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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Dragon’s Maze – A Changed Man, Vorel of the Hull Clade

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Vorel of the Hull Clade looks promising to me. Although I have to admit, this card is hard to abuse, and play around it. But because of the color this guy has, green and blue, I am sure there are a lot of choices we can play. So let’s look at Vorel’s ability again.


Legendary Creature – Human Merfolk

{G}{U}, {T}: For each counter on target artifact, creature, or land, put another of those counters on that permanent.

Vorel of the Hull Clade

Of course the first thing we want to abuse is the double counter issue. That’s the only thing Vorel offer!

And he can only target artifact, creature or land. That makes quest enchantment out of the picture.

Ok! Let’s look at artifacts, shall we?



Artifacts have a decent amount of cards that we can let Vorel to charge up. I am not planning to nail all the cards. But here are some decent cards that you can consider:

Artifacts that don’t shine in the past may have a chance to be abused thanks to Vorel.



Myojin of Life's Web

Gods are suppose to be indestructible

Divinity counter creatures are your best friend. Myojin creatures’ effects can turn the tide. However, their effects usually last 1 time. Now with Vorel, you can do it every turn. And they still remain indestructible!


Level Creatures have very powerful ability once their level max out. Echo Mage allows you to copy another spell twice faster than before. (Imagine Time Stretch twice with 6 turns in waiting). Lighthouse Chronologist makes you take another turn. None of them are laughable abilities.

Lighthouse Chronologist

“You think Time Stretch is good? What if I told you I could do better than that when I’m Leveled up?” 

Other creatures have powerful abilities related with counters. Djinn of Wishes allow you cast spell for 4mana. This may help you cheat cards in at a cheaper cost. You can respond to Prime Speaker Zegana’s enter the battlefield drawing ability and double the amount of +1/+1 counter and draw twice the amount of cards. And Fathom Mage can make you draw insane amount of cards each time you used Vorel on her. (Oh my… I sound dirty, don’t I?)

Creatures have many possibilities. Once the critical mass hit, you are gaining an insane advantage.



Sadly, I have difficulty finding cards that Vorel can abuse. Gemstone Mine seems good. But you can’t ramp more mana out of it. Sand Silos and Hollow Trees are good targets, but since you are playing green. I am sure there are better ways to ramp up your mana.

Gemstone Mine

Lands of Treasures


Vorel’s Weakness

Vorel can do much insane stuff. It can double +1/+1 counters on 1 creature to smash harder. However, Vorel will be a target. As the cards mentioned above are synergized by him. Once he is down, your cards that accelerated by him have gone back to normal speed.

However, the lucky thing about Vorel is that he cost only 3mana. You can afford 1 or 2 death. Vorel still can come back and serve you like a loyal servant.



Vorel of the Hull Clade

“I used to hurl rocks and eat scraps of meat burned over a fire. Look at what I’ve become and tell me Simic does not hold infinite possibility.”

Vorel of the Hull Clade is one of the general I believe I can see creativity sparks. He may bring life to cards that we usually don’t see played. Even he may not be a general. He can be a supporting role and assist in other cards that utilize counters a lot. Although I don’t foresee him being used as a supporting role as there may be better card choices.


So here is my verdict:

Competitive: Early game, you may lose out. Late game, you should gain an superior upper hand.

Fun Factor: Cards that aren’t often used will surprise your friends. Try it!

Support creature: You need to consider your deck strategy thoroughly.


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