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Saturday, July 14, 2018

EDH MtG Gatecrash Review: Mutant Evolve for Elder Dragon Highlander

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Master Biomancer

“Nature is a wonderful engineer but works far too slowly for my tastes.”

So far, everything we reviewed about Gatecrash’s new mechanic has been negative. Bloodrush makes players lose cards but some cards are actually worth it. Cipher gives card advantages generally, but those cards are unable to shine thanks to some other cards. Battalion has no synergy. Extort is a little boy bully his way for peanut profits.


Does Evolve suffer the same fate?

Cloudfin Raptor

Pushing the limits to reach the top of the food cycle

Evolve again doesn’t have a lot of benefits. However, competitive format may consider them. Cloudfin Raptor can be bigger than Flying Men and Cloud of Faeries. While Flying Men and Cloud of Faeries can be cheap and good, hitting for 1 point of damage, Cloudfin Raptor may have a chance to become 3/4 creature if you design your deck well, all for the cost of 1 blue mana.


Bloodrush has a few decent cards, I prefer Rubblehulk for EDH; Cipher has numerous card advantage cards. Battalion has Firemane Avenger as its Vanguard; Blind Obedience is a decent Extort choice. To me, Fathom Mage is the Gem of the Evolve. Fathom Mage is the small enough, to help you net a few cards in Commander games as it isn’t difficult to place creatures bigger than it.

Alternate-art Prerelease Fathom Mage

Prospering while Evolving

It isn’t that other Evolve cards aren’t good. Creatures that have bigger power or toughness than Evolve creature cards and has Enter-the-Battlefield (ETB) effects are wonderful. You can attack harder with the Evolve creatures. But the benefits aren’t there. Fathom Mage is the only creature that allows you to draw 1 card, and maybe more if you successful satisfied the requirement.


I do like the Evolve mechanic. Blinking big ETB creatures in may result a few bigger Evolve creatures and some card advantage. Evolve is encouraging players to commit creatures to the battlefield. However, there is a plateau in how much the Evolve creatures can grow.


There isn’t much I can point out on Evolve creatures, as it takes time and bigger creatures to grow them. Although I admit it is better than Fungusaur, and it can react with Proliferate. Good thing is, blue and artifact has proliferate. Bad news is, there are only 14 cards that proliferate. Basically, Evolve creatures need more powerful effects to make them more useable.

Inexorable Tide

Who would have thought that the best way to help evolution is anti-evolution…..

Thus with all new mechanics reviewed, this is the last of the blogpost on Gatecrush new mechanic.


Yours Humility


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