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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Theros – Theme Expanded Heliod, God of the Sun

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Hello fellow EDH-ers and welcome back another Theros set review. Today topic is about the high and almighty gods of Theros. Showcasing with today review Legendary Creature will be two of the five new mechanics in Theros. So without further ado, let us begin.


Gods of Theros

The concept of Gods in Theros is that they are like essences of the world. Their presence could be felt everywhere as if they are the very fabric of the surrounding. This is very much like the Kamis of Kamigawa who are spiritual Creatures who live in the Spirit world called Reikai and each represents ideals, concepts, places, or even the world. People of Kamigawa pray to the various Kamis for different blessing. In Theros, that God worshipping is the same and the people there also pray to the Gods for their everyday affairs and for blessings.

Representing the mana of their World

Representing the mana of their World

The main difference here is that Kamigawa Kamis are actually Spirits and real Creatures in terms of MtG. The Gods of Theros, like how their existences are depicted, are both Enchantments and Creatures at the same time. This idea was actually previewed in Future Sight set and has now been expanded into its own set.
(See Below)

Lucent Liminid

Very much like Artifact Creatures, Enchantment Creatures, are viewed as being both types of permanents. Nevertheless, anything that affects one of the two types will affect the card. This actually makes the card more prone to the weakness of both permanent types. An Enchantment Creature could be Disenchant or Naturalize. It can also be Wrath of God.


Heliod, God of the Sun

Today review Commander is White part of one of the five main Gods. Let’s have a look at the stats.

 Heliod, God of the Sun

Card Name: Heliod, God of the Sun


Types: Legendary Enchantment Creature – God

Card Text: Indestructible

As long as your devotion to White is less than five, Heliod isn’t a Creature.

Other Creatures you control have vigilance.

2WW: Put a 2/1 White Cleric Enchantment Creature token onto the battlefield.

P/T: 5/6

Heliod, along with all his other Gods friends, has another new mechanic called “devotion to color” which is debuting for the first time in Theros. The concept of this mechanic is very similar to Chroma. In the case of Chroma, the effect of the spell or ability; or sometimes the power and toughness of a Creature, depends on the color symbols on casting cost of cards. Varying for different spells, the cards could be from the hand, graveyard, or permanents. Devotion to color is a bit different here as it only counts mana symbols on casting cost of permanents to determine certain effects. For eg. if you have two permanents which cost 1W and WW respectively, your devotion to White will be three. If you have hybrid mana, like (W/G)(W/G)(W/U) for eg., your devotion will then be three White, one Blue and two Green. For Heliod case, he becomes a full Enchantment if your devotion to White is less than five. This may seems redundant at first since Heliod already has Indestructible. Why would becoming a full-fledge Enchantment makes any difference for him? The answer to that is quite simple actually. Indestructible may protects the permanent from destroy effects but not sacrifice or exile type of removals. If Heliod is the only Creature on your battlefield and your opponent casts a Barter in Blood, he still dies. In EDH, this happens a lot. An opponent could Wrath of God the other Creatures and then follow it up with a Innocent Blood or Barter in Blood. In that case, you are left with no other choice but to sacrifice Heliod. You can take it as a self-protect mechanism for the five Theros Gods.


Commander Potential

Heliod makes a pretty decent Commander for having Indestructible. That protects him against most of the non-sacrifice board sweeper. He also protects himself from early sacrifice-type removal (Chainer’s Edict; Cruel Edict; Diabolic Edict) or exile-type removal (Path to Exile; Swords to Plowshare) due to him being a full Enchantment as your devotion to White is less than five during the early turns. Heliod cc actually ties in well with his activated ability of producing Cleric tokens too. If you are able to cast him out the first time, you will be able to use his ability later on. White has many pump spells to pump up your army; and almost like an added bonus Heliod also gives all your other Creatures Vigilance. This provides a lot of defense for you. As your opponents think hard of whether to attack or not, you could just send your army in on an open opponent and not fear being attack by another. Finally at 5/6, Heliod is not a small Commander. Yes it may normally be a 5 turn clock for an opponent but who doesn’t pumps up their Commander in EDH if they plan on attacking with it?


Worshipping the God of the Sun

Heliod, God of the Sun

“Come. Be my Champion.”

If your interest is in White, Heliod makes a very good Commander for an all White EDH deck for his army producing ability. White has tons of Enchantments which pump up your entire army. You could keep casting those and then pumps out an army with him. He is also a good Commander since he protects himself with Indestructible. Indestructible Commanders usually dies to the Chainer’s Edict or Path to Exile. Heliod avoids all that too if you control your devotion to White. A good thing for Heliod is that he could avoid sacrifice-type removal by himself too if you have the mana. This is due to the fact that sacrifice-type removals leave the choice of sacrifice to the controllers. You could create Cleric tokens for the sacrifice. The best part of him is that you could pack your deck with lots of board sweep and still be able to recover after you cast your board sweep spells. Since Heliod has Indestructible, he won’t die to most board sweep and will be there for you to produce those Cleric tokens after that. If there is any reason to go mono White EDH, Heliod is one of them with the above reasoning. Things get even more awesome if you include Heliod’s signature weapon in your deck. These special weapons, like the Gods themselves, Enchantment Artifacts, which comes in a set of five. As these are weapons of the Gods, each works well with their respective wielder. In regards to their permanent type, like the Gods which are considered both Creature and Enchantment, the spear is also considered as both an Artifact and Enchantment and will be affected by spells which affect either type of permanent. The Spear of Heliod, named Khursor the Sun Spear, pumps all your Creatures by +1/+1. This makes the Clerics Heliod creates into 3/2 Creatures with Vigilance, which is not small for a road bump. With the added activated ability of destroying target Creature that dealt damage to you this turn, the spear would serve to put off attacks from your opponents as long as you have it untapped with mana to activate it unless those Commanders or Creatures have Shroud or Hexproof.

Spear of Heliod

Khrusor, the Sun Spear


If you do not like to be mono White, Heliod works fine too as a normal Creature. There are many combinations that can work well with him. He will be a welcome addition to BW decks with board sweep for his Cleric producing ability and Indestructible. It helps too that he gives Vigilance to your other Creatures, allowing you to both attack and defend at the same time in a GW. GW also gives you the mana needed to produce your army of Clerics. These are only some of the few examples of using Heliod as a normal Creature.

Sometimes... It takes more than one could expect....

Sometimes… It takes more than one could expect….

For now we are done with this God of the Sun, do share with us which do you think, Commander or normal Creature, that it serve better as in the comments below. We shall see you next review. Till then…


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



2 Responses to “Commander Review: Theros – Theme Expanded Heliod, God of the Sun”
  1. Druid says:

    Do the white clerics count towards your devotion given that it specify’s the “White Creature Token”

    • Edward says:

      No, they don’t. Devotion counts the mana symbols in the casting cost of the permanents you control. The Cleric tokens do not have a casting cost.