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Saturday, July 14, 2018

EDH MtG Gatecrash Review: Battalion for Commander Mtg

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Hello everyone. It seems the cards in Gatecrash are more centered on one thing, combat. So this second blog post on reviewing Gatecrash is looking at Battalion.

Frontline Medic

“Come~!!! Let’s go Party~!!!!!”

Battalion encourages players to commit at least three creatures to attack to gain a benefit. As wonderful it sounds, I don’t really like this ability. As the core issues may lies in the requirement to attack with 3 creatures to achieve a more superior attacking force, in terms of become bigger or gain more abilities like double strike.

However, not all creatures with Battalion are created equal. The effects each creature gains are totally varies. In other formats, cards like Boros Elite could strike gold. However, it can’t make the cut for EDH isn’t it?

Some cards may worthy of mentioning, Firemane Avenger can strike harder or kill 1 more creature with 3 more life to gain. Legion Loyalist may help your horde to evade tokens and trample others, but it is just a 1/1! And let’s not talk about Frontline Medic, a Mana Leak creature that required you to withhold X mana? Then only good thing about this guy is able to make your creatures indestructible.

It is extremely tough to see the true value of Battalion in Commander games. Yes, chances for a player to attack with 3 or more creatures are decent. Creatures can survive a turn, and get to attack. But these creatures may not hit enough, nor do they provide a certain intrinsic value.

There are many examples to give, Goblin Piledriver can hit very hard in additional to the amount of goblins you get to attack with. M11 Titans provide some form card advantage or control whenever they attack.

M11 Titans

Those who Rocked


This could be the shortest Blog post I ever wrote. I failed to see how wonderful this mechanic can achieve to provide advantages to their controllers. All I see, is a riot from a group of people who isn’t happy with a certain thing. In this case, the Guildless attacking the Guilds. And these group of people just banded together, and start throwing rocks and bricks at anything and anywhere they go.

There is no teamwork, no synergy. Even the so-called star players doesn’t seems to shine. The only worthy card I can see that is worth the cost is Firemane Avenger. Dealing 3 damage first before first strike is something to worth noticing.

Otherwise… I am sorry. This ability to me doesn’t suit EDH playing. Or should I say, this Battalion does not create enough powerful global effects to make opponents worry.

So, what about Standard? Or other formats? I still don’t see the power level given in these card pool. The more recent mechanic like Undying and Transform provide some twist and more obvious material advantage.

undying evil

“Did Ya misssssssssssed me?”


I believe I spend more digital bytes here on ranting and complaining. Therefore, I believe I should moved on, and write about the next ability in Gatecrash, BloodRush.


Next up~!!!! It’s Rubble Time~!!!!

Stay Tune for more reviews about Gatecrash.


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