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Conspiracy Theory – Recruited Rebellion

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World of Potential

If you have been following our series of articles on the Conspiracy set, you would by now know that the setting of Fiora is a place when the people are constantly looking for an opportunities to gain the upper hand. It happened once when the lower class were oppressed too long and they rose to take down the nobility. Then there is Marchesa, the Black Rose who plot against the High Court killing those who stands in her political war. One thing for sure, for any rebellion to happen, manpower is needed. For the final two Commanders introduced in the Conspiracy set, they are experts at recruiting people for their causes. These two are none other than Grenzo, Dungeon Warden; and Muzzio, Visionary Architect; two individuals, like the two sides of a coin, each operating opposite differently for their goals.


“Come Join my Side.”

Grenzo is the scheming Goblin dungeon warden in the High City. He is considerably huge for a Goblin with his huge frame but always walks hunched over and clutching a staff. Unlike the other political players of the High City, Grenzo had created his network of power with his knowledge of the elaborate labyrinth of sewers and drains that riddle the city. Due to his huge underground network, he has the key to every lock and a blade for every job but not a shred of conscience to go with either. He would kill or blackmail for his goals with the huge amount of Mercenary killers and spies that he had gathered who will do his bidding for him; dispatching his problems and sourcing for opportunities to blackmail.

Backup Plan

“You got a door, I got the key.”


Muzzio on the other hand, operates above the dungeons in the city among the main players vying for control of the city. He was the former pupil of the Goblin Artificer Daretti, and was suspected of killing his teacher. Other rumors say that he is an agent of the Black Rose, or he is still the patron of the dropout, Sydri. Either way, Muzzio wishes to gain power so he can create his ultimate masterwork; a clockwork society comprised of an elite citizenry of scholars and mages overseeing an order of architectural perfection; protected by an army of mechanized Warriors. As the pupil of Daretti, Muzzio is also no less skilled Artificer himself as well. Every Construct build in Paliano is of his design or a copy of it. However within each of these constructs is a series of needles that transcribes all that they hear onto wax cylinders; giving him ears everywhere in the City.

Muzzio's Preparations

Ears on all Sides


Muzzio’s ruthlessness in achieving his goals can be seen during the time when he tried to become Vice chancellor of the Academy at High Paliano; a position which would have given him the autonomy and power needed to move his plan into the next phase. Back then, he would have eventually and gradually gotten the position if not for the death and subsequent ascension of Brago which caused the Board of Senior Advisors to vote more cautiously. Not giving up, Muzzio used his automations to gather information and perform administrative alternations in official records to blackmail and removed three senior advisors of the board to finally become vice chancellor.


Although seemingly unbothered by each other since both operate in different regions of the High City, Grenzo was unsatisfied with Muzzio’s Artifact Creatures being all over the city and had plans to get rid of them from Paliano. In a bid to kill Muzzio, Grenzo released Selvala, who was threw into prison after she had killed king Brago, to do his bidding. This plan however backfired when she betrayed him instead and released Muzzio’s Constructs into Greno’s tunnels.

Secret Summoning

There is only so many space for so many crawling around.


Prison Break

As the dungeon warden, Grenzo has the keys to the locks of the dungeons and had used those to recruit his help to do his bidding. Now before we go further on about the dungeon master, let’s have a look at his stats.

Card Name: Grenzo, Dungeon Warden


Types: Legendary Creature – Goblin Rogue

Card Text: Grenzo, Dungeon Warden enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

2: Put the bottom card of your library into your graveyard. If it’s a creature card with power less than or equal to Grenzo’s power, put it onto the battlefield.

P/T: 2/2

Grenzo’s design is very flavorful in how he recruits people from the dungeons. Although very random, any Creatures which he does recruits are very similar to him releasing prisoners from the dungeons. These prisoners would be usually very beaten up or weak, thus would be eager to accept his offer of freedom and doing his bidding. This is, in my point of view, why Grenzo can only recruit Creatures with power lesser or equal to his.


By default, Grenzo is a very good Goblin Commander as most Goblins are within his power range if you do not pay for the X. One may think that Grenzo is an expensive Commander as they need to pay X in order for Grenzo to be big enough to effective recruit Creatures from the bottom of the library. Truth be told, it is not that difficult after all. Grenzo recruitment ability only looks at his power and he is a Black Red Goblin. There are many ways to pump up Black and Red Goblin Creature; like Ashenmoor Liege; Bad Moon; Caged Sun; Death Pit Offering; Dralnu’s Crusade; Gauntlet of Might; Gauntlet of Power; Goblin Chieftain; Goblin King; Mad Auntie; just to name a few. Also by default, Grenzo also uses +1/+1 counters as his main means to get bigger. There are also ways to increase the number of those +1/+1 counters on him; like Proliferate or simply putting it on with cards like Dragon Blood.


With the recruitment requirement settled, the next problem would be the bottom of the library. Is there any Creature there in the first place? Due to it being from the bottom of the library, there is a small degree of randomness here. Library top manipulation is common but bottom is not. The best way to ensure it is probably through Scry where you could put the Creature to the bottom of the library. There are other ways but most of them are not in Grenzo’s color identity and playing them would mean to use Grenzo as a common Creature. There are also some library top manipulation which let you put cards to the bottom but most of them is in other colors. Bottom line, Grenzo is very random to use and reminds me a lot of Cellar Door which mills your library bottom and gives you a Zombie token if you milled a Creature from there. If all else fail, Grenzo with his +1/+1 counters can just be use as a beat stix. Also Grenzo recruitment ability does not require him to tap, you can just keep pumping in mana to try your luck at the end of opponents’ turns.


Ears in Every Corner

Going above ground and into the main City, we have Muzzio the other scheming power players of the High City. As mentioned earlier, Muzzio uses his Artifacts to gain intelligence of his peers and enemies thus Artifact is a big part of him. Below is the stats of the visionary architect.

Card Name: Muzzio, Visionary Architect


Types: Legendary Creature – Human Artificer

Card Text: 3U, T: Look at the top X cards of your library, where X is the highest converted mana cost among artifacts you control. You may reveal an artifact card from among them and put it onto the battlefield. Put the rest on the bottom of the library in any order

P/T: 1/3

Artifact is the main game plan of Muzzio. As can be seen, a large of part of his ability depends on the Artifacts you control. Artifacts are an easy integration to any decks since they are colorless. Unlike Grenzo, Muzzio recruits Artifacts to your ranks instead of just Creatures. He digs into your library for that recruit; the higher the cc among your Artifacts, the deeper he digs into your library. This is actually a very powerful ability even though it can be random at times. The power lies in the fact that Muzzio can skips the high cc of Artifacts should you hit them while using his ability. Like domino blocks, those high cc Artifacts he brought onto the battlefield will then allow him to dig deeper into the library for more Artifacts. This way of cheating in Artifacts reminds me of Arcum Dagsson, another Artificer who also cheats Artifacts in only Arcum requires sacrificing of Artifact Creatures to tutor for nonCreature Artifacts instead; and does not require any mana to activate his ability.


By comparison, Muzzio is a bit more versatile with the added mana to his ability activation. An easy method for power balance of cards are usually done with the cc. Some Artifacts have very powerful abilities but also come with a hefty cc to them. Muzzio skips all that should you hit the Artifact when you use his ability. And the fun starts there once you had cheated the first high cc Artifact in for it will provide the high cc needed for Muzzio to dig deeper into the library. With the right build, Muzzio will have a high chance to hit an Artifact every time you use his ability. If randomness is not your cup of tea, then look no further as there is library manipulation to ensure the library top has an Artifact which Muzzio can bring onto the battlefield. There are Soothsaying to manipulate the library top and Scroll Rack to put any Artifact from your hand back to the library top just to name a few.


Join the Cause

In conclusion, although Grenzo does has a good recruitment ability, I would not recommend him that much as a Commander. There is generally too much preparation just to recruit a Creature from the bottom of the library. Furthermore if one is looking for a Goblin Commander then Wort, Boggart Auntie is a lot more suitable than Grenzo strictly for her retriever upkeep trigger. Being able to restock in EDH is a valuable ability not to be overlook. Grenzo will make a good common Creature in the deck rather than as the Commander.

Grenzo, Dungeon Warden

“You can either die here or let me release you to help me and die else where.”


It is very clear that Muzzio is an Artifact Commander for his ability requires many Artifacts in the deck to truly works; otherwise it would become pointless when you keep hitting no Artifacts with Muzzio. Having said that, I feel that Muzzio is a better support in an Artifact like Sharuum the Hegemon or Sydri, Galvanic Genius; where more colors can be used for the deck. Muzzio’s ability is very high profile and makes him a prime target whenever he hits the battlefield. This happened whenever I casted Arcum Dagsson and everyone just takes him out before the turn comes back to me. One interesting way to use Muzzio as a Commander is to use him to assemble the combos Artifacts. This can also be done with Arcum. There are some Artifacts which are an auto win once you assembled the combo pieces. Muzzio, or Arcum, is the best at doing it, so if you really want to get together a Muzzio deck then this is the kind of deck to use. One such combo is Blasting Station; Grinding Station; Salvaging Station; Summoning Station. Or if you one who like to impress your play group, then perhaps you like to assemble the Empires Artifacts; Crown of Empires; Scepter of Empires; Throne of Empires; just for the kick of it. Or call for Kaldra with Helm of Kaldra; Shield of Kaldra; Sword of Kaldra to bash the enemies.

Muzzio, Visionary Architect

The War becomes easier when you know where to strike.


What do you think of the two recruiters? Would you use them as your Commander or just a support Creature to your deck? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below. And so with that, we will conclude it here for the Conspiracy set. We hope you had enjoyed reading the series of articles as much as we had writing them. Till we meet again in the next article, may the power ever be in your hands.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.



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