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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

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2013 was a great year for EDH. Wizards have given us the following sets:

  • Return to Ravnica
  • Gatecrash
  • Dragon’s Maze
  • Magic 2014 Core Set
  • Theros

And Last but not least, Commander 2013.


Honorable Mentions for 2013 Cards

Wizards of the Coast have given us more Legendary creatures, most honorable mentions will be the Gods and Maze Runners.

Interesting, overall their new mechanics doesn’t seems to be that helpful in EDH. But their Big creatures and Huge spells can really change the tide or just win the game straight. Enter the Infinite and Molten Primordial are some good examples.

They also provide an alternative way of play MTG with “Challenge the Hydra”. 


Mistcutter Hydra

Have a feel what is it like to cut one head and get two heads back.

Cards that Impact 2013 EDH Games

These are my personal opinion, but I am sure some of us will share the same sentient. Ever since these cards have been printed, we have been using them. They are damn good. Here is my list :


Primordial Creatures

After the banning of Sundering Titan and Primeval Titan in EDH, none create the same amount of bitching, ranting and complaining in the forums like Sylvan Primordial. Although it does not able to create the same amount of synergy like Sundering Titan and the tutor/card advantages like Primeval Titan. Sylvan Primordial is a different class on its own. It can destroy one non-creature and fetch you a basic forest.



Card Advantage

Sylvan Primordial

Nature is the way to go.

Thus, Sylvan Primordial shines when it can do a few things, answer to a non-creature threat or act as Land destruction and ramp your mana. This is what both Titans can’t achieve.

In terms of Mana to card advantage, here is a table to talk about my findings:

Sylvan Primordial

Mana to cast


Number of Opponents

Card Advantage

Mana used per card advantage


























Sylvan Primordial makes your mana worth after 2 opponents, which you are paying less than 2 mana for 1 card.

What am I comparing with?

I am curious and I compare with Sundering Titan and Primeval Titan.

Double Banned Titans

The Banned Ones

Sundering Titan
Mana to cast


Number of color Caster have Colors of Opponents Owner Net Profit Mana used Per card Advantage


Same color



















If you read my findings about Sundering Titan, I did make a table out of the card advantages it gains. The table above only reflects when the Caster of Sundering Titan is playing mono color. Despite the banning, Sundering Titan doesn’t seems to be very cost effective when it comes to Mana to card advantage ratio. It is when your opponent plays four colors, that is when the ratio spike very effectively.

Now, on the Primeval Titan

Primeval Titan
Mana to cast


Number of attacks Card advantage Mana used Per card Advantage (after ETB)



















After your first attack, you are already getting your mana worth. The fact that Primeval Titan fetches not just Basic Lands, but also any Lands you want in your deck means you can set up a tons of utility Non-Basic Lands to do all kinds of crazy stuff. You can see how Primeval Titan affect your decks here.

Sylvan Primordial is really a wonderful card, even against 1v1 decks. It still answers to any non-creature threat and fetch you a Forest, which includes dual Land Forest. We won’t be expecting unbanning of the 2 Titans. And Primordial is what we got.

What about the other Primordials?

Sylvan Primordial provides solid card advantage, but it is the most stable card advantage returns.

Diluvian Primordial & Sepulchral Primordial provides card advantage too, but they are graveyard dependent and situational. These two have the most potential, and have the best chances to outperform Sylvan Primordial in terms of mana to card advantage ratio. Especially if you use your Sepulchral Primordial to get your opponent’s Sylvan Primordial.

Molten Primordial can win games if the board have all the pieces you need, which will give you are a high damage returns.

Luminate Primordial is a decent creature you can Swords to Plowshares each opponent with, which after you would beat then with. It also has Vigilance so you can use it for defend.

Primordials provide a lot of card advantages to their owners.



And not only that. The price to buy them are also very cheap. And it is a recent set.

Which is why they are so easy to get and a lot of players, old and new, are able to get them cheaply.

Why I conclude they are one of the most impactful new cards for 2013 in EDH.

They aren’t the only ones.


Rise from the Dark Realms and work for me!

Rise of the Dark Realms

Welcome back from the dead to my side….

Rise of the Dark Realms is a dream comes true! For me at least.

Wizards of the Coast has been designing a lot of Enter the Battlefields (aka ETB) cards. EDH always a lot of global creature destructions. Graveyard has always been a good source of card advantage as there is no short supply of graveyard manipulation. Just within in my play group alone, one starts to Traumatize his own library, and then Rise of the Dark Realms to get all his monsters into play. Another always loves Life’s Finale opponents to search cards that really benefits and Rise to his advantage.

For nine mana, it can really end the game there and then if you set the multiplayer conditions correctly. I do consider it to be the 2013’s Yawgmoth’s Will that you don’t have to worry about your graveyard. As long as there is a graveyard that has creatures. You bound to provide with creatures in your controls.

Rise of the Dark Realms isn’t really sure win card.

Recently I did use it and unwilling got Edward’s Desolation Giant into my control and was unable to pay the Kicker cost. Thus I was unable to end the game there and then. Good thing is that he doesn’t have Desolation Angel in his deck to or I will really screwed up big time in that game.


New Commanders 2013

I have to admit, some of the new cards are really damn good and political. I like it when cards are created to provide a new dimension to playing. This is what Diablo 3 developers are having problems with when they are creating new weapons for their players.

Side Note:
D3 developers are having a problems to create a new weapon or item that can provide a new dimension of playing. Apart of creating a new item that provides insane damage, it does not provide depth to the game. Yet D3 players are only concern in one thing, farming effectiveness. That also means one thing, they only care about damage. Thus, D3 has become a very grinding game with not much build diversity.

Commanders 2013 provide a new dimension to the game by creating a new set of Curse aura. Which encourages your opponents to target one of your enchanted opponent.

The Legends in Commander 2013 also encourage you to make them more active and does not really penalty from going back to the Commander Zone. Here are some examples:

Commander Zone Workers

Interacting with the Commander Zone



You dare to challenge the Hydra?

Nessian Wilds Ravager

“Slay the Hydra~!!!!!”

Wizards have done a great job in creating new cards for us to play. Not to mention they also create a cooperative deck, Challenge the Hydra.

Wizards has demonstrate that they are really open to ideas, willing to take ideas from other games and find a way to blend in to their usual game playing.

Challenge the Hydra does bring a new type of fun. A race against time to kill the hydra before players get killed. In certain formats, it can be challenging, however in EDH decks, the difficulty can rise higher by placing more heads at the starting turn or flip 2 cards instead of one.

Wizards of the Coasts are planning to a new challenge deck called “Battle the Horde”. I am interested to find out what kind of challenge I can face by this Minotaur horde.


2013 was great! But what about the Future?

Theros block haven’t finished, personally I believe More God cards will appear. Multi-color God cards are highly possible. This is highly obvious so there isn’t much to discuss this.

I am also expecting a set of creatures, which is more powerful than the God cards we experiencing now. Something like Eldrazi level of epicenes. Why do I suspect these level of epic monsters? Greek Mythology Gods have to deal with their Titan family for the supremacy of all there is. Yes there are Titan cards all over MTG cards pool. But I am sure they create something similar, require an extremely high cost or a conditional summon.

Wizards love to enter the battlefield creatures. They love creatures with big casting cost and give a decent advantage. However, the designers design their cards into more and more materialistic. Which means, the cards given are in terms of card advantage, cost effectiveness of damage to mana ratio and controlling cards in certain ways.

EDH has helped quite a few shops to gain more sales. Cards that totally impractical in other competitive formats has found a home in EDH. So I wouldn’t be surprised that Wizards will carry on developing cards, regardless it is in expansion sets or in terms of new Commander sets.

I do foresee, EDH will push much of the cards price higher. This is almost unavoidable as long as there is demand, prices will push higher.

The Commander 2013 has reprinted some of the difficult cards to get, the Three Kingdoms cards. From what I speculate, there are 2 reasons why they did that:

  • They understand the difficulty and reprint it so new players are able to get some of those cards
  • They hinting a new set regarding this. A Chinese theme set.

But hey, I am merely speculating.

Will there be Commander 2014?

The sales of both Commander and Commander 2013 have been quite good. The direction Wizards of the Coasts developing their cards are also very interesting and make the game fun.

Elder Dragon Highlander has push many boundaries, where top tier decks doesn’t matter, players are playing for theme decks, playing for an idea deck, playing for epics.

Basically, players are having fun.

This is making easy for Wizards of the Coasts to generate sales. The bigger the card pool, the more bizarre the mechanics can be, players will find a way to abuse it.

Unlike those competitive decks, where players need the most cost effectiveness, the most expensive cards, to get a probability advantage over their opponents.

Basically, while Jesus may turn water into wine, EDH turns crap into Gold.

Your Humility


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