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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dark Ascension, is there any EDH stuff inside?

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Edward has made a review on Generals for Innistrad & Dark Ascension. I will be making another review to discuss cards in Dark Ascension cards that are useful in EDH games. But just because I say it may not be good doesn’t mean it is sucks to the core. We really wish there are many Lion’s Eye Diamond type of cards in the world. Ok! Enough of wishing, let’s look at the Dark Ascension spoiler with an owl’s eye.


White Cards


EDH is always about Epic spells. Epic spells that win games. The first white spell that is mythic rare doesn’t impress me…


Archangel’s Light

It sucks… I mean 8 mana to gain a shit load of life, but what Archangel’s Light doesn’t do is it can’t recur itself. It only extend the clock, it doesn’t net any card advantage. It doesn’t create any advantage. Maybe it is a life saver at certain time, but I don’t think I will put this card in white EDH decks… unless it is meant for a combo…


Curse of Exhaustion

This is cruel… I will hate this card… If this card is lock down by a recurring counterspell, you are screwed… white blue generals will find a way to use this card, along with Forbid. Or maybe even Null Brooch… I will take special notice on white blue generals…


Hollowhenge Spirit

At first, I thought it is remove target attacking/blocking creature FROM THE GAME. But no… it isn’t… it just from combat… so what use does it have? Maybe a Voltron general that wants to ensure unblockable from a certain creature? Or maybe survive one turn?

I don’t like it… it is pretty hard to use it… it is very situational.


Increasing Devotion

Ok, this may buy time by blocking, 5 mana for 5 1/1 is good attacking forces too. It can also be used as a backup plan to create threats after a board sweeper. This is a good card for EDH.


Lingering Souls

2 mana for 2 1/1 flyers. Hmm, not so bad. It has potential to become 4mana 4 1/1 flyers. Just that the general must be white black.


Requiem Angel

hmm… 6 mana for 5/5 flyer… when another creature you controls dies, put another 1/1 flyer. Skullclamp fodder? It doesn’t say non-token creature, it says non spirit creatures dies. So token generating decks can play a free sacrificial game with this baby. This baby may generate some serious flying babies to screw another up! Hahaha!



hmm… this maybe a form of sneak attack but from graveyard. Yes, it doesn’t gives haste, so it last only till your opponent’s turn is finished. You may use some Enter the battlefield effects to gain advantage like Sunblast Angel. But I have to admit… white doesn’t have much good enter-the-battlefield effects… so mixing with other colors seems to be the best choice. This card has potential. But as for now… I can’t see fully use its effects to cheat certain crazy cost creatures in.

So next logical card to use is give creatures you control have haste, but then again, this is a venerable combo…


Sudden Disappearance

From what I see, this card can do 1 very obvious thing. Make all your creatures unblockable for 1 turn. Cards that steal by him will return under owner’s control. You also can blink your cards for enter-the-battlefield effects… but that is very risky. But as for now, I can’t see this card can generate a win unless both of the players are having a stalemate, and this will break the stalemate. I prefer other cards that provide an advantage instead.




Blue has always been my favorite color follow by black. It is the color of card advantage, strong flyers and some really mind blowing effects. I always love to look at blue cards. However, in this set, there are some good cards, but not that ground breaking…


Beguiler of Wills

Good? Bad? I seriously don’t know… first it is a 1/1 guy, which makes it easy to die. Second, it is depend on how much creatures you have. But when you have more creatures, doesn’t that mean you are winning? And if you aren’t winning, does it matters when you control his creature? In a situation that you have more creatures and you aren’t winning, surely there is something else is stopping you other than creatures.

So, what difference does this guy make? I have a feeling this is a crap rare or a wizard for a wizard theme EDH deck…


Bone to Ash

Decent. You will get to counter at least the general. And draw a card. Although I will prefer Dismiss, but why not both?


Call to the Kindred

This seems to me only a creature type theme EDH deck. For example, wizards and zombies. Then this will help you gain 1 card every turn. Creature theme decks, although a single creature card by itself isn’t that powerful, but they have synergy when more of the same kind comes into play. So when this card can be a potential threat if it survives too long. Hmmm… defensive and slow EDH plus creature theme decks may consider using it.


Chant of the Skifsang

What can I say, I believe this card is meant for Withengar Unbound, the transformed demon for Elbrus, the Binding Blade. However, there are only 5 cards that are 13 power and above… meaning, this card can bloody make all 13 power and below freaking useless! It can make voltron generals lost their teeth! Hahaha! Decent card.


Chill of Foreboding

It does only mill 5 cards, and again if flash back it. I believe the gem of this card lies in graveyard base decks. Cards like Chainer, Dementia Master will pick out stuff from others graveyard if you does not hit any creatures to mill. However the flashback cost is very prohibitive. And it is a pity it isn’t an instant.



6 mana to counter a spell and may have a potential to get a free spell out of it. This is one of the those cards that you really want to have in your deck. A must have.


Curse of Echoes

This is one of those very fun cards. Casting this card on a player who loves card advantage, the enchanted player may get very piss off. A political card.



Draw 2 cards. Good, decent. Enough said


Dungeon Geists

4 mana flyer is already a decent card. Causing a creature to unable to untap, this may be a killer. That card could be a voltron general or an Eldrazi waiting to annihilator you. Although this card still can be kill by other means, but it can be a life saver.


Geralf’s Mindcrusher

It is undying. Graveyard based deck may consider it. Milling ten cards is bound to hit something nice to reanimate. Hahaha!



4 mana to slow a turn? Not so bad. It is instant, so not much of a problem.


Havengul Runebinder

Why would anyone wants to remove their own graveyard? To me, this sounds like a meta card, to deal with graveyard based heavy environment. Tokens and creatures doesn’t last long. I will prefer artifacts to do the graveyard removal.


Increasing Confusion

Infinite mana kill condition? Let’s hope there is no one else playing Misdirection or Deflection on you, hahaha!


Mystic Retrieval

Good card, if you are playing blue red general. Riku of Two Reflections will love this guy. Of course there are more, but it seems that this guy will gain the most benefits from recasting the same spell.


Secrets of the Dead

You must love flashback a lot. It has to be a build around deck. But hey! Card advantage is good to build around.


Soul Seizer / Ghastly Haunting

I prefer Mind Control, however it is an option to use it as a creature to attack or block.


Thought Scour

Cantrip card with milling. It is a good way to deal with tutor cards that put cards on top of their library. That will piss them off. Hahaha!


Tower Geist

4 mana to Sleight of Hand and a 2/2 flyer. Decent. This depend your playing style.





This block is design for a dark age of Europe like the times of Vlad the Impaler and the Bloody Lady of Čachtice, Elizabeth Báthory. So black should have the most flavored cards in the set. I am not disappointed by the possibility.


Curse of Misfortunes

This filters and cheat a curse spell into play. And there are a number of curse that are good, Curse of Death’s Hold and Curse of Oblivion are not bad. And that is just mono black. If playing multicolor, there are good curses too. This doesn’t have to be a build around deck, because most of the curses individual are not bad themselves. This guy just bring them out. Hahaha.


Curse of Thirst

Every turn ping the opponent doesn’t seems to be that hurtful. The true pain came after there are more curses attaching your opponent. Usually this card will be ignored until there are more coming to him. So planning is the key to use this guy.


Deadly Allure

For death touch to work, the creature must deal damage. So that creature that has Deadly Allure must be big enough to gain some advantage. For example, a 3/3 creature has been targeted by Deadly Allure attacked and the defending player , for this example sake, has 3 4/4 creatures, and must block it. The attacking player may assign 1 damage to each 4/4 creatures. Thanks to Deathtouch, all 3 4/4 creatures are destroy and thus creating a +1 card advantage.

However, if that attacking creature is 1/1, he can only kill one creature. So this is a pretty situational card to use.

This card has potential. Because not only it has deathtouch, it also have make your other creatures possess unblockable for 1 turn. Not bad isn’t it?


Death’s Caress

No question ask, no restriction. 5 mana destroy any creature it can be target. Decent card.


Fiend of the Shadows

Decent, 5mana 3/3 flyer. And you may get a free card to use if it is the same color or colorless. The worst case is that you get to make him ‘discard’ 1 card.



This guy is screaming to me “I love Skullclamp! Clamp me up to my arse!” haha! Ok it is pretty much a 3 card combo to the way I see it. But zombie are easy to get. 1 mana to get a 2/1 creature and 1 mana clamp it down for 2 cards.

If you combo with Grave pact. You have 2mana Innocent Blood and Divination. Now that is Bullshit!



In simple terms, you can put 1 creature card in your hand thanks to the cantrip effect. However if you have cards like Lurking Predators. This 2 card combo can help you cheat a graveyard creature in because your friend just cast a spell. Damn!


Gruesome Discovery

Morbid effect makes me think abit more. Decks that allow players to play with sacrificial creatures to gain a certain synergy will like this card. Good card to consider.


Harrowing Journey

A 5mana Ambition’s Cost. More card drawer? Go ahead. Or if there is someone within 3 lives. 😀


Increasing Ambition

4mana Demonic tutor. Good. 8 mana and you do it twice, you better win because there are a lot of 2 cards infinite combo out there. And the whole world is going to gang rape you to make sure they not going to die because of some stupid combo.


Mikaeus, the Unhallowed

Edward has made a review as a General. As a creature itself, I personally like it. The key thing is “Other non-Human creatures you control get +1/+1 and have undying.” meaning those guys that has epic come into play effects like Rune-Scarred Demon and Terastodon will bring the rain one more time.

Just itself, this guy is a just a 5/5 creature. But the undying effect can help your deck bring more card advantage. This guy is can be a stepping stone for more epic shit.


Ravenous Demon / Archdemon of Greed

… Next!


Skirsdag Flayer

Hmm… an uncounterable and unconditional creature destruction? This guy got potential for creature control. Maybe something in line with human token generation cards like Thraben Doomsayer. But by itself, not bad already. Just need good cards to synergy with.


Undying Evil

Combat tricks! You trade, you cast and it comes back bigger and if it has enter-the-battlefield effects like Terastodon, your opponent’s jaw will drop.


Zombie Apocalypse

For zombie theme deck, yes this guy will be a bitch. Once you know he willing to trade everything or rush everything or blow everything up. This could be up in his sleeve.

However, this card does has it’s limitation, it only blows up humans. Even so, I am sure this is a powerhouse card for zombie theme decks, as it has the potential to generate so much card advantage.




Red, to me, has been a gambling, aggressive, and destructive color. It does have some very powerful spells that really turned the tide. There are some interesting cards here that I am sure we can consider them gems.


Alpha Brawl

This spell can be a board sweeper, for your opponent side. You can also make 1 creature of his have deathtouch, or he just happened to have Acidic Slime, and you can practically clear his board, regardless of their toughness. For 8 mana, this should win games for you.


Blood Feud

Nasty card to answer your problems with maybe other player’s creature. Decent card.


Curse of Bloodletting

This card has shorten your winning clock by half. Why not?


Faithless Looting

Yes, you get to lose 1 card but your option has increase by 2. if you are playing a graveyard based deck, this card is decent.


Flayer of the Hatebound

This guy is wonderful! Persist and undying cards are going to love this guy. I believe I will see many of this guy in action.



I get slaughter by this card before… it is a demoralizing experience, but yea, it can be a surprise…


Heckling Fiends

I am sure this guy can help some players to deal with very tough defenses. Especially if the general or creatures that has very power effects, but very weak. Forcing them to attack with your creatures to block is actually a way to deal with the problem.


Increasing Vengeance

This guy has so much flexibility. If your general has blue, this guy is crazy! Imagine, Time Stretch and flash back Increasing Vengeance = not funny.

Additional Cost like kicker and mana cost X spells are copied too. This is a powerhouse card.


Moonveil Dragon

This Dragon can help your creatures deal a lot of damage. It all depends how much creatures you have to attack with. Tokens decks may consider this guy if the color permits.


Shattered Perception

Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind decks will love this spell, more draw spells and able to do it again. Graveyard based deck also may like it as it is just losing 1 card but discarding all the monsters into the graveyard. This spell is flexible. Great card


Wrack with Madness

Here is the creatures in Magic the Gathering usually have:

Creatures that poised a threat usually have high power.

Creatures that control or restricts players usually have lower toughness.

Creatures that has high toughness and low or zero power usually can’t do a shit but block.

Either way, Wrack with Madness can clear a lot of creatures. 1 for 1 card, do consider it.




Green is another card advantage color, second by Blue. Of course, Black has decent card drawing spells, but Green is also help in a vital role, ramp the lands. Ramping Lands are important in EDH as they are meant to fuel your bomb spells.


Crushing Vines

Artifacts and Flyers are vital in EDH. This guy can able to answer some of the issue. So this is a 1 for 1 card. Good for 1v1 decks.


Dawntreader Elk

Need more land Ramp like Sakura-Tribe Elder? It does cost 1green mana to activate it though…


Feed the Pack

Essence of the Wild can be a great help here, not only making your other creatures 6/6. But when sacrificing for the this card effects, all your wolves also become 6/6. It is hard to combo out, because it has to be a non-token creature. Genesis and some other enter-the-battlefield or leave-play effects are good with card. For example, Solemn Simulacrum.



A big creature that can’t deal with Darksteel colossus or Blightsteel colossus… hmm… so what’s the use? Potential cheaper creature card? Hmm… *thumbs down


Grim Flowering

Wow… this guy can draw a lot of cards if your decks is design for that situation. Dredging and Graveyard based deck may consider it. But the debate is, is this card is suitable for just any deck? It is a very common sight to have boardsweepers in decks. So does this warrant an include in green decks? Hmm… please discuss in the comments.


Increasing Savagery

There are 2 things come into my mind, Clock and Infect. A 5/x creature or more means 2 turn clock. While a 5+/x creature without poison will have to kill in 8 turns.
Voltron generals may consider this guy, as it also shorten the clock too.


Lost in the Woods

Hmm… if you have Sensei’s Divining Top and your opponent creatures aren’t a lot, this guy may help. Otherwise, I don’t see any advantage gain in this card…


Predator Ooze

3 mana for a indestructible guy. Sounds cool, but creature removal doesn’t stop at destruction. I will opt out this guy…


Sadly, this set’s Green cards doesn’t impress me. Grim Flowering has potential but it does depend on the situation.




Multicolor has become more and more powerful as time goes by. As the Magic the Gathering card designers they figured that the harder the spell to cast, the more beneficial it should be, otherwise it is a waste of paper and ink to print that card.

I am very satisfied with this set’s multicolor, not just with Sorin, Lord of Innistrad alone. Let’s dive in to this section


Diregraf Captain

Zombie theme decks should consider blue. Although there are 2 legendary zombie ever printed, but the color is just too good for a graveyard based zombie theme deck. Blue with card advantage, deck manipulation and search/filter deck capabilities like Intuition and Gifts Ungiven. Black has their graveyard recurring, small pain cost drawers, ‘A’ Class tutor and graveyard searcher.

Before I get carried away, basically Diregraf Captain is a zombie lord and attacks players for each zombies you control dies. It can be extremely painful if you prefer to blow up the board yourself and go for the throat instead.

Blue black zombie deck A+ card.


Drogskol Captain

Spirit theme decks. With the recent sets new cards theme, players have the option to create spirit decks with more capabilities. Although Geist of Saint Traft is the only white/blue spirit legend so far. There are many spirits that has epic effects.

Drogskol Captain can protect your other spirits. Sadly it doesn’t provide the protection to itself. But hey! It is good enough. It is a good card.


Drogskol Reaver

Although the cost is very high, it is a card advantage creature. It can heal, fly and draw cards. 6 damage isn’t funny. To me, it is lifegain and draw cards ability is making this card a worthy notice.


Falkenrath Aristocrat

Decks that play around sacrificial benefits may consider this guy. It is quite a beater. Cheap too.


Havengul Lich

Making your creatures have flashback at the cost of 1. wow… it doesn’t have to be zombie or wizard theme deck. This guy is a powerhouse by itself. This guy can kick ass…


Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

We all know that planeswalker are powerful. This guy price will be expected to be shoot up into the roof. no… it isn’t Jace, the Mind Sculptor. But it does generate card advantage. However, if this guy can survive long enough to use it’s ultimate, chances are, the board shouldn’t have much creatures or you are winning.

In standard, maybe this guy is gold. But in EDH… I may not like it… I hope I am proven wrong.




Artifacts are a vital role for EDH. Mono color decks usually lack of a capability to do. For example, red and black can’t destroy enchantments, green does not have a lot of creature destruction. Artifacts provide the roles that mono color decks need. Artifacts also ramp or smooth the mana.


Chalice of Life / Chalice of Death

It isn’t hard to gain life in EDH, especially if you design the deck to be such. However, when Chalice of Death is active, is it worth it? It is a free direct 8 turn clock. That is still a lot of time… I will skip this guy.


Elbrus, the Binding Blade / Withengar Unbound

This card is meant for EDH! Hahaha! What you need is some unblockable creatures, attack with this guy. And then Withengar Unbound become the target. It is a fearsome creatures with possibility of becoming a 26/26 creature.


Executioner’s Hood

For Voltron generals. But I will still prefer others. This does not provide protection like shroud.


Grafdigger’s Cage

Do you really hate re-animator decks? This is the guy for you. For 1 mana! You can really make your opponent vomit shit and disrupt their digestive system! Hahaha! Re-animator usually involves black, and black has little artifact destruction.



I am have no idea how to abuse it. You can save your creature at the cost of 1 mana. You remove others at cost of 7. but they will come back when it is destroyed… hmmm… to delay time? Let’s discuss in the blog comments.


Jar of Eyeballs

This is a good card. Your creatures will die, period. This guy can help you at least draw 1 card. I suggest a token generating or sacrificial decks to use this. This will replenish your hand.


Warden of the Wall

Warden of the Wall helps in ramping mana, and become a blocker. But do you prefer mana ramping or a creature? It is a good idea to have multi function card. But this guy will just… die easily… haiz…


Wolfhunter’s Quiver

hmmm… infect deck? Hahaha!




What can I say about lands? They are the real estate of Magic the Gathering. They are essentials. Lands hardly get banned unless they have very abusive stuff to do. So it is always a good idea to invest in lands.


Grim Backwoods

This guy is great for all kinds of things. You can Damnation the whole world and draw a card. You can sacrifice your creatures for Grave pact. You can even equip a big toughness creature that can’t die from Skullclamp and draw 3 cards for the cost of 5 mana! Great card to have!


Haunted Fengraf

This will be useful, if your deck has a lot of useful creatures. But is there a better card to use other than this? The only advantage I see is this land is uncounterable.


Vault of the Archangel

Hmm… trade creatures and gain life… decent. I don’t see why not if the color is right.



I have to admit there are nice cards in this set, is this a cash set like Zendikar? Not really. If there are really nice cards for you get just for EDH casually, I suggest you get the card individually. It is much cheaper that way. Unless you wish to hit Sorin, which is the cash card…


I hope you like my review. Do debate a bit in the comments if you found what I said isn’t helpful.


Your Humility,




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