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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review Commander 2013 – Roon of the Hidden Realm

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Hello and welcome my fellow EDH-ers to another review of the Commander 2013’s Commanders. Today we will be looking at another Commander from the colors of Bant. Different from the other Bant Commander, today featured Commander does not interact with the Command Zone but deals with another common and popular style in EDH. That style is none other than Blink style, a play style which capitalize on Creatures with ETB and/or LTB triggers by blinking them. Interesting interaction? Let’s read on and see what today Commander has to offer.


Bant Shard: Roon of the Hidden Realm

Roon of the Hidden Realm

Card Name: Roon of the Hidden Realm


Types: Legendary Creature – Rhino Soldier

Card Text: Vigilance, trample

2, T: Exile another target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner’s control at the beginning of the next end step.

P/T: 4/4

Roon stats are pretty balance and well-coordinated allowing full utilization of all his abilities. Going in depth, having Trample with a 4/4 body is a pretty good deal given that there will still be damage pushing through even when he is blocked. The 4/4 body just require a little bit more boost in order to Trample over most blockers and given the number of boost effects in Green, it is not a difficult task to pump up Roon. Of course attacking is a choice as you do not have to attack if the coast is not clear. Vigilance is also a good ability too as it allows Roon to both be on the offensive and defensive. Having Vigilance is actually most beneficial for Roon’s final and today focal point ability; his tap ability which blink another target Creature. Vigilance allows Roon to both attack and still be able to use his tap ability. This is very versatile in many ways. Firstly, Roon can blink out the blocker that is blocking him if that blocker will to kill him in combat. Otherwise, Roon can be the blink agent of your deck to blink out Creatures for their ETB or LTB triggers. Roon’s whole package is not too bad and is a considerable strong Creature even by himself.


In a Blink


Be Back in a Min

Roon is in himself a blink enabler. Being a permanent source of blink means that he can reuse over and over again. Even better is that his ability can use instantly once he is active (aka no more summoning sickness). Bant also happens to have a lot of blink related cards. The Creatures with ETB and LTB triggers in the Bant are also very good board control cards. This allows the deck to be able to control the board with each blink. Below are examples some Creatures which are within Roon’s color identity which are good blink targets.

Acidic Slime

The all-round MVP of any EDH decks which can use it. Choice of Artifact, Enchantment or Land threat removal plus Deathtouch to deal with Creature threat.

Ally (Halimar Excavator; Jwari Shapeshifter; Ondu Cleric; Tajuru Archer; Turntimber Ranger)

A Creature class that has ETB effect that grows with their numbers. Selective blinking to see which effect is needed at the moment.

Auramancer / Cartographer / Corpse Cur / Eternal Witness / Mnemonic Wall / Monk Idealist / Razor Hippogriff / Sanctum Gargoyle / Scrivener / Treasure Hunter

ETB retrievers which return specific things to everything.

Belfry Spirit / Benthicore / Captain of the Watch / Cloudgoat Ranger / Guardian of Cloverdell / Knight-Captain of Eos / Kozilek’s Predator / Springjack Shepherd

Creatures which have ETB trigger that produce multiple tokens

Body Double

ETB Clone on Creature in graveyard.

Carven Caryatid / Coiling Oracle / Elvish Visionary / Jungle Barrier / Masked Admirers / Mulldrifter / Regal Force / Sawtooth Loon / Skullmulcher / Wall of Blossoms / Wall of Omens / Wistful Selkie

ETB card draws.

Clever Impersonator / Clone / Mercurial Pretender / Phantasmal Image / Phyrexian Metamorph / Progenitor Mimic / Quicksilver Gargantuan / Sakashima the Impostor / Sakashima’s Student / Vesuvan Doppelganger /

ETB copy any Creature; or in some cases Artifact or nonLand permanent; with ETB trigger.

Deadwood Treefolk

ETB and LTB Creature retriever.

Diluvian Primordial / Luminate Primordial

Everyone favorite ETB Creatures when in multiplayer game. Diluvian steals Sorceries and Instants from opponents’ graveyards while Luminate Swords to Plowshare opponents’ Creature. It’s too bad the Green dude cannot join in the Bant party.

Dust Elemental / Stonecloaker / Stormfront Riders / Whitemane Lion

Bounce your Creatures for LTB triggers and recast them for ETB triggers. Stormfront Riders doubles as Solider tokens producer when your Creatures LTB.

Flickerwisp / Glimmerpoint Stag

ETB blink permanent. Good for resetting Planeswalkers to full loyalty counters.

Hornet Queen

ETB Insect tokens producer. The most annoying ultimate chump blockers squad which kills anything they block.

Indrik Stomphowler / Reclamation Sage

ETB Naturalize.

Karmic Guide

ETB reanimator.


LTB reanimator. Combo with other ETB to generate more benefits. Combo piece with Mirror Entity; Body Double; plus any other ETB trigger Creature.


The political ETB nonCreature permanents removal. Top MVP choice if able to play it.

Woodfall Primus

ETB nonCreature permanent removal. Persist for double duty. Blink also removes the -1/-1 counter from it to allow it to work forever.


In and Out

Roon of the Hidden Realm

Fighting the battle from the Secret Garden.

Roon has the theme of the blink play style written all over him. He is highly recommended to be the Commander for blink decks. As can be seen above, his color identity consist of a huge amount of control cards which benefits from his blink ability. There are also other cards within the color identity which gives ETB triggers to all your Creatures allowing you to gain an edge over your opponents; like Angelic Chorus which gives your Creatures ETB life gain or Aura Shards which gives your Creatures ETB Naturalize. Last but not least, Roon is himself a blink enabler. Granted the ability cannot target himself and he needs some form of protection, Roon is still a permanent blink source. Combine with other permanent blink sources; like Conjurer’s Closet & Mistmeadow Witch; it becomes fairly easy to continuously blink Creatures to get their ETB and LTB triggers.

What do you think of the blink Commander? Would you use him as your Commander or just a common Creature? Share with us in the comments below. And with that, we come to an end for Roon. We hope you had gain some ideas of how Roon can help with the blink style and do stay tune for more reviews of the Commanders from Commander 2013 to come. Till then.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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