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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review Commander 2014 – Jazal Goldmane

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Chandra's Ignition

Every Spark’s fateful moment.

Planeswalkers all went through a traumatic event in their life which caused their dormant spark to ignite, making them a Planeswalker. For today article, we will be looking at the reason of one such spark ignition of one of the first five Planeswalker. That Planeswalker is none other than White representation Ajani Goldmane; and the reason for his spark ignition was his elder brother, Jazal Goldmane. What happened and why was his brother the traumatic event of Ajani’s spark ignition you may ask? So without further ado, let us delve into the past of the Cat brothers.


A Caring Big Brother

Jazal Goldmane Kha Roar

King of the Pride

The backstory of Jazal ties in to Ajani early life on Alara. Ajani was born an outcast of his tribe due to his albino condition. Jazal was the Kha then, what the Cat people called their leaders. Although being the Kha, Jazal questioned the divide of his people. This divide was dated back to an event when the Naya Nacatl (Cat people of Naya) were liberated and divided with their uprising. Following a leader called Marisi, the Nacatl shattered the Coil, a set of one hundred and twenty one laws of the Nacatl engraved on a giant disc of granite. Following that event which would later be refer to as the Breaking of the Coil; the Nacatl was divided into the Wild Nacatl, the descendants of Marisi’s followers; and the Cloud Nacatl who chose live on the Mountains still following the Coil rule.

Marisis Twinclaws

The Wild ones


Ajani being an albino Nacatl was considered an outcast by the tribe because being an albino is a stigma among his people which they described as “White as Death”. Jazal had taken care of Ajani for most of his life. Jazal had only accepted the position of Kha in hope his brother would be well accepted into the tribe. This did not turn out well either. Furthermore as Jazal had always questioned the divide of the tribe, he had tried to reunite the Wild Nacatl and Cloud Nacatl, going as far to contact the Cloud Nacatl. For this, he was killed by undead horrors that the pride-shaman Zaliki was manipulated into summoning. What was more insulting in the killing was that he was slain by his own Axe, twin to Ajani’s Axe. Holding on to his brother’s body and stricken with grief, Ajani’s spark ignited and moments later he had ascended and planeswalked to Jund which would go on to set off Ajani’s course to find the mastermind behind the murder of his brother. Jazal’s Axe would also later be fused with Ajani’s Axe to form the signature weapon which Ajani holds.

Ajani Steadfast

Remembering the fallen

Now you know the little backstory of Jazal involvement in Ajani past, let’s have a look at the stats of the Kha of the Wild Nacatl before we move on with the review.


Jazal Goldmane

Card Name: Jazal Goldmane


Types: Legendary Creature – Cat Warrior

Card Text: First Strike

3WW: Attacking creatures you control get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of attacking creatures.

P/T: 4/4

Jazal has quite a nice set of stats even for normal variant. There is some potential in him in White Weenie decks, given that for his cc you get a 4/4 body with First Strike. The deadly thing about Jazal is in that last ability; an overrun which pumps your attacking Creatures by the number of attacking Creatures. White Weenie win by attacking en mass and Jazal’s ability makes even the smallest attacker into a huge monstrosity when the attacking army is big enough.


Back to EDH, Jazal is even better especially when EDH games drag on into the late game. Mana will be abundant and you can just sink all those mana into Jazal’s overrun ability for the deadly alpha strike. The power of the ability is that it only requires mana to activate; that means it can be activated any amount of time as long as you have the mana to pay for it. All these qualities really showcase Jazal as the reputable Kha that he is to his tribe.


Attacking Battalion

Jazal as a Commander is well suited in Aggro style deck. Much of the early games would be used for building the army, and only when the team is ready would you bring in Jazal for the alpha strike. Thus building your army to a critical mass is the key to optimize Jazal’s ability. White is the famous color for Weenie decks and is also quite good at producing tokens in mass numbers. So using Jazal as the finishing blow is not an impossible feat. Below are some spells in White which can be used for producing tokens.

Battle Screech

Put two 1/1 Flying White Bird tokens onto battlefield. Those Bird tokens would then be used along with one more White Creature to Flashback Battle Screech for two more Bird tokens.

Belfry Spirit / Captain of the Watch / Cloudgoat Ranger / Knight-Captain of Eos

Creatures which have ETB trigger that produce multiple tokens. Good targets to blink.

Cenn’s Enlistment

Retrace spell that put two 1/1 White Kithkin Soldier tokens onto the battlefield.

Conqueror’s Pledge

Put six 1/1 White Kor Soldier tokens onto the battlefield. Put twelve instead when kicked.

Darien, King of Kjeldor

Get a 1/1 White Soldier token for each damage taken.

Decree of Justice

Option of either getting 4/4 Flying White Angel tokens when casted; or 1/1 White Soldier tokens when cycled.

Devout Invocation

Use the smaller Creatures to tap and get 4/4 Flying White Angel tokens.

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion / Elspeth Tirel

Versions of Elspeth which put multiple 1/1 White Solder tokens onto the battlefield.

Icatian Crier

Spellshaper. Spellshape Raise the Alarm but with Citizen tokens instead.

Kirtar’s Wrath / Martial Coup

Board Sweep + Token Producer.

Twilight Drover

Exchange its +1/+/1 counter for Flying White 1/1 Spirit tokens (one counter for two Spirit tokens).


Assemble the Legion

Numbers Win


The possibilities become even greater if Jazal is a common Creature in the deck instead since more colors can be involved depending on the chosen Commander. For instance, with Blue you can use Leyline of Anticipation allowing you to cast Jazal at the end of opponent’s turn to free up more mana during your turn to activate Jazal’s ability; although said trick can also be achieve using either Quicksilver Amulet or Vedalken Orrery when using Jazal as Commander. With Green, you can ramp up your mana to be able to use Jazal’s multiple times and also have more options to create tokens. Regardless of how you use him, Jazal is a finisher and can end games fast when he is active.



Jazal Goldmane Full Art

“I got your back, Brother.”

Although it is possible to build a deck around Jazal focusing on building up an army and then bringing in him to “overrun” your opponents, I still prefer to use Jazal as a common Creature finisher for the deck. This is largely given the fact that Commanders are visible to all and opponents will assume your deck to be Aggro regardless of whether it is one after seeing Jazal as your Commander. Opponents would then proceed to kill your Creatures to prevent your army from entering the critical mass. Thus with Jazal as a common Creature, there is a little element of surprise there as you build up to be able to cast him and be able to activate his ability the same turn for the attack. Nothing is more frustrating when you only have enough mana to cast Jazal but unable to activate his ability the same turn, leaving him vulnerable for all to kill and requiring your protection till your next turn comes by. An Aggro is not impossible in EDH but a mono color one is very hard to operate against multiple opponents therefore it is recommended to have Jazal as a common Creauture.


So what do you think of Ajani’s big Bother? Would you use him as the finisher Commander or just another finisher in the deck? Share with us what you think in the comments below. And that is all we have for the late Kha for today article. We hope to see you in next article for Commanders from Commander 2014. Till then….


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



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