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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Journey into Nyx – Kruphix Mana Well

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Momir Vig, Simic Visionary

“What if life just improve by itself?”

We have come to the final Legendary for the set Journey into Nyx Commander review and today color combination is of Green and Blue; the combination of the guild Simic Combine or more commonly known as Simic to most players. The guild main purpose was to preserve the health and well being of all Ravnican life-forms; devoting their study to life, medicines and biomancy. That purpose was slightly changed to improve upon life-forms for some time during when Momir Vig was guild master. Towards that end, he had used a slime-like substance called Cytopasts to aid the Ravnicans. This was showcased in the guild first guild ability in Graft. With his fall during the events which led to the fall of the original guild pact, the guild was about to fall with no leadership. A fate inevitable until the subterranean Merfolk of Ravnica long thought to have extinct emerged and took over the guild. Under Zegana the new guild master command, the guild is back to their original purpose. Going back to their holistic, Druid-like roots, the Simic now focused on their initial purpose of preserving the health and well being of Ravinicans by evolving though magic means. This resulted in the new guild ability called Evolve. Simic’s representation on Theros is Kruphix, the God of Horizons.

Prime Speaker Zegana

Evolving to Adapt.


Oldest of Time

Kruphix is the eldest of the Theros Gods. As the enigmatic God of the Horizons, he has dominion over the potential, the distant and the unseen, making him seen as an oracle of dreams. He also governs navigation, mystery and the cycles of time and is the keeper of the mysteries that others are not meant to learn. He rarely speaks and counts few worshippers. He has no real form and usually appears as a Nyx-filled space in the sky. His temple is built over a cataract over the edge of the world. Kruphix inspiration of design seems to be come from Terminus, the roman god of frontiers. Below are the stats of the God of Horizons.

Kruphix, God of Horizons

Card Name: Kruphix, God of Horizons


Types: Legendary Creature Enchantment – God

Card Text:


As long as your devotion to green and blue is less than seven, Kruphix isn’t a creature.

You have no maximum hand size.

If unused mana would empty from your mana pool, that mana becomes colorless instead.

P/T: 4/7

As one of the Gods of the pantheon, Kruphix also has the same devotion and Indestructible as the other Gods. His standout abilities are the other two abilities; no maximum hand size a common Blue ability and mana will not empty from mana pool between phases a Green sort of ability. Blue has some history in dealing with the maximum hand size and the ability is fitting for Kruphix given that he is the keeper of the unseen and mysteries. The other ability reminds me straightaway of a couple of old cards. One of them is Upwelling, an old Enchantment from Scourge; two other cards are the Legendary Snake Shamans, Sakiko, Mother of Summer & Shizuko, Caller of Autumn. All of those cards are known for the unique ability to allow mana to be “stored” beyond phases to be used later. The only difference with Kruphix though is that he has a small restriction that the mana becomes colorless if they are “stored” beyond the phases. Both abilities are pretty fitting to Kruphix for him being the keeper of mysteries, given how he stored away “knowledge” in the hand and the mana in the mana pool. In a way Kruphix has a very neat combination to his color identity through keeping both the resources (Blue for cards; Green for mana) the colors are capable of gathering.


X Factor


Feel the Mana.

Kruphix powers lie in the two “storage” abilities of storing cards and mana. His color identity allows maximized use of both “storage” abilities. Having no maximum hand size clearly gives a lot of advantage as you have more options to deal with opponents’ threat. Green and Blue have throughout MtG history tons of ways to draw extra cards and Kruphix helps maintain those cards in the hand even when you exceed your maximum hand size. Having no maximum hand size is not an uncommon thing in EDH; in fact many players had already turn to Reliquary Tower for that before Kruphix. Card advantage is important in MtG; that is no different in EDH too. Thus being able to keep your hand when you over draw is a clear advantage. For the stored away mana, X spells are the best to use to abuse the mana since the mana become colorless once the phase passed. To maximize on that, you can throw in either Awakening; Prophet of Kruphix; or Seedborn Muse; to store mana every turn snowballing those mana till your turn comes by to Unleash your lethal X spell. Seedborn Muse can also be combo with Doubling Cube to speed up the process as the Muse untaps the Cube and all other permanents every turn so that you can use it every turn to double the stored mana. With so much mana on hand, the things you can do then is really up to individual imagination. Below are some such X spell cards. Also included below are some cards with X in their ability activation.

Ambassador Laquatus / Whetwheel

Mill target player with the stored mana.

Apocalypse Hydra / Feral Hydra / Ivy Elemental / Krakilin / Protean Hydra / Shifting Wall

Get the biggest Creature on the battlefield.

Banefire / Blaze / Bonfire of the Damned / Comet Storm / Conflagrate / Crater’s Claw / Demonfire / Disintegrate / Energy Bolt / Fanning the Flames / Fireball / Ghitu Fire / Kaervek’s Torch / Lava Burst / Lavalanche / Rakdos’s Return / Red Sun’s Zenith / Titan’s Revenge / Volcanic Geyser

Burn someone to death.

Blue Sun’s Zenith / Braingeyser / Stroke of Genius

Draw tons of cards or force draw an opponent to death.

Borrowing the East Wind / Earthquake / Hurricane / Molten Disaster / Rolling Earthquake / Squall Line

Deals X damage to specific group of Creatures and each player. End the game in a draw.

Candelabra of Tawnos / Magus of the Candelabra

Use the stored mana to untap the necessary colored Lands needed to cast spells.

Citanul Flute

Tutor for any Creature to hand.

Chord of Calling

Instant tutor for any Creature onto the battlefield.

Dawnglow Infusion / Nourishing Shoal / Oracle of Nectars / Stream of Life / Vitalizing Cascade

Gain tons of life.

Distorting Wake

Selectively bounce multiple nonLand permanent threats.


Gain control of any targetable Creature.

Enshrined Memories

Grab all the Creatures and stored them into your hand.

Gelatinous Genesis / Hydra Broodmaster

Get an army of X X/X.

Genesis Wave

Sort of like the spell Primal Surge. Unlike the Surge though, you do not stop if you hit a nonpermanent card with the Wave.

Green Sun’s Zenith

Tutor for any Green Creature onto the battlefield.

Helix Pinnacle

Pump all the stored mana into here for victory.

Invoke the Firemind

Draw tons of cards or deals tons of damage.

Mind Spring

Draw tons of cards.

New Frontiers

Let everyone tutor for all their basic Lands to the battlefield. Political tool.

Polukranos, World Eater

Become Immerse and kill any Creature you like with the Hydra. Possibly even with it still surviving after that.

Prosperity / Skyscribing

Draw death whoever has the lowest library or end the game with a draw.

Rolling Thunder

Kill opponents of choice.


Stored mana for library manipulation.

Verdeloth the Ancient

Get tons of Saproling tokens with the Kicker.


Instant tutor for any permanent onto the battlefield.

Weird Harvest

Political tutor for multiple Creatures.


Genesis Wave

Putting Everything in.


Mana Mania

Kruphix, God of Horizons

“The Horizons have Infinite Possibilities.”

In my opinion, Kruphix is a very combo-ish build around Commander. Again, like the other Theros Gods, his Indestructible and devotion requirement keeps him relatively well protected. With his “storage” abilities, you do not need a lot of permanents on the battlefield which generally lower the devotion to his colors. Both “storage” abilities are clear advantage over the opponents. Cards in hand and mana is a major resource in EDH long drawn out games. Although one may argue that mana will eventually get abundant in the late games, but having access to huge amount of mana in the early game is deadly especially given the popular use of bomb spells, those which have high cc, in EDH. Even without the combo of Awakening; Prophet of Kruphix; or Seedborn Muse; one could simply “store” the mana the turn before his or her turn comes by. That can saves up a lot on the colorless cc of the spells you be casting. The way I see it is that mana is the main game for Kruphix and how to utilize that is key to winning. Thus putting him as Commander helps to ensure the strategy is available whenever you need him.

What do you think of the enigmatic God of the Horizons? How else would you have use him? Share with us about your thoughts in the comments below. And with that we shall it end it for the God of Horizons. We have come to an end for the Commander Review for Journey into Nyx. We hope you have enjoy reading the series of articles as much as we enjoyed writing it. Till the next article, may the powers of the Theros Gods be with you.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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