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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Dragon’s Maze – Tajic, Blade of the Legion the One Man Battalion

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Tajic, Blade of the Legion

“What you mean you can’t see Battalion?? I am the Brigade!!”

Tajic holds promise of a new Voltron deck. Or should I say Con-tron (Control + Voltron = Con-tron) deck. Tajic has the color, and the ability to give you a small advantage to achieve positive control on the board and tempo. In this blogpost we will be looking not only his advantages and how to maximize on them, but also some disadvantages.



Darksteel Sentinel


Legendary creatures which are indestructible are few. Including Tajic, there are only 10 legendary creatures that are indestructible. And there are none of them have casting cost below 5.

That is where I believe Tajic shines. Cost only 4 mana to summon, it requires very little mana acceleration to field him at 4th or 5th turn. He is also the one of the lowest casting cost creature to have an inbuilt indestructible.

To leverage on this ability. Your deck has the option to pack a lot of mass creature removal like Wrath of God, Day of Judgment, Inferno and Obliterate. Tajic will still be in the battlefield after the nuke, which is an advantage. He can attack and infect your opponent with General damage.


Covering Fire!

Covering Fire

“Go Go GOOOO~!!!!!”

Red and white has provided a lot of restrictive cards to the game, which provide a certain strategic advantage to you. You need to ensure that Tajic keep touching your opponent as fast and as much as possible, your other cards have to clear the way for him. Slowing your opponents via land destruction is a valid mode, although boring way.

Cards like Armageddon and Impending Disaster are cost efficient to destroy all lands. Yes, your lands are destroyed. However, as long as Tajic is in play, the general damage will be in steady stream.

Other cards that provide cover fire to Tajic like:

I am sure you get the idea. Of Course the more you restrict the better. However bear in that your cards are meant to slow your opponent’s development so that your Tajic can dealt the 21 general damage.


Basic Gameplan

With creatures out of the way, Tajic has no one to block it. With lands out of the picture, your opponent has very little spells to cast.




Although Tajic is indestructible, he is not invincible. Tajic still need 3 to 11 turns to kill 1 player. 11 turns to kill a player is a long way, that player would have drawn 10 cards and may formulate a plan to stop you.

The worst situation is your Tajic died after mass land destruction has been done.  As you may have a hard time to recover your land and hard-casting your Tajic at 6 mana is going to set you rsddback quite hard. Tajic’s second death could really spell your loss.

Although White has the infamous Land Tax, I still have to say White and Red are still lacking of the ramping in comparison with Green. Artifacts are vital to your fast land development.

WTF - Jackie

Why No Lands~~!? 


In conclusion

Tajic, Blade of the Legion may not be a fun deck to play. But this legend can provide a serious level of competitiveness for 1v1. I don’t recommend this deck if you really want friends to play with. But a fast, straight forward deck to win, you can consider this Con-tron. It is a difficult deck to play as there are some steps to victory.



Competitiveness: Military level of dead serious Competitiveness.

Fun: Required Genius Level of Creativity to achieve a fun deck with this guy as a general.

Sun Tzu

“You want to win the War, You Listen to me.”

To end the blogpost,  Tajic may need to listen Sun Tzu advice in heart for victory:


Speed is the Essence of War. Take advantage of the enemy’s preparedness; travel by unexpected routes and strike him where he has taken no precautions.”


Yours Humility


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