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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review: Commander 2013 – Artifacts and Lands

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Command Tower

The Glue to all Commander Decks.

Hi and welcome back for another Commander 2013 set review. Today article we will be looking at the last few non-Commander (not Legendary Creatures) cards for Commander 2013. As usual, today we will also talk about each card’s political and self value; and also their impact in both EDH and normal variant. So please join us as we look into these last few non-Commander cards.



There are only 2 new Artifact cards added for this set and they are as follows:-


Eye of Doom

Eye of Doom

  • This is a very interesting board sweeper in my opinion. It has a very similar but opposite feeling compare to Oblivion Stone. Where Oblivion Stone destroy all nonLand permanents except for those with fate counters on them; Eye of Doom destroy only nonLand permanents which have Doom counters. If cast the normal way, this is effective a 6 mana selective board sweep (4cc to cast; 2 to activate). It is selective as the destiny of what is or are going to be destroy is very much up to the choice of the people. Politically this is actually a very powerful board sweep. It allows the table to team up against the player with the strongest board advantage by allowing everyone to chip in and neutralize the player’s play field. Points to note when playing the Eye. It ETB trigger is not targeted, therefore Hexproof and Shroud do not protects against it. Also if for any reasons the permanents with doom counters on them are not destroy; maybe due to it being Indestructible or having Regeneration, the doom counters still stay on those permanents. This Artifact is a very well designed multiplayer card for its political value.
  • Doesn’t really work quite well in normal variant. Since there are only two players in normal variant, the most this artifact will do is just destroying one nonLand permanent on each side since no one will like to destroy their own stuff unless it is hurting them.


Surveyor’s Scope

Surveyor's Scope

  • At first look, this Artifact reminds me of the Enchantment Land Tax. Both allow the controller to catch up if he or she is behind with Land resources. While not permanent like Land Tax, the Scope offers a one shot chance to catch up to other players when the controller is behind in Lands. Since it is low cost, at 2cc, it is fairly easy to cast. Much of the more commonly used Land ramp spells are cost more and require Green mostly to use, eg. Cultivate & Kodama’s Reach. For example, a table of four players and player A has only two Lands while the rest all have four or more Lands each, Player A could instantly gain three Lands boost from using the Scope. The only setback, which is what Wizards R&D had done to balance the card, is that the Scope is exiled once used preventing recycling from graveyard.
  • As this card is designed to work better when there are more players, it naturally falls short in normal variant. There are many other ways to ramp Lands and those ways are repeatable (Land Tax) unlike the Scope which is only one time use.



There is only 1 new Land added for this set and it is as follows:-


Opal Palace

Opal Palace

  • Much like the Command Tower previously, Opal Palace is also made for Commander Format. Working much like Shimmering Grotto & Unknown Shores, Opal Palace also has a mana converting ability besides a mana producing ability. The difference in that mana conversion ability is if that that mana is used to cast your Commander from the Command Zone, then your Commander will enters the battlefield with an amount of +1/+1 counters equal to the amount of Commander Tax you need to pay to cast it. This is actually quite an interesting design to reward players who repeatedly cast their Commanders with the extra Commander Tax. This is especially useful if your Commander is part of your attacking strategy. Every time you cast it back from the Command Zone, it just gets bigger for the attack. Very suitable for Aggro decks which use the Commander as attacker.
  • Just a Land which produces 1 since Commander and Command Zone are not applicable in normal variant.


And with that we are done for all the mono color, Artifact and Land cards for Commander 2013. We hope you have enjoyed reading our articles and hopefully gain some insights or ideas to use the cards. If you have any great ideas or comments about the cards, please feel free to leave a comment or share with us your ideas below. And with that we shall end off the series of review article for mono color, Artifact and Land cards of Commander 2013 here. Till our next article…..


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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