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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Legendary Rules Changes: So do Legendary Creatures’ Values

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When the rule of the Legendary has changed since May 2013, I wonder what does that means for EDH. Because the EDH core component of the game is the General, a Legendary creature. Thus, changing the gameplay much like French EDH games.

The questions that are in my mind are:

  • What will benefit from this?
  • What will lose out from this?

This blog post will be discussing these pointers, please feel free to share and discuss.


Benefits: More Bombs and More Crazy Plays!

Creatures and permanents that benefits from this rule change are plenty. Let me list some examples:


When one time isn’t enough

Players benefits from multiple copies of Maralen of the Mornsong, able to tutor up to 2 or more, depending on the how many in play, which almost guarantee a setting up a combo.

Players are able to play their cards safely and double those Legendary creatures effects. I have to admit, this should encourage a faster game play since cards like those mention above can really end the game faster.


Clone, cloning and copy

Clone - Troll

Gaining the benefits from combined efforts.

The new legendary rule allows you to keep one of the copies you choose if you have 2 of the same name. Let’s look at some example what a simple Clone can do if you have the following in play:

So with these examples, you can find out that Clone cards has become a double copy of anything in play, allowing your deck slight consistence.


Things that make you scoop

WTF is this shit !! One Cultivate cost 5 mana to cast !!?? How to play like that !!!

Some games aren’t worth playing. They are too boring and draggy. Imagine these examples:

Such examples really makes players doesn’t want to play such draggy games and encourage them to scoop instead of playing such low or no interaction games.

In summary, Cards enrich and encourage faster game play are plenty. Not only do they allow setting up combo and combination easier and faster. Players are also able to leverage on the same Legendary creatures and double their effects, creating a race who are able to achieve what they can do to win first. Deck building will be more consistencies due to Cloners and encourage players to leverage that rule and allows players to be more creative with their general.

In the next blog post, we will be discussing what cards has loses out in the game play value. Keiga, the Tide Star.


Detriment: When it was great, now it is merely good or worse…

Although there are a huge range of legendary creatures have buffed up and allow more crazy plays. However, not all cards were created equal and here are some cards suffered, in terms of game play value. How is that possible? Well, some cards use the old legend rules to create a synergy. Players do use Flagstones of Trokair in other formats to act as a land that is able to tap for white mana and also search for basic plains, Dual lands, or shocklands.

Kamigawa Dragons are the first that comes into my mind that suffer from this rule change.

Sacrificial benefits. Reaping the benefits off the death of your legends.

Here are some examples:

Before the rule change:

  • Cloning Jugan, the Rising Star allows you to put ten +1/+1 counter on any Creatures that isn’t sick at the moment.
  • Cloning Keiga, the Tide Star allows you control 2 creatures.
  • Cloning Kokusho, the Evening Star makes you gain X times 10 lives, where X is the amount of opponents you have. And each opponent will loses 10 lives.
  • Cloning Ryusei, the Falling Star almost clears the board.
  • Cloning Yosei, the Morning Star can almost make one opponent skip a turn.
  • Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund is a unique case. No one dares to cast the first Karrthus unless they are confident to kill on the spot. But the amount of dragons in the field need be at least 7 dragons, at least 5/5 and swing with Karrthus, resulting 42 draconian combat damage.

I can’t foresee how Lavinia of the Tenth will affect the game play with this new rule change. Please comment on the blog and do enlighten us about it.

Generally, those legendary creatures with leaving the battlefield effects will not able to double their effects on the spot. What will happen is you still have the legendary creature with their effects triggered.

Is this really a bad thing? Based on what I know about the amount of legendary cards. There isn’t much leave-the-battlefield effects. I probably mentioned the 80% of them in the above list.

Clone - Okay

Losing the benefit from the same rule change…..



As much as I can see, MTG EDH has received a wide range of buffs on a lot of cards. Especially those enter-the-battlefield legendary cards. As there aren’t much leave-the-battlefield effects legendary, the overall we can expect a shorter, and more crazier game plays from our Commander games.


Side Note

As the rule was changed before and due to Theros, this put me in a very speculative position. Kamigawa makes Wizards of the Coasts to change the rules once, as they worried the player who conserved their legends will make games draggy.

Although they explain why at http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazine/article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/feature/248f. I can’t help and wonder the direction Wizards of the Coasts direction is taking now. Hmmm…

Maybe I will share it on another blog post.


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