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Saturday, July 14, 2018

EDH Banned List February 2014

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Oh hi there….. it”s been a while….

2014 had been a rather busy year both for our work life and MtG life. There were a lot of sets printed and exciting cards pop up here and there encouraging us EDH-ers to explore them. What is unusable in normal variant sometimes becomes diamonds in EDH. Which lead us to this rather sad news (for some a good news) and belated review of the banning of the Green Avatar of the Primordial cycle from Gatecrash.


New Banned card:


The Primordial cycle was designed in way to benefit its controller more in a multi-player game. Each of them has that ETB (Enter the Battlefield) effect which becomes larger with more opponents. After playing and facing many of the various Primordial, this fact was truly slammed into a lot of us in EDH. The sheer amounts of card advantages they generate were discussed in details in my good friend, Manferd ’s review article of the New Year 2014. As we all rejoice the effort that Wizards put in to encourage EDH play, the banning of Sylvan Primordial was then announced earlier this year in February shattering the dreams of many who had used it to their road of victory.


Power of One VS Many


“I want to fight ten!!”

As mentioned earlier, the Primordial cycle was designed with and was indeed very well done for EDH. Why then one might ask, was only the Green one banned. A detailed reason from the committee for this banning can be read here if you are interested. Below are our humble summarized opinions on this banning.


  • Ramp and Removal in one

This is the topmost reason mentioned in the forum leading to Sylvan Primordial being banned. Its cousin, Primeval Titan was banned for the insane amount of ramp it provides when it enters the battlefield and every time it attacks. Sylvan Primordial may not has that amount of ramp or flexibility of Land tutor (only search for Forest) but it provides a removal in place of those shortcomings. Combine with the right cards, it could single-handedly devastate the whole field. A reanimator deck could easily bring the Green Primordial in and out of the battlefield, each time destroying a nonCreature permanent of each opponent while ramping you up with a Forest for each permanent destroyed. I say this because the members in our play group were totally controlled by one of the member who used Sylvan Primordial.


  • Versatility in all Situations

More than one opponent? No problem.

Of all the Primordials, Sylvan Primordial is the only one which was powerful enough to be used even in normal variant. Any nonCreature threats, from Planeswalkers to Lands, can all be killed using it and allowing you to search for a shockland with Green in its combination. Multiply that with more opponents in a multi-player game then it is not difficult to see why it is banned. All Primordials are designed to reap the rewards from multiple opponents. The others are not so much played as they are all very situational. White and Red are dependent on your opponents having Creatures on the battlefield; whereas Blue and Black are dependent on your opponents’ graveyards to have Instants, Sorceries and Creatures for them to grab. Sylvan Primordial on the other hand always has a target available no matter when you cast it. There is never a bad time to cast it if you are able to. It doesn’t help too if the player has a combo to repeatedly make the Green Avatar leave and enter the battlefield. This is also why it is so annoying to see one enter the battlefield especially if you are slow in your mana development. Anyone low on mana will be totally sealed off in no time. Not so friendly there.

Aggravated Assault

Finding it out the HARD way that locking everyone down is not a nice thing to do on a regular basis…..


Latest Update:-

  • The following is the new updated official banned list for EDH games. These cards (and others like them) should not be played in the game unless all players agree with it.

Additionally the following legends may not be used as a General:


Sylvan Primordial

“Well folks…… It was all ‘fun’ for as long as it lasted…… So long for now……”

Either good news or bad news, the committee has the interest of the EDH community in mind. To upkeep the friendliness in the game, it can be seen that it is with much consideration that Sylvan Primordial was added to the banned list to join its big cousin, Primeval Titan. Insane combos aside, a total lockdown in EDH is really not a fun thing to sit through and it is with that in hopes that the Green Primordial would leave the scene for now.


Ending off here for now, this is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off, :D~

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