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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Dirt Cheap Combo Deck in EDH

September 30, 2014 by  
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Yup, you heard me. I tested play test an extremely cheap and the most degenerated Deck I ever know. None of the players I played with enjoyed the play test despite their constructed feedbacks.

Combo has been the most competitive and the most direct way of winning in EDH. Despite much of my playmates prefer to fight it out like a royal rumble style, bring in many monstrosity creatures into plays and attack with them. Combo, in my personal opinion, is the most brutal, fastest, and unforgiving way to win in EDH games or tournaments.

If I do play tournaments of EDH, I will pick control with a combo to end.

However the deck I am displaying here, maybe you had seen in someplace else, which I think is worth showing it to you guys.

Maralen of the Mornsong

Deck List:
Ad Nauseam
Sickening Dreams
Dark Sphere

96 Swamps

Yes… this is the deck I am taking about…


How the deck function

How this deck function is that you need to get Maralen in as soon as possible. Once it allows you to get Ad Nauseam and Sickening Dreams, ensure you have enough mana to cast both at the same turn.

Ad Nauseam

You know more or less you are in trouble when your opponent keep putting cards into his hand.


Simpleton’s Simple

Cast Ad Nauseam, get the whole deck in your hand. Cast Dark Sphere. Cast Sickening Dreams and kill everyone. Use Dark Sphere to prevent the damage to ensure you are the last man standing.

Yes, that simple.

No need to think.

And there is no back up


Core Weakness

Such a simple deck has a lot of weakness. As there is only one combo, removing any one combo pieces via milling, Praetor’s Grasp and thing that can counter your spells will make you lose the game.

The road map to win the game is very simple too, as the Maralen of the Mornsong helps your opponent to get anything first before you does, anything that destroy Maralen of the Mornsong before setting up the player get the tutor anything is a big setback thanks to the general cost accumulated 2 more mana to recast it. This means, the opponent of this deck has 2 more effective turns.

Maralen of the Mornsong

“Tutoring. Because drawing a card normally is too mainstream.”


Why I suggest this deck?

EDH can be extremely boring if you have a tight budget and want to bring a new element to the game. One of such ways is maybe surprise your friends with such a deck. This deck is merely a one shot use against your friends and after that, this deck isn’t fun.

Heck, this deck has no tactical challenge to play with. This is one of the least fun decks I played with. The only pleasure I have is surprising my friends with such a cheap shot win.

After that, there is almost no way to keep winning as the deck core weakness has totally exposed like a naked girl in the shower with no towel.

It is a troll deck.


“Lah la-laaah La la laaah lol haha Ohohohoho ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho oh-ho-ho-ho-ho Ohohohoho ho-ho-ho ho-ho-ho Lololololooo…”


To end it off

Because the deck is dirt cheap, you can use it to surprise your friends. However, if you are looking for a more tactically gaming experience, please consider other decks.

Aggravated Assault

That very first reactions and thoughts that crossed everyone’s mind I tested against…..


Your Humility


This isn’t the Cheapest EDH Deck I ever know…


One Response to “Dirt Cheap Combo Deck in EDH”
  1. bob says:

    just wanna state you’ll die by turn 5.. ad nauseum is a 5 drop and your commander is a 3 drop……your only drawing land and if you get LD early plus any kind of removal and the fact that most decks win by turn 5 this deck is garbage just saying if you could do this and win by turn 2 or 3 consistently id give you props and id go buy the deck myself but putting these factors in its a horrible deck idea