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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review: Commander 2014 Part 6 – Artifacts and Lands

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Chief of the Foundry

Clockwork of All

Hi and welcome back for another Commander 2014 set review. Today article will be looking at the last few non-Commander (not Legendary Creatures) cards for Commander 2014. As usual, today we will also talk about each card’s political and self value; and also their impact in both EDH and normal variant. Without further ado, shall we look into these last few non-Commander cards?



There are a total of 6 new Artifact cards added for this set and they are as follows:-

Assault Suit

Assault Suit

  • When I first looked at this Equipment, it took me a while to realize what it really does. Overall the Equipment is your political tool with your opponents, as you pass around the Creature it is equipped to your opponents during their turn. With a failsafe of not allowing the equipped Creature to attack you or your planeswalkers; in addition too of not allowing the opponent to sacrifice your Creature. It can quite a bit of fun to lend everybody a hand in beating down everyone else.

  • The failsafe actually makes the Equipment quite useful in normal variant. Since the Equipment prevents the equipped Creature from being sacrificed, many drawbacks of Creatures which require sacrifice actually becomes better when equipped with the Assault Suit. For instance, Desecration Elemental requires you to sacrifice a Creature whenever a player casts a spell. With the Suit equipped on it, it cannot be sacrificed to its drawback and you get 10/10 Creature with Fear. Another example would be the Cosmic Larva which requires a sacrifice of two Lands at the beginning of your upkeep or it will sacrifice. Now with the Suit, it cannot be sacrificed and you have a 9/8 trampling Creature.

Commander’s Sphere

Commander's Sphere

  • A Mind Stone of sorts. A point to note is that the Sphere only produces mana if your Commander has a color to begin. Colorless Commanders will render the Sphere unable to produce mana. Besides that, the Sphere is a very good add to all decks for the mana ramp at the initial stage and card draw at the later stage of the game.

  • Not applicable for normal variant. The Sphere will produce no mana since there is no Commander in normal variant.

Crown of Doom

Crown of Doom

  • This Artifact reminds me of a set of Artifacts called the Jinxed Artifacts. These Artifacts can switch controllers and all have an effect which hurt their controller in some way or another. The Crown pushes that one level higher by not allowing it to be passed back to you after you donate it out. With the added effect of pumping Creatures attacking the controller of it by +2/+0 till end of turn, the Crown is like a hot potato that your opponents throw around without it being pass back to you. The neat part of it is that its controller switch ability can only be activate during the controllers turn; therefore the player having it will have to wait for his or her turn to come by before he or she can pass the Crown, all the while taking pump hits from other players. A very good political tool to se t up your opponents against each other.

  • As there are only two players in normal variant, the Crown can never be passed away from the player you passed it to. Unless he or she has a way to get rid of it, the Crown is a power pump for your Creatures. Although it is a total of 5 mana (3 to cast the Crown; 2 to activate it), a bit high for Legacy play.

Loreseeker’s Stone

Loreseeker's Stone

  • Fairly decent mid game play where mana becomes abundant and your hand is mostly depleted. The Stone is also especially suitable for play in fast decks since those decks clear their hand fast. This in turn lessens the drawback of the Stone’s activation cost. As much as a drawback it seems to be, the Stone is basically just a 3 and tap to draw three cards if you have a zero hand. Not a must play but is a good add if extra card draw is needed.

  • The Stone lacks the speed to be useful in a format where speed is all so important. As important is card draw in normal variant, the Stone high cc makes it hard to cast it out early. Even if it is cheated in early, it activation cost makes it too difficult to be of any use when each card in your hand adds on to its activation cost.

Masterwork of Ingenuity

Masterwork of Ingenuity

  • Equipment had become an important part of the game ever since their introduction with new and better Equipment coming out every new set. EDH has also its fair share of MVP Equipment too and Masterwork of Ingenuity is no different from them as it copies them as it enters the battlefield. What fascinated me the most is that it copies not just your Equipment but any Equipment on the battlefield effectively making it a Clone for Equipment. The low cc of 1 also helps open up mana to pay for Equip cost after it enters the battlefield. Very recommended add to Voltron decks or decks which are heavy on Equipment.

  • A very good add to decks already using lots of Equipment. With all the Swords, Batterskull & Jitte around, you can also join in the fun by having one yourself by copying them. Quoting my friend Manferd again, “Why buy it when you can just clone it?”

Manfred the Madness

“I always say it, why you go and buy it?”

Unstable Obelisk

Unstable Obelisk

  • Early game ramp and late game removal. Personally I really like how this Artifact is designed. Being an Artifact, it allows itself to be added to any deck and acts as a removal when needed. Very recommended addition to any decks.

  • It might have a greater impact if it cost 2 cc. Nevertheless it is quite a decent card for normal variant to be added to decks for mana ramp in the early game and as removal in late game.



There is a total of 3 new Land added for this set and they are as follow:-

Arcane Lighthouse

Arcane Lighthouse

  • Hexproof had been the choice of protection for Commanders and it had become more common nowadays. When Glaring Spotlight was printed, it was much talked about to be added to help to deal with Hexproof. Now the Lighthouse provides the solution but in Land form thus freeing up spell card slots in the deck. It even “deactivates” Shroud, the predecessor of Hexproof, since EDH card pool is huge and would also include that ability too. Definitely a must add if your deck depends on targeted removal to deal with Creature threats.

  • Not much of an impact in normal variant given that the commonly used Creatures do not have Hexproof or Shroud to protect them.

Flamekin Village

Flamekin Village

  • Completing the cycle of Tribal Lands which started during the Lorwyn/Morningtide sets, this Land completes the cycle for all the Tribes during the sets. If you are wondering what Tribal Lands we are referring to, it is a cycle of Lands which will enter the battlefield tapped unless the controller reveal a card of the matching Tribal type. In case you are interested, below are all the other Lands of the cycle and their respective tribe.

Ancient Amphitheater


Auntie’s Hovel


Gilt-Leaf Palace


Murmuring Bosk


Primal Beyond


Rustic Clachan


Secluded Glen


Wanderwine Hub


Backstory aside, the Land is referencing the smaller more humanoid Flamekins of the Elemental tribe of the set as the reveal, though both are technically the same Tribe. Much like Rustic Clachan, the Village also has an added ability, probably to compensate them for being mono color Lands. Giving out the very Red ability of Haste to Creature till end of turn, the Village gives decks which use Red an extra push on attack as soon as possible. Haste is a very one time ability in that the moment it matters is when the Creature hits the battlefield. After that, it does nothing for the Creature. Thus the Village is very good permanent way to grant Haste to your Creatures. Good add if attacking is part of your winning plan. It can view as a less painful Hall of the Bandit Lord.

Hall of the Bandit Lord

Attack is the best Defense.

  • Not much of an impact in normal variant given there are better ways to give Haste to your Creatures. As the Land requires a Red mana and tapping it to use, that is almost like tapping two mana to give Haste to just one Creature. There are other ways which give Haste to all instead of just one Creature in normal variant.

Myriad Landscape

Myriad Landscape

  • A quick glance of it reminded me of Krosan Verge only the Landscape only fetches the same basic Lands. Although it does not seems like it, this Land is actually a ramp as it tutor for up to two basic Lands effectively replacing itself and increasing your Land count by one. Although many regard it as a greater Terramorphic Expanse or Evolving Wilds, it is better in the sense that it can still produce a mana when you do not need to fetch for the color you need. Another good thing about Myriad Landscape is that it fetches two basic Lands. This helps especially when you have spells in your deck which requires double or more mana of a color to cast.

  • Not much of an impact to normal variant. The Land enters the battlefield tapped and is opened to destruction by the all famous Wasteland. In a format where speed is crucial, entering the battlefield tapped is a very big weakness for the card to be taken seriously.


And thus with that we are done for all the mono color, Artifact and Land cards for Commander 2014. We hope you have enjoyed reading through all the articles and hopefully gain some insights or ideas as to how to use the cards. If you have any ideas or comments about the cards, please feel free to leave a comment or share with us your ideas below. And with that we shall end off the series of review article for mono color, Artifact and Land cards of Commander 2014 here. Till our next article…..


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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