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Commander Review: Khans of Tarkir – Temur Frontier

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Hi there fellow EDH-ers and welcome to the last clan of the Tarkir Commander review. Today we are looking at the Wedge color combination of Green as focus color with Red against Blue. The clan is called Temur Frontier who admires the ancient Dragons’ aspect of savagery. Their clan symbol is the claw of the Dragon.


Frontier Savages

Temur Ascendancy

The Cold doesn’t bother me anyway.

The Temur Frontier, or more commonly referred as Temur, are rugged survivors that live in the harsh arctic environments of Tarkir. They are very instrumental with their surrounding and had constructed many of their structures out of the bones of the ancient Dragons. Embracing the aspect of savagery of the Dragons, the Temur are often forced to fight as feral animals would, doing anything to survive in the harsh environment they called home. The clan is also shamanistic in their way of life as their basis of design is loosely based on the similar shamanistic Siberian culture. Their Shamans are called Whisperers who see visions and live in hermetic existence recording the clan history in their caves. One among the shamans will be selected as the clan advisor who would travel with the leader instead of living in solitary meditation, to guide the clan along the best path. This person, called the One Who Whispers Twice (once to the Spirits and once to the Dragonclaw) will provides military intelligence, best grounds for hunting and raiding, and leads the summoning of ancestral troops in times of great need. The Temur are hardy people due to their living environments, hunting most of the year in the inhospitable Qal Sisma Mountains. That is why the clan mechanic is fittingly called Ferocious, an ability which gives the players an advantage if they control a Creature with power 4 or greater; a fitting ability to their savagery nature.

Shamanic Revelation

“Listen to me…….”





Savage Punch

One Punch One Kill

The title of Dragonclaw is what the Temur called their Khan. The title could be related to the weapon, a staff with a Dragon claw on each end, which each Khan holds and passed down the generations to the next Khan. The current Khan then was a man called Surrak. He was chosen as Khan due to his past where he bested a mighty Bear in a single combat by simply punching it. After which he repel Sultai interlopers with the help of said Bear where it was hit by an arrow coated in poison, forcing Surrak to euthanize it and wore its skin as a coat afterwards. Before we move on, let’s have a look at the stats of the Ferocious Temur Khan


 Surrak Dragonclaw

Card Name: Surrak Dragonclaw


Types: Legendary Creature – Human Warrior

Card Text: Flash

Surrak Dragonclaw can’t be countered.

Creature spells you control can’t be countered.

Other creatures you control have trample.

P/T: 6/6

As with the other Khans, Surrak also helps his clan a lot. The clan mechanic requires a Creature with power 4 or greater to work and Surrak has power 6 to support that. He is also conveniently uncounterable to ensure he hits the battlefield without being countered in the process. And if that is not good enough, he also extends that uncounterablity to your other Creatures making all your Creature spells uncounterable. Surrak is also very good to give other Creatures on your side have Trample. Some Creatures in MtG has very high power but no Trample. This makes them rather useless as a small Creature can just block that Creature and stop all the damage. Last but not least, Surrak has Flash which is a very powerful ability in my opinion because it gives you a surprise blocker or simply opens up your mana during your turn as you cast Surrak at opponent’s end step.

Zhur-Taa Ancient

“Leaves more room for the big ones to fight in, you know.”


Beatdown Gang

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

“Ya need a hand? Or two head?”

Temur is all about having the big Creatures. The clan mechanic needs you to have one. So if you cannot cast one then it becomes useless with the clan mechanic. This is why in my opinion Surrak is among the Khans the one who looks after his clan the most. He supports Ferocious all by himself; ensure the beatdown Creatures get cast without being countered; makes sure combat damage get through as much as possible by giving the clan members Trample; and even doubles as a surprise blocker when needed. With Surrak abilities and color identity, an all Creature deck is made possible. Another Commander which I had personally seen before which is possible to make an all Creature deck was Ruric Thar, the Unbowed who makes casting nonCreature spells with him around generally not a good deal. Conveniently Ruric Thar just so happen to be within Surrak color identity so he can go into Surrak clan. Looking into the colors there are many Creatures with ETB triggers which can be the spells of the deck at the same time doubling as the Creature of the deck. All of them combine with Surrak becomes uncounterable meaning you have uncounterable walking spells. Below are some examples of such Creatures which you may consider using.


Æther Adept / Hoverguard Sweepers / Kiri-Onna / Man-o’-War / Stingscourger / Sun Ce, Young Conquerer / Surrakar Banisher Bounce a Creature threat.
Æthersnipe / Riftwing Cloudskate Bounce a permanent threat.
Arctic Wolves / Carven Caryatid / Council of Advisors / Dormant Sliver / Elvish Visionary / Haru-Onna / Jungle Barrier / Kavu Climber / Masked Admirers / Mulldrifter / Multani’s Acolyte / Regal Force / Skullmulcher / Striped Bears / Wall of Blossoms / Wistful Selkie Card draw.
Aven Fogbringer / Glowing Anemone Bounce a Land threat.
Acidic Slime Everyone all-time favorite all-purpose threat removal.
Arashi, the Sky Asunder / Cloudthresher / Deadshot Minotaur / Hammerheim Deadeye Anti-air.
Avalanche Riders / Faultgrinder / Goblin Settler / Ogre Arsonist / Ravaging Horde / Ravenous Baboons Land destroyers.
Bane of Progress / Conclave Naturalist / Harmonic Sliver / Indrik Stomphowler / Reclamation Sage Naturalize with legs.
Body Double / Clever Impersonator / Clone / Dack’s Duplicate / Mercurial Pretender / Phantasmal Image / Phyrexian Metamorph / Progenitor Mimic / Quicksilver Gargantuan / Sakashima the Impostor / Vesuvan Doppelganger The Clone gang.
Borderland Ranger / Civic Wayfinder / Farhaven Elf / Ondu Giant / Pilgrim’s Eye / Quirion Trailblazer / Silverglade Elemental / Solemn Simulacrum / Sylvan Ranger / Treefolk Harbinger / Wood Elves / Yavimaya Dryad / Yavimaya Granger The Land rampers. These are the guys who will ramp your mana for you to cast more or bigger guys.
Cartographer / Eternal Witness / Tilling Treefolk Retrievers.
Draining Whelk / Mystic Snake / Silumgar Sorcerer / Voidmage Husher Counterspells with legs.
Fanatic of Xenagos / Flame-Wreathed Phoenix / Nessian Demolok / Nessian Wilds Ravager / Pharagax Giant / Siren of the Fanged Coast / Snake of the Golden Grove / Thunder Brute Tribute Creatures. Situational beat stix when Tribute is not paid.
Fierce Empath Almost a nigh all-purpose tutor if you went for the all Creature route. Tutor mainly for 6cc Creatures.
Gilded Drake / Perplexing Chimera / Spawnbroker / Vedalken Plotter Neutralize threat by exchanging control.
Ingot Chewer / Keldon Vandal / Manic Vandal / Oxidda Scrapmelter / Uktabi Orangutan / Viridian Shaman / Vithian Renegades / Yuki-Onna Artifact destroyer.
Stern Proctor Bounce Artifact or Enchantment threat.
Terastodon / Woodfall Primus All round nonCreature threat destroyer.
Venser, Shaper Savant Bounce a spell or permanent.



Number One Threat Remover


Although it may not be a must, if there is a need to recast any of the above Creatures you can also use a group of Creatures to bounce the Creatures. All these Creatures have an upkeep of requiring you to bounce a same color Creature you control at the beginning of your upkeep. This allows you to recast the Creatures again for their ETB triggers. The group of Creatures consist of Cache Raiders; Trusted Advisor; Oni of Wild Places; Stampeding Serow; Stampeding Wildebeests; all within Surrak color identity.


Monster Ranch

Surrak Dragonclaw

“You want some? Come get it!!!!”

In summary, I like how an all Creatures deck can be built with Surrak. Since his ability make all your Creature spells uncounterable, that practically means all your spells are uncounterable. If you throw in a tag-team like Ruric Thar, the Unbowed & Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, you just might become the public enemy of the play group. With things built up even more, I could think of using Seedborn Muse & Prophet of Kruphix to untap your stuff and react to anything your opponents try to throw at you. Those are just some possible recommendations that can make for a Surrak deck. Personally I like how the Temur color combination consists many of MtG cheapest bad ass Monsters (Ember Swallower; Polukranos, World Eater; Stormbreath Dragon; Thunderbreak Regent; Thundermaw Hellkite) which have low cc and powerful stats. They all made an impact in normal variant and I believe would also do the same in EDH. Going even further, even the Gods available (Keranos, God of Storms; Kruphix, God of Horizons; Nylea, God of the Hunt; Purphoros, God of the Forge; Thassa, God of the Sea; Xenagos, God of Revels) are a powerful selection of powerhouses.


What do you think of the Temur Khan? Is the Dragonclaw fitting to be your Commander? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below. And with the last Khan done, we have come to the end for the Commander Review of Khans of Tarkir. We hope you have enjoyed the series of articles and gained some ideas to build some new decks. Here’s hoping to see you again in our next article. Thus till then.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.




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