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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review Commander 2014 – Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

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Planeswalker's Favor

The Green Avenger

As the review moved on, we are now at the Green Planeswalker Commander for Commander 2014. The Green Planeswalker of choice was of no surprise to many as she is an iconic recognized Green Planeswalker throughout the ages. Standing alongside many of the big names among the pre-mending era Planeswalkers, Freyalise was an important part of MtG story history particularly to the Dominaria Elves. Many of the Llanowar culture were in fact said to be inspired by her. Below are the stats of the half-elven Planeswalker.


Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

Card Name: Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury


Types: Planeswalker – Freyalise

Card Text:

+2: Put a 1/1 green Elf Druid creature token onto the battlefield with “T: Add G to your mana pool.”

-2: Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

-6: Draw a card for each green creature you control.

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury can be your commander.

Loyalty: 3

The backstory in short for Freyalise begins with her being a fire mage from Storgard and a court mage to the then King Miko. When Oriel Kjeldos, the person who would later built and laid the foundation for the kingdom of Kjeldor, suggested leaving Storgard which was doomed to fall, Freyalise was ordered by King Miko under the influence of Tevesh Szat to duel with her childhood friend Jason Carthalion. Freyalise was fatally wounded in the duel by Jason’s Green magic and ascended then with the Green magic in her mind causing her to favor Green as a Planeswalker. She was driven nearly mad by her ascension but was helped by Jodah.

Following the Goddess

As a Planeswalker, she had helped the elves of Fyndhorn and Llanowar to survive the Ice Age and as a result became worshipped by them as their goddess. Some of Llanowar culture, like eye patches and dress style, will inspired by her. She was also responsible in ending the Ice Age by casting the World Spell which started The Thaw.

Fyndhorn Elves

Different Culture Same Root

Freyalise was also among one of the Nine Titans who attacked Phyrexia. Due to several betrayals along the way, she along with Bo Levar, Commodore Guff and Lord Windgrace were the only few who returned. Although Phyrexia was gut completely through their efforts, Yawgmoth had already descended on Dominaria. However with the activation of the Legacy Weapon, she was able to survive the Invasion and live on with Lord Windgrace as the only two members of the Nine Titans. The two would eventually take up roles as protectors during the events of Time Spiral with Freyalise as protector of the planeshifted Skyshroud and Lord Windgrace as protector of Urborg.

Pernicious Deed

For the Greater Good

Fast forward into the events of Time Spiral, constant attacks from timeshifted Gathan warriors and local Slivers have left Freyalise in a xenophobic stance to protect Skyshroud. This caused her to fall on a deaf ear of Teferi’s warning about the threat of the Time Rift. She gained a momentary victory when she took control of the local Slivers to fight back Phyrexians from an alternate reality. This was however usurped by the Weaver King who took control of the Slivers and attacked Skyshroud along with the alternate reality Phyrexians. Exhausted and at wit’s end, Freyalise finally came to realize her flaw and selfish stance and came to understand Teferi’s sacrifice. In a final attempt to save what could be saved, she called back the power she used to protect Skyshroud from its surroundings since the overlay and pulled it back into herself; then with a huge blast of Green and Red mana, she sacrificed herself and Skyshroud to seal the Time Rift over it.

Skyshroud Blessing

Final Blessing

As a printed card finally, Freyalise showcase her goddess status among the Llanowar Elves. Being the Green representative, she gives a great mana boost by producing Elf Druid which produces G, the most iconic being Llanowar Elves (similar include Fyndhorn Elves & Elvish Mystic). This is a great boost to mana and an insurance against board sweep since each of those Elf Druid produces mana as well, making recovery much easier. Not to mention the ability is a plus 2 loyalty which speeds things up a lot to the ultimate which reaps rewards from the first ability letting you draw cards equal to the number of Green Creatures you control, a synergy by itself. Her minus ability is also not too bad being a Naturalize allowing you to deal with all the Artifacts and Enchantments ever present in EDH. All in all Freyalise is very much the Green Planeswalker that we expected her to be with every aspect of the color covered.


As a Commander or As a Planeswalker

Freyalise has quite a balance set of stats for a Planeswalker. Although starting at low loyalty counters of 3, she quickly up that to 5 and provides a blocker in the form of an Elf Druid to protect her before the turn comes by again. It may not seem like a lot but sometimes one blocker is all you need to save her. Her Naturalize ability is also a valuable ability to deal with opposing Artifact and Enchantment threats. Lastly the ultimate is a great refill for mono Green decks which usually exhaust itself in the mid or late game. Using Freyalise as Commander goes without saying your deck will be mono Green. That limits a lot on the choices of spells especially on the Creature removal part; Green seldom destroys Creatures. This would require some help from Artifact or colorless source for board sweep or removals. Nevinyrral’s Disk; Oblivion Stone; Powder Keg; Ratchet Bomb; & Steel Hellkite are among the most commonly seen board sweep of choice. For spot removals, Argentum Armor; Lux Cannon & Desert Twister are among some of the choices you can use too.

Elf Druid Token

A Helping Hand

Like the helpful Elf Druids she produces, Freyalise is also a very good support Planeswalker providing mana ramp and threat removal at the same time. Her starting loyalty counter makes it just right for her to be able to use either of her plus or minus ability when she hits the battlefield. Putting her as a normal Planeswalker lets you go beyond Green for other colors to play. She would play a great part to support Creature; removal; and card draw.


A Good Player at Both Games

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury

Vengeful Green

In my opinion, Freyalise is not all that much of a game changer that would win the game once she hits the battlefield. That being said she is by no means weak; just that most of her abilities are supportive rather than outright game winning. That kind of quality makes her a good choice as a Commander as it helps to keep her stay unnoticed under the radar till it is too late (usually only for the first few times you play with the deck). Her ultimate also proves to be very powerful when things go into the late game where Green decks are usually exhausted. This is even true when you are hit by a board sweep and has no Creatures because her first ability will simply help you restore your board with the Green Creatures needed for her ultimate which you build towards it while also providing you with mana Creatures to speed up your play. If you ever have a thought about making a mono Green EDH, Freyalise is a good option to consider as Commander. She would especially well fit as a Commander in Token style or Stompy Rush decks. Otherwise she will make do in a supportive role, serving to provide you with Creatures to beatdown or ramp your mana; deal with Artifact or Enchantment threats; or refill your hand in mid or late game; a very rare versatile Green card to include. She is one of those rare ones who can play the game well at both sides.

So what do you think of Planeswalker Freyalise? Would you prefer her as a Commander or normal Planeswalker? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below. And with that, we shall end it for today article. Do stay tune for more reviews on the other upcoming Commanders from Commander 2014. Till then.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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