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Saturday, July 14, 2018

EDH Banned List September 2014

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WTF - Jackie

“Whut~? More Changes?” 

Looking back at the close in of 2014, September to be exact, the Committee met and discussed about the health of our favorite format and came out with some announcement. There were some “good news and bad news” from this announcement. For those who are unaware, let’s us share with you what all that means to EDH as we know it. First of let us look at the “Bad News”.


Bad News:

New Banned card:

Okay, this ain’t too much of bad news to be exact. The Committee had decided to eliminate the “Banned as Commander” list. They felt that having multiple lists was rather unnecessary information, and it is much clearer to have just a single ban list and just add “Problematic as a Commander” to that ban list.

Braids, Cabal Minion

“Crazy is just freedom of the mind.” 

Of previous Commanders which were “Banned as Commander” (Braids, Cabal Minion; Erayo, Soratami Ascendant; Kokusho, the Evening Star; Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary), only three of them remain banned. Braids and Rofellos were easy choices and decisions to make for being fully banned as both have shenanigans which can totally seal off games and go insane with mana. Erayo was the one which had spur a bit of discussion among the community as to whether it was necessary to fully banned her. But in the end, due to her being a miserable card to play against regardless of level, the Committee is leaving it banned for now, though they had stated they may revisit her in the future. On the other hand Kokusho the last member of the “Banned as Commander” list bring us some “Good News”.


Good News:

Unbanned card:

Although there had been much annoying play with Kokusho, it does not warrant for a full ban. With more and more exile-type removals being printed, it had become fairly easy to deal with Kokusho dying effect. This change really has no obvious impact to the format as we know it.


“Need some mana? Leave it to me!” 

Metalworker, the other card which was unbanned might be happy news to some. The reasoning behind was that decks which could fully utilize Metalworker are vulnerable to mass Artifact removals. There was an increase of such spells over the last few Commander Sets (2013 & 2014). So much that it could really cripple decks which depends on Artifact a lot. More ever decks using Metalworker tends or rather needs to over commit or else the mana generated will pretty much be wasted. That could really puts the player at risk to mass Artifact removal. Due to this, a balance was created and thus the Committee felt that Metalworker is safe to unban.



All in all these changes are rather good in check choices to EDH. Personally I do admit that I am rather surprise that Metalworker was unbanned. But after being hit by the numerous new mass Artifact removals from Commander 2013 & 2014 sets while playing an Artifact heavy deck, I realized that the Committee argument was valid. The other changes were pretty much less impact to the game. It can be seen as an effort from the Committee to make the rules simpler for newer players to understand the game. For that I give the Committee credit for a job well done. So it is still rather some good news for this update to the Banned List.


Ending off here for now, this is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off,


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