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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Theros – Unexpected Collaboration with the Triad of Fates

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Triad of Fates

Your Fate in their Hands

Hello and welcome back to another Commander Review for Theros. Today we shall look at a trio or group of Human Wizards which, as with most of the Theros block cards, are top down design of Greek legends. From the name, some of you might have already guessed that this is referencing the Fates or Moirai, three mythological goddesses who controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. In this regard, Wizards had done quite a good job translating every aspect of that, from controlling the birth to death of every mortal, onto the Commander we are talking about today. But enough of the basic introduction, so shall we proceed on with the review?


Death and Rebirth

Before we begin, let’s have a look at today Commander’s stats.

 Triad of Fates

Card Name: Triad of Fates


Types: Legendary Creature – Human Wizard

Card Text: 1, T: Put a fate counter on another targer creature.

W, T: Exile target creature that has a fate counter on it, then return it to the battlefield under its owner’s control.

B, T: Exile target creature that has a fate counter on it. Its controller draws two cards.

P/T: 3/3


The Triad has an interesting spot removal ability which they set targets call Fate counters on Creatures, needing a bit time there to set up. Once the initial Fate counter is set on a Creature, you then have the choice to either permanently exile it (Death), or blink it (Rebirth). That could be a major setback if the Triad is killed before they could untap and use their exile abilities. Guess that is why they are not as powerful as their reference as Goddesses, after all they are only Human Wizards. Interesting enough, the Death exile of their ability even offers the Creature’s controller some reparations for offing his or her Creature by allowing him or her to draw two cards out of it, serving as your political tools against your opponents. On the other hand, the Rebirth exile of the Triad’s ability is without a doubt very much tied in with the Blink style, which abuses the ETB (Enter the Battlefield) or LTB (Leave the Battlefield) effects of Creatures. Whichever ability you chose to use, both abilities works best with Creatures with ETB and LTB effects. The Triad’s color identity offers quite a lot of tokens producers, and tokens are great fodders for Death part of their ability, allowing you to draw the cards out of the exile. The Death exile could also be used on your own Creatures to get their LTB effects but do beware that unless it is your Commander, those Creatures are not returning. As for the Rebirth part of their ability, needless to say, it would best combo with the Creatures with ETB or LTB effects. There is already a wide range of Creatures with ETB and LTB effects available in Black and White, ranging from life gain; tokens producing; removals; and many more.


Older Collaboration

Oblivion Stone

Fate Counters….. Same Same but Different

Something interesting about the Triad’s ability when we first saw the card was that their first ability of setting up for the other two abilities: putting a Fate counter on another target Creature. It is the same counter as Oblivion Stone, an all purpose board sweeper which when activated sweep all nonLand permanents except those with Fate counters on them. With the Triad, you could speed up the process of putting Fate counters on stuff you want to save; the Triad will handle the Creatures while the Stone will handle other permanents. This collaboration could go either way after that, whether you want sweep the board with the Stone; or use the Triad’s abilities. If you want to speed up the process even more, you could equip the Triad with Umbral Mantle. Although mana intensive, it is one way to let the Triad put a Fate counter and exile in the same turn. Also by the above mentioned combos, it is one way to react to your own Creatures being killed. The process is to use either the Stone to put a Fate counter on the Creature which going to be kill, then follow it up by using the Triad’s Death exile; or use an Umbral Mantle equipped Triad to put a Fate counter and then untapping the Triad with Umbral Mantle follow by the Death exile.


Leading or Being Lead

Now with that old collaboration covered, let’s look at how well the Triad fare as a Commander.


If you choose to use the Triad as a Commander, they can be quite beneficial for they are sort of like a spot removal politically. First off, you are removing a threat to everyone but avoiding revenge from the threat’s controller by compensating him or her with two cards. Of course since you have already chosen them as your Commander; the fun shouldn’t just stop there. Creatures with ETB or LTB effects are the best when it comes to the blink ability of the Triad. One such example or examples would be Cloudgoat Ranger & Marsh Flitter. Both have the ETB of bringing in tokens which works well with both of the Triad’s exile ability. Either blink them for more tokens; or exile the tokens produced for card draw. For other Creatures with ETB or LTB effects, you could refer to our Blink style. Also Rebirth exile is good for resetting the stats of some Creatures. Some such examples are like resetting the number of +1/+1 counters on Creatures such as Pentavus, Triskelavus or Triskelion so you could use their abilities again; or resetting the number of -1/-1 counters of Carnifex Demon or Grim Poppet so you could use their abilities again; removing -1/-1 counters on Creatures which were hit by Infect or Wither damage; or to the extreme of animating and then Rebirth exile Artifacts or Enchantments with a set number of uses of their activated abilities.

Cloudgoat Ranger

Going Out and Coming In with an army everytime


If you use the Triad as a normal Creature, then the range of Creatures you could use for their exile ability would increase greatly, depending on which other color identity your General is. As the Triad is already a dual color Creature, your General will have to include White and Black as its part of its color identity in order for you to include them. A good thing about the Triad’s Rebirth exile is that Creatures returning from exile is counted as a new Creature. Working on this fact; you could play more Lands with Azusa, Lost but Seeking or Oracle of Mul Daya; or attack a couple more times with Aurelia, the Warleader.

Aurelia, the Warleader

“I’m here again… Let’s attack AGAIN…”




The Triad is all in all a Commander which I would very much recommend for a Blink style deck. Both of their exile abilities ties in well with the style. Looking back at the Blink style article, I would definitely now rank the Triad as one of the top Commander for that style for they truly fits into the style even if it means restricting to only White and Black. Solely within the two colors, you have life gain (Aven Riftwatcher); recursion (Auramancer, Monk Idealist, Reveillark & Treasure Hunter); removals (Angel of Despair, Ashen Rider); and many more. All that add up is more than enough to build a deck around the Triad. Do give us a comment below of what you think about this if you have any other ideas which we missed out.


Ultimately the choice of building a deck is up to the creator of the deck. Thus if there is a choice, then the Triad could also works well for Reaper King. They could Rebirth exile the King’s minions and dish out some Vindicates. Not a bad collaboration there I would say. Now enough there about the Triad, we shall end it here for the time being. So till our next review on Theros Commanders, may your fate be blessed by the Triad.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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