enchanter: – The most powerful Voltron Commander. Powering up himself with each attack.

  • Uril, the Miststalker: – General who protects itself. Gets +2/+2 with each Aura you pile onto it as well.

  • Eight-and-a-Half-Tails: – Volton Commander who could turns permanents white and grants Protection from White to any permanents. Eight-and-a-Half-Tails could repeatedly protect himself this way for as much mana you have, but do take caution though that White Auras attached to him will be destroy in the process.

  • Kemba, Kha Regent:- General who favors Equipments. Could win games by not attacking as she creates an army of 2/2 Cat tokens for each Equipment attached to her at the beginning of your every upkeep.


  • Geist of Saint Traft:- Another powerful General who protects itself as you powers it up. Comes in with another Angel token for more beatdown. Good color combination too for more control.


As you had read through the above, Voltron aims to kill as fast as possible through powering your General as only 21 General damage is needed to kill an opponent. Auras and Equipments accompanied by spells are used to power up your General to the critical power 21. As the whole game plan is surrounding only one guy, it is also a very dangerous plan. As once your General is down, all your effort is wasted. Therefore it is important to not just power up your General but to protect it as well. So for now we shall leave you to have fun building your Voltron. Next article we shall move on to another Sub Theme. So do stay tune for more.


Why your Commander so Big one ~!?

This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.




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