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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Set Review Commander 2013 – Gahiji, Honored One

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Here where all the Big Guys Roam

Hi there my fellow EDH-ers and welcome to another review of the Commander 2013’s Commanders. Today we will be looking at one of the Commanders from the last allied colors of the Shards, Naya. Naya, one of the Shards of Alara is a mainly Green with its allied-colors White and Red. There is no existence of Blue and Black. Nature is blooming and there are gigantic Beasts there which the locals refer to as Gargantuan Beasts. These Beasts are worship by the local Elves. Other races include the Humans, Nacatl and Minotarus who stalk the canyons. Ajani was native from Naya. The main theme of Naya is its huge array of big Creatures. So much so that the Shard ability is one which looks out for you to have a Creature with power 5 or greater. There are several activated or trigger abilities which looks out for Creatures with power 5 or greater. Thus from this we can see how much Naya loves big Creatures. Today featured Commander is one such noble Beasts that could be included into the ranks of Naya Gargantuans even though he is not native there.


Naya Shard: Gahiji, Honored One

 Gahiji, Honored One 

Card Name: Gahiji, Honored One


Types: Legendary Creature – Beast

Card Text: Whenever a creature attacks on of your opponents or a planeswalker an opponent controls, that creature gets +2/+0 until end of turn.

P/T: 4/4

On a first look at Gahiji, it is still 1 power short of falling into Naya’s “5 or greater” ability. It is however more in tune with the Temur’s Ferocious, which looks out for you to have Creatures with power 4 or greater. This will change though once you use Gahiji to attack your opponents or their Planeswalkers where Gahiji’s violent power boosting comes in. Gahiji instantly becomes a 6/4 when it does that and falls into the “5 or greater” range. This ability is a violent political tool which speed games up as it not only pumps your Creatures but also do it to other Creatures; as long as they are not attacking you. Gahiji is in fact similar to Edric, Spymaster of Trest. Both give some form of reward for your opponents to hit each other. Gahiji, being up to date to later design, also extends that power boost when your opponents attack your opponents’ Planeswalkers. This pushes the game faster with all the attacking power pumps.


Attack On Opponents

Avatar of Slaughter

“When I’m here, you fight first and talk later.”

Gahiji on the battlefield is like opening a bounty on your opponents and their Planeswalkers. Like Edric before, everyone gets pumps up as long as they are not attacking you. Similar to Edric, Gahiji also is the political tool that diverts attack away from you. The power pumps can be use as bargain for you to get opponents to not attack you. The game is definitely going to accelerate when Gahiji hits the battlefield. If you like to end games fast then Gahiji is a very good add to the deck. You can even force your opponents’ Creatures to attack with the below ways should they not want to.


Aggravate / Boiling Blood / Incite / Incite War / Into the Fray Spells which force attacks. Require recursion to reuse.
Angel’s Trumpet Gives all Creature Vigilance. Punishes players who did not attack with their Creatures.
Arcum’s Whistle Basically an Artifact which taxes the active player to pay for the cc of a Creature he or she controlled since the beginning of the turn. If he or she does not, the Creature must attack or get destroy at the end turn.
Avatar of Slaughter Speeds the game up even more by giving everyone Double Strike and forcing them to attack each turn if able.
Basandra, Battle Seraph R: Force target Creature to attack this turn if able.
Bullwhip 2, T: Deals 1 damage to target Creature and force it to attack this turn if able.
Curse of the Nightly Hunt Forces enchanted player’s Creatures to attack your opponents each turn if able.
Fumiko the Lowblood Forces opponents’ Creatures to attack each turn if able.
Grand Melee Force all to attack and block each turn if able.
Goblin Diplomats T: Force each to attack this turn if able.
Magnetic Web Set up force attacks and blocks.
Rage Nimbus Defender, Flying
1R: Force target Creature to attack this turn if able.
Warmonger Hellkite Flying
Forces all Creatures to attack each turn if able.
1R: Pumps +1/+0 to all attacking Creatures till end of turn.


Norn's Annex

The War can go on outside.

Although the power boosts may not be active if opponents are attacking you, it can get quite annoying if you adopt the above strategy to force them to attack each other. There might one or two rogue attacks aim at you to take out you, the chaos creator of the table. In this regard, these below cards are recommended to prevent that from happening. Furthermore these cards are also good ways to protect yourself from being attack even in other decks.


Archangel of Tithes Tax opponents for 1 each attacker attacking you or your planeswalkers while untapped; tax opponents for blocking your attackers for 1 each blockers when it is attacking.
Elephant Grass Cumulative Upkeep 1.
Anti-Black attackers on you and tax 2 for nonBlack attackers. Prototype of Propaganda.
Ghostly Prison Tax 2 for each attackers attacking you. The White Propaganda.
Norn’s Annex Tax Phyrexian W for each attackers attacking you. The Phyrexian Ghostly Prison.
Sphere of Safety Tax X, X which increases with more Enchantments you control, for each attacker attacking you or your planeswalkers.
Windborn Muse The Ghostly Prison with legs and wings.




Gahiji, Honored One

“You can get my blessing, as long as you don’t attack my Master.”

All in all, Gahiji’s strategy is all about attacking. Instigating everyone to attack everyone else is the main game plan with Gahiji. Gahiji might not be so recommended as a Commander if it was only duel color. But due to it being a Naya Beast, it opens a lot of more choices for the deck and makes it quite a good Commander. Gahiji can actually divert the combat heat away from you through its offering of power boosts to your opponents’ attacking Creatures as long as they are not attacking you; giving you the political leverage to stay in the game. Who would mind free things? Gahiji is not one of those Creatures or Commander that one could just stuff into a deck and play. It is more of those build around Commander where you make full use of its power boosts as long as they don’t attack you. If you would like to have a little bit of chaos at your table, then Gahiji is the Commander of choice. After all it is quite a bargain to tell an opponent to attack someone else when you offer a +2/+0 to all their attackers if they do.


What do you think of the war instigator? Are there any other ways you would use it? Share with us what you think in the comments below. We shall end it here for now. Do stay tune for more reviews of the Commanders from Commander 2013 to come. Until then.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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