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Saturday, July 14, 2018

EDH Banned List April 2013

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Modern Egg

Losing a Key Component

While searching online and confirming my sadness over the loss of my main combo piece in my Modern Egg deck (the banning of Second Sunrise), I was also updated of the recent banned list of EDH too. Below are the current updates announced on April 2013.

New Banned card:

New Unbanned card:

When I saw the unbanning of the Staff, it reminded me of the quirky combo I used last time to draw out my whole deck; using Metalworker + Staff of Domination + shit load of Artifacts in hand. Although Metalworker is still banned, the combo is still workable with many other mana Creatures which produce more than the usual one or two mana.

Most of the rationale behind the banning and unbanning of the cards are already explained by the committee; therefore my article today will mainly be some of my thoughts about the banning and unbanning of the two cards. So let’s proceed shall we.


No More Free Trades

Trade Secrets

“So you said this cost $7.50? How about I pay you $7.00 for it?”

This comes as a surprise to me but things seemed logical after reading the committee’s reason for banning it. Politics play quite a part in multi-player game. Taking for example, Limited Resources; in a four way multi-player game, the last dude is going to be forever alone as long as the Enchantment stays on the battlefield. If he ever miss a Land drop, he is going to be forever far back behind everyone else and never do anything for the rest of the game. If EDH was made for the enjoyment of multi-player game, then Trade Secrets totally toppled that purpose. The caster could possibly just bargain with another player and let both draw their decks out, totally ignoring the rest of the table. Now instead leaving one guy out of the game with Limited Resources, sparing the opponent you had chosen and along with you, you are leaving the rest of the table out of the game. Not a fun night of EDH that way.

An honorable mention of a combo with the card, one could go for a long shot; one could deck out a player with Mindslaver and Vedalken Orrery or Leyline of Anticipation on the battlefield. With all those in place, you would Mindslaver the poor dude, cast Trade Secrets, and then draw both his and your libraries empty. Although how you are going to clear your hand after that is another issue (Omniscience). Of course since Trade Secrets is banned now, you don’t have to worry about that combo.

So back to the main topic, unless you seriously enjoyed 1v1 EDH, Trade Secrets being banned is reasonable enough for the game to stay fun.


Combo on a Stick

Prototype Portal

We once lost it…..

According to the committee, the reason why Staff was banned initially was largely due to how it could allow its controller to draw out his or her deck. One of such combo is the one I had mentioned earlier of it combining with mana Creatures which producing 4 or more mana. The combo allows the controller to draw out the whole deck as early as turn four. As more cards are printed, more combos are born. With EDH getting more attention lately, more combos are born almost each day. There are more much broken “fourth turn win” combos out there, thus the Staff might not seem all that scary anymore. Furthermore, Staff’s best friend, Metalworker, is still unavailable. So the combo will take time to set up and thus easily controlled. Unbanning Staff of Domination is adding a good utility card to all decks.

If you are interested, below are some Creatures which you could use to achieve that infinite draw from the staff.

Elvish Archdruid

 T: Add G for each Elf you control.

Harabaz Druid

 T: Add X mana of any one color; X = number of Allies you control.

Magus of the Coffers

 2, T: Add B for each Swamp you control.

Overgrown Battlement

 T: Add G for each Creature with Defender you control.

Priest of Titania

 T: Add G for each Elf on the battlefield.

Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary

 T: Add B for each Forest you control.

Sacellum Godspeaker

 T: Reveal any number of Creature cards with power 5 or greater from our hand. Add G for each card revealed this way.

Viridian Joiner

 T: Add an amount of G equal to Joiner’s power.

Wirewood Channeler

 T: Add X mana of any one color; X = number of Elves on battlefield.

Staff of Domination

Back for More Fun Times 


Latest Update:-

  • The following is the new updated official banned list for EDH games. These cards (and others like them) should not be played in the game unless all players agree with it.

Additionally the following legends may not be used as a General:


And so that is all I have to say about the new banning and unbanning. Hope everyone could have fun with their Staff of Domination.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off,



2 Responses to “EDH Banned List April 2013”
  1. I understand the reason for Trade Secrets being banned. I have had been left out of some crazy draw combos playing with my group. Two of my friends have had out a Consecrated Sphinx. Basically they both drew until they had all the cards they wanted while I was at a huge disadvantage and basically got left out of the game because they had awesome combos in their hands while I had nothing new. I mean this is an extreme example but I do get why Trade Secrets was banned.

    • Edward says:

      Thank you MTGJunkie.com for your comment.

      I agree with you on this too. As extreme as your real life example was, Trade Secrets really does degenerate the game to the point of it being a two player game. For the play group I am in, politic plays a big part in the game as our games usually involve four players. To a certain extent, mini infinite combos are in most of our deck here and there. So with Trade Secrets, any unaware player might just play into the caster of Trade Secrets and allow the caster to draw into his or her combo and finish off everyone there. Not to mention how easily Trade Secrets could be acquire by getting the Commander deck which has it. It certainly takes the fun out of EDH when that happens. Just my thoughts of the banning here.

      Cheers to better EDH experience