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EDH Banned List 19th June 2012

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EDH Banned list 19th June 2012

Griselbrand is BANNED.

Sundering Titan is BANNED.

This is an interesting update of the EDH banned list.

In my point of view, what the committee are worry is the EDH games become not fun.


Sundering Titan

“So boss ya wanna me to clear the Lands for ya?”

Let’s talk about Sundering Titan.

At first, this doesn’t look like a card that deserved the banned list.

Having a little discussion with my friend. I intent to make this a mathematical point of view.


A bad case situation is that Sundering Titan is destroy some of your basic lands. A player definitely plays a color at least. General that isn’t colored… well… is extremely rare.

So if both players are play mono color, no basic land manipulation cards are in play. Enter and leave play the Titan gives the caster -1 card disadvantage.


Ok… I think it is best I give an example:

Player A is playing mono blue. Player B is playing mono-black.

Player A is the Owner of the Titan, and his Titan enters and leaves play (in regardless of the time frame) .

So A will lose 2 islands and Titan itself, B will lose 2 swamps.

Player A net loss -1 card.


In another situation, let’s say there are 5 players, all of them play different mono-color.

Player A is the Owner of the Titan, and his Titan enters and leaves play (in regardless of the time frame) .

Player A will lose 2 basic lands of his respective color, 4 of his opponents lose 2 each (8 basic lands)

Player A has destroy 8 lands for the cost of 2 basic lands and 1 Sundering Titan.

Player A net +5 card profit.


Of course the best situation is this manner:

6 players, all of them play different mono-color, except Player A and B (they share the same mono-color)

Player A is the Owner of the Titan, and his Titan enters and leaves play (in regardless of the time frame) .

Player A will lose his Titan only while 5 of his opponents lose 2 each (10 basic lands)

Player A has destroy 10 lands for the cost of 1 Sundering Titan.

Player A net +9 card profit.


This is long winded, but these example show that Player A can only lose max of 3 cards if he play mono color.


So to make things easier to everyone… I think I make a table for Titan.

Caster/Owner of Titan Colors of opponent’s Owner net profit
1 Same color 2
1 -1
2 1
3 3
4 5
5 9
2 1 -3 to -1
2 -1 to 3
3 1 to 5
4 5 to 7
5 9
3 1 -5 to -3
2 -3 to 1
3 3 to 5
4 5 to 7
5 9
4 1 -7 to -5
2 -3 to -1
3 1 to 3
4 5 to 7
5 9
5 1 -9
2 -7
3 -5
4 -3
5 (all same colors) 9


I try to use the Excel sheet to give a formula… in the end… I count manually… however the results show a surprising figure.

The more colors a player using, the Profit Factor for the player is lower. The player that benefits most from Sundering Titan, is mono-color decks. Because the worst case situation is he only loss 1 card.


Now, does this warrant a ban? That depends what happened to tournaments… there isn’t much tournaments reports online… which I can’t establish how many tournament players using mono-color decks in ratio to multi-color deck.


However, I re-read the comments given by the community, let me quote him. (from http://mtgcommander.net/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=12073)


Sundering Titan has long been a card on the edge. The decision to get rid of it came from the combination of two points. One, it simply created undesirable game states. It was too easily both intentionally abused and unintentionally game-warping, especially since its ability triggers on both entering and leaving the battlefield. Two, there has been a fair amount of community distaste for the card, and we agreed that the card overwhelmingly creates a negative experience for players. Listening to the ever-growing and ever more-involved community is important to us.”


Based on what Sheldon said, I believe that the committee wish a good state of playing EDH where it is fun. Cards that threaten to make the game stale are in the target list.


Well… there are a lot of questions in my head. What about Land destruction decks? What about counter magic decks?


Another possibility the committee is trying to do is they are promoting multi-color decks.

After a few games with my friends, then it struck me. Sundering Titan itself could be not the issue. The issue lies in with the many cards interaction with Sundering Titan.


One of the example I can come out with is Sundering Titan with Decree of Pain. After animating or casting Titan and destroying the lands, caster should have no issue with casting Decree of Pain to destroy all creatures and draw 1 cards for each creatures and plus destroy the lands that Sundering Titan can target.

This result in caster gaining in a lot of card advantage plus some mana denial.

I am sure there could be more interactive combos exits out of my current state of imagination.


But to banned those cards that interact with Titan seems to be very impractical. Reanimation cards, Mass creature destruction, Creature sacrificial cards etc etc.

Titan has a wonderful place in EDH to generate all sorts of mana denial and indirect card advantage.


Oh well… In this new insight. I guess… maybe it is worth the banned. Maybe it doesn’t. EDH is all about massive effects, epic spells, and affect all players in the game. I guess we will be seeing more and more cards been banned in the future.



“You don’t have to tell me I’m good. I’m SEXY good and I know it.”

Oh well… he is almost a Yawgmoth’s Bargain.

Cards like Ivory Tower helps you recover your life if you were to choose to draw these cards before it trigger. Which means you can draw 35 cards at the cost of 4 lives…


As Edward suggested in his review. Another suggestion I believe is extremely good is using Empyrial Plate. Hitting a player with a creature potentially able to become 42/42 or more. A 1 hit kill.


No question asked… this card can be easily abused.



Well… is the banned list fair?

Mathematical point of view, they have reasons to be banned.

Do they removed the fun factor? Well… fun is relative, it does depend on the players.

In my point of view, that shouldn’t be the job of the Committees. I may play according with the rules but if I hurl insults to my opponents while playing, that doesn’t make the game fun.

In my point of view, Committees’ job is looking out for cards that make games boring. Cards that make players willing to buy the card at any price to ensure they have an competitive edge when playing.

Do Sundering Titan and Griselbrand warrant this ban? Griselband really does have a “ban me” on his forehead.

Oh well… Sundering Titan, I guess he is just a great card that has so much combination to play with. It is sad for me that isn’t going to be used.

There are other cards to use. I am sure of it. But we just lose a good card to tinker with.


  • The following is the official banned list for EDH games. These cards (and others like them) should not be played in the game unless all players agree with it.

Additionally the following legends may not be used as a General:



Your Humility



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