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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Quinton Hoover: A Tribute to the Man behind Wrath of God

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Quinton Hoover

Dedicated to the man who drew for us the first Wrath of God

Today article is a tribute to Mr. Quinton Hoover, the man who drew our favorite and most classic board sweeper, Wrath of God. It came as a shock to me when I read the news of his passing over the net. At the age of 49, Mr. Quinton Hoover had left us and ascended on  April 2013, leaving us with his numerous MtG artworks to remember him by.


History of a Great Artist

A quick search on Wizards’ Gatherer, you could see that Quinton had done over 70 pieces of artwork for MtG. Perhaps the most famous event was that he was also the one who helped Richard Garfield, the man who created MtG, to propose to his wife, Lily Wu. The whole thing was that Richard Garfield’s wife had always like Quinton’s artwork. Richard then requested Quinton to draw the card “Proposal” which was then made and put into his deck for him to playtest with Lily Wu. Things did not go too well at first as Richard did not manage to draw the card in the first few games he played with Lily. It was until the third match and he was about to lose that match which he finally drew the card and promptly cast it and made his proposal. 

Quinton was also among the original twenty-five artists of MtG, doing artwork for the game since its beginning. Quinton’s artwork has a lot of strong details in the drawing. The amount of details in the artwork would sometimes make it as if the card was like 3-D. It is this style which makes it easy for many to recognize his artwork. I like how that the details are very smoothing and not too much of it. There was always a balance there.

Perhaps one of his most memorable artwork which many of us older players would always remember will be Wrath of God. Yes it may be true that an artist does not design that card but rather the card designer who do that, it was truly a great thing that Quinton was chosen to do the art for Wrath of God. It was through this card that I came to know of this great artist. Another card which caught my attention then was the rule text full card, Vesuvan Doppelganger. His artwork then was noticeable straight away by looking at it.

Wrath of God

That artwork which we old birds remembered Wrath of God from….


Ups and Downs of Life

As I had read on about his life on the net, Quinton’s life was really full of ups and downs. As an honest man, he tried his best to make ends meets. It was sadden to hear that he went through depression and all, till the point that his art style was affected to the point that I could not recognize it when I saw it. I simply did not recognized it at first when I saw it in the nostalgic set of Time Spiral block’s Vesuvan Shapeshifter was actually done by him. Further artwork from his last entry into the game in Lorwyn block also seems to show this (Leaf Gilder & Plover Knights). Things were seemingly going to be turn good for him but his sudden passing had halted all that.

Vesuvan Shapeshifter

Nostalgia from the Past


Remembering a Man’s Greatness

Quinton Hoover will and always be remembered by me as the man behind the Wrath of God. It was truly a privilege which I felt that he joined Wizards years back when it started and went on to give us many great artworks. Though it saddened me to hear that he went through depression and had unfortunately left us when things were starting to look good for him, I truly hope that he could rest in peace and that he is missed by his family and friends, and also by us fans too.  My condolences to his family for their loss and hope that they could get pass this difficult time soon. Thus ending off this article, I would like to share some of the cards which I had used with artwork done by this great man.

Ball Lightning

That Creature which powered part of the wins for my Sligh deck back then. We could almost see the light from the Ball Lightning shining at us.

Ball ightning

Children of Korlis

Used in my Vintage Rebel deck then to foil against the common win cons (Darksteel Colossus; Tendrils of Agony) in Vintage back then. Due to the art style predetermined for sets, this is one of those pieces which did not struck me at first that it was done by him till closer observation.

Elvish Fury

Though I did not really use it a lot, I like how it clearly shows that moment of the storyline with the artwork.

Fellwar Stone

That useful mana ramper. A distinctive style even for a non-living item.

Fellwar Stone

Hymn to Tourach

A power card even in Legacy now. We used to collect all artworks for this card and Quinton’s version was one of them.

Hymn to Tourach Art

Ivory Gargoyle

This was used in Control decks then. We had always discussed about how this card was so powerful and the artwork showed as if the gargoyle was flying out. Again the amount of smooth details.

Krovikan Vampire

Although it did not happen, this was intended to be the replacement of Sengir Vampire. I remembered how I tried so hard to make it work for this vampire. I liked how it showed the Vampire bit into its victim with the blood flowing out.

Lesser Werewolf

Again the amount of details in the artwork showing the Werewolf bursting through the wooden door.


Another Artifact which I had used to control my opponents’ Creatures. Another great art with all those flowing details.


Nettling Imp

The best combo and buddy with Sengir Vampire and Royal Assassin. I fondly remember how I first saw the card and like the evil looking Imp in the picture.

Vesuvan Doppelganger

Along with Clone, this is the first copier of MtG. I went all out to get it for its upkeep ability to change to other Creatures on the battlefield. The distinctive art style can be seen in this card too.

Vesuvan Shapeshifter

As a nostalgic feel for the Time Spiral block, Quinton did the artwork for this too. Regrettably, I did not immediately recognize this at first as the man’s style was not clear in the art. It was during this period it seems that he was in depression.

Vodalian Mage

There were three versions for this and Quinton done one of it along with two other artists who are also my favourite artists.

Quinton Vodalian Mage

Whispers of the Muse

The Buyback card drawer giving Control players back then the much needed card advantage. Another artwork which depicts storyline.

Wrath of God

The card which impacts us all and the one which would be the most iconic of him. The destruction and power level of the card were depicted in the artwork.

Wraths of God

Remembering the man who brought us this and many more fine arts.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, paying tribute to a great artist.

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