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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Theros – Life for Power, Erebos, God of the Dead

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Hello fellow EDH-ers and welcome back to another Theros set review. Moving on with the rest of the high and almighty gods of Theros, today we shall introduce and review Erebos the Black god of Theros.


Erebos, God of the Dead

Today review Commander is Black part of one of the five main Gods. Let’s have a look at the stats.

Erebos, God of the Dead

Card Name: Erebos, God of the Dead


Types: Legendary Enchantment Creature – God

Card Text: Indestructible

As long as your devotion to black is less than five, Erebos isn’t a Creature.

Your opponents can’t gain life.

1B, Pay 2 life: Draw a card.

P/T: 5/7

Much like the other Gods, and pretty much a template to the five main Gods, Erebos also has the new mechanic “devotion to color” and not being a Creature when your devotion to his color is less than five. The static ability is a very great counter measure to all the Sphinx’s Revelation decks now in normal variant. It provides Black decks with the edge over decks with the revelation. Many of times I had seen or encounter situations where the opponent was about to die only to be saved by the revelation; the life gain just saved the opponent and as an added bonus, or insult to me, draw cards with the life gained. Now with Erebos, the revelation won’t save the caster’s hide and he or she will need an answer from those cards he or she just drew. Then comes the ability to draw card with life. A specialty to Black, you could pay as much 1B and 2 life you could afford to draw cards. Since Erebos only stops your opponents from gaining life, you could still gain back all those life lost from drawing cards. This makes Erebos function very much like a Necropotence in a Necropotence deck (duh…) less the part of skipping your draw step. In the right deck, Erebos will function very much like a Necropotence in the early games, and be the beat stick when you reach the required devotion.


Life for Power, the Black way to live.


Commander Potential

Again Erebos also makes a pretty decent Commander for having Indestructible much like the other Gods. That protects him against most of the non-sacrifice board sweeper. Definitely one of the better abilities we all want in a Commander. The Devotion to Black would also serve to protect him against early sacrifice or exile type Creature removal. His Greed activated ability is very abusive for EDH as we all start off with 40 life, much more life than normal variant, enabling you to afford to pay for the card draws in large quantities. If life loss is a worry to you, his signature weapon, Mastic the Whip of Erebos, can help you gain back the life you used to draw cards as it gives Lifelink to all your Creatures. Black is also not short of life gaining, with the likes of Corrupt; Consume Spirit; Drain Life; Exsanguinate, all which could be draw into with Erebos’ ability or the tutoring power of Black.

Mastix, the Whip of Erebos

Mastix, the Whip of Erebos


Worshipping the God of the Dead

Erebos, God of the Underworld

“Accept your fate and face your destiny.”

From what I see, Erebos really provides an edge as the Black Commander. Games could end fast with him on the battlefield as he stops opponents’ life gain. Life gain do not necessary win games but it prolongs the game, especially so if it’s in multi-player. Others might not view the life gain player as much a threat as you view him or her. The recent Extort ability can also be totally stopped by the God. Extort can be rather bothersome when in multi-player as the player pulls the differences in life larger with each Extort. Erebos provide leverage against that. You all still lose life due to Extort but the Extort player won’t gain all those life from you all which make killing him or her easier on the long run as he or she tries to kill you all. Then there is the card draw ability which would provide the card advantage. If Griselbrand was banned for his sheer power of insane card advantage, then Erebos could easily fit into the same role when combined with his signature weapon. You could think of the combination as the balanced replacement to Griselbrand. Black is not short of tutors, so getting the God in early would allow you to draw more each turn to get to his whip or your tutor to search for his whip to get the combination up. Erebos works fine regardless as a Commander or normal Creature but making him the Commander would make for a good Necropotence-like EDH deck, allowing you to gain the card advantage as soon as possible, saving all those Black tutors for other spells instead of searching for Erebos. Do share with us if you think otherwise of this God of the Dead in the comments below. For now that would be all I have for the Black God. Till next article…..

Diabolic Revelation

“What? Did you said you are afraid you can’t draw the spell you need?”
“Come!!! Let us HELP you.”


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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