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EDH Banned List January 2016

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“Yes…. It was a long year…”

Entering the year of 2016, let’s look back summarizing at the various EDH rules update and banning for 2015. One such rule changed was back in March 2015, which we believed every fellow EDH-ers out there are now already very much aware and playing it or even abusing it. That rule we are talking about here is in regard to how “tuck” works for Commanders. Tucking in MtG is a mean of removal by putting the target card on the bottom or shuffling it into the owner’s library. The main change here is that now you are able to choose to put your Commander into the Command Zone when it go into your library and hand as well, further establishing the Commander unique status in the game. Although this may lead to players abusing their Commanders, it was established by the committee that it would allow games where players’ Commanders are made unavailable to them when it is tucked away. A more detailed explaination can be seen here .

The only way to get rid of an annoying Commander....

The only way to get rid of an annoying Commander….


Other notable rules were the clarification in regard to the Magic Origins 5 Double-faced Legendary Creatures. The point to take note about them is that they are Commander even when their Planeswalker side is face up and they can still return to the Commander Zone even when they died as a Planeswalker; though they return to the Command Zone with the Legendary side face up. There were not much banning for the rest of year thereafter.

We all begin somewhere.

We all begin somewhere.


Moving into Jan 2016, the committee made quite a major announcement. This time round there are more changes bring us to today article where we shall talk a bit about the changes and a new banned list.



Rules Change:

Basically there are two rules changes:

  • Commander-specific mulligan rules are removed
  • Rule 4 (Mana Generation Restriction) is removed

What does it means for the above rules being removed you may ask? What does it all means now for us EDH-ers?


Jayemdae Tome

“Not a nice hand? Turn the page then.”


Going first on the list, most of us had been using the “Partial Paris” so far for EDH mulligans. That is now no more reasoning to let the game flow faster. This is in step with latest update of the Vancouver Mulligan in normal variant. Basically the EDH mulligan will adopt the same method as the Vancouver Mulligan with the first one free in Multiplayer. Players will Scry 1 when they go below 6 or fewer cards starting hand. That means that for example if you will keep on mulligan-ing, your hand size will go 7-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 and a Scry 1 if you have less than 7 cards with your starting hand.


Rule 4 is kind of a flavor rule to EDH. Its impact is not too big on the game and was preserve over the years. Basically recapping on it, it means that mana sources (Lands; Mana Rocks; Creatures; etc) can only produce color mana which is of your Command color identity. City of Brass or Vivid Lands in a Blue, Black and Green Commander can only produce UBG mana. If you happened to get hold of a Plains, that Plains can only produce Colorless mana. Due to the recent introduction of Colorless mana from Oath of Gatewatch. Rule 4 becomes a loophole for casting Colorless spells. To avoid this without losing flavor of the game, the committee has come to the conclusion to remove Rule 4 from the game. This opens up some possibilities in the game which was previously not available. Examples are Sunburst and Converge cards can now be used to full effect even in mono color EDH decks; Praetor’s Grasp no longer need a 5 colored deck to work; Sen Triplets works more like we all expect them to be. All the examples work better as long as you are able to find the way to get the right mana to work them.

Kozilek, the Great Distortion (Jamie Jones)

Arrival of the Colorless.


Personally I feel that the above rules update didn’t really shake the whole game up. It actually makes it easier for players to learn the game especially when they already know the normal variant and not be caught in moments where they get the rules mixed up or confused. A good job on part of the committee for making the game easier to understand to new players.


Bad News:

New Banned card:

You had read it at the beginning, there is a new banned list. As the bad news of the article, adding to the banned list we have the Prophet of Kruphix.


The committee had discussed long with the Prophet citing that it is not one of those traditionally obvious problem for Commander thus they had only observe and see how the players would adapt to it. Many cards had generated outcry and hype but were handled well as time pass.


This didn’t worked with Prophet. The reasoning is with its abilities.

Prophet of Kruphix

UG decks usually has some method of mana ramp in them and the Prophet does it well. Combining the Prophet with her God is insane; your mana is stored over the turns and you only worried about the color mana of your spells when you cast them.

Kruphix, God of Horizons

“Mana. Lots of Mana.”


Another reasoning which the Prophet was warranted a ban was it giving your Creature spells Flash. Take for example the infamous Consecrated Sphinx. Without the Prophet, it would be a challenge to keep the Sphinx on the battlefield after you spent a lot of mana to cast it as the turn goes around the table back to your turn. Many times it would not even survive pass the first opponent turn as he or she would just get rid of it. That totally changes with the Prophet as you can Flash in the Sphinx at the end of opponent’s turn and has all the mana to protect it during your turn to protect it.


That moment when you thought that it was not dangerous. And you were wrong.


Furthermore the Prophet also untap your Lands and Creatures during opponents’ turns giving you accesses to mana to protect yourself and your stuff. Prophet gives virtual protection for your stuff and negates all the disadvantages of huge mana spells. Thus with the Prophet beginning to drive how UG decks are going to be instead of the other way round the committee decided that it is time it take a break for now.


Something Gone, Something Back?

Prophet of Kruphix

“It was all good times. Till we meet again.”

Every time a card is added to the banned list, the committee will try to get something off the list and it was no difference this time round. However things were not too good this time, and after thoroughly checking through the list, the committee had come to the painful conclusion that nothing can be unbanned this time round and thus we have below list.


 As more cards are being printed and added to MtG, it is inevitable that changes will need to be done to EDH. It is a good thing that the committee always analyses deeply into every changes in the game to make it easy to learn and play for new players without losing the flavor of the game. Personally I think it was another good effort on the committee for the new rules update. With the latest Jan 2016 rules update, new players who just joined over from normal variant will able to play the game easily without much difficulties. Of course not all is good news as we add another card to the banned list. Losing Prophet was truly a bad news for many who had harness its powers with great effects for their decks. But for the greater good of the game, it would have to leave us for now. With everything pretty much said for the latest update, we shall be ending it off here for now. Till we meet again.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off,



20 Responses to “EDH Banned List January 2016”
  1. mtg101 says:

    Hey please ban faiths reward because it’s #!@# over powered plz no more i cri evry tim 😢

    • Edward says:

      Hi mtg101,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the article. Guess you might had a lot of pain coming from Faith’s Reward. But it’s not really up to us to decide what is to be banned. We are only reviewing here the Ban List as it changes.

      Hope your wish will come true in the next commitee meeting for Ban List Review.


  2. roger says:

    what a bad decision…

    There is a lot of cards who can easily get rid of kruphix…

    Where can I start…go for the throat, damnation, Lightning bolt, sword to plowshare, path to exile, control magic, beast within, supreme verdict… do I really have to continue…

    If you really wanna banned this kind of card…What about seedborn muse…

    And tell me MTG experts, how in the world can you manage a MIND TWIST without a playing blue !!

    That is the kind of card who should be banned….

    • Edward says:

      Hi Roger,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. First of all, we are only writing a review on the ban list and are not the person who decide it.

      I think that as easily as the Prophet is easily killed, the people deciding the banning are looking at it in a multiplayer game. The real deal with Prophet might had been her ability to allow Creatures to have Flash. That makes it a lot more powerful than Seedborn Muse. Imagine everyone having to throw their resources at the Prophet every time it hits the battlefield. I believe that was how they decided she should be banned.

      But if you are looking at EDH in a 1v1, that will be an entirely different ball game then.

      Regardless, Thank you for reading our article and have a nice day

      Cheers Man. 😀

      • Tyler A Gehring says:

        No the reason she was banned is she combined 2 key green creatures into one neat package, she was Seedborn Muse plus Yeva, Nature’s Herald. Mind you she was also the exact same cost as Seedborn Mus, and 1 more than yeva. So it was like just a huge value train. Although WHY ISN’T MIND OVER MATTER BANNED, if any card just get’s played and then you win on the spot it’s this card. As honestly losing prophet wasn’t that huge a deal it was like a cheaper way to play Yeva and Seedborn as both cost a pretty penny over the easier to come by Prophet. Yes it sucks she is gone but honestly I looked at it was like of all things you could ban this is your choice, not cards like contamination or Mind Over look I went infinite. Poor choice poor choice indeed.

        • Edward says:

          I agreed with your points.

          In regards to mind over matter, I presume the committee is not banning it because of how it requires discarding card to use. Prophet by herself generates more benefits each turn, whereas mind over matter is usually a one turn kind of thing.

          Just my 2 cents thought

          Cheers 😀

  3. Mike says:

    Narset needs to be banned as a commander.

    • Edward says:

      Hi there Mike,

      Thanks for reading our review.

      The “banned as commander” rule had been removed by the committee long ago. So now it’s either banned or not. We are not of the committee, so we hope your wish will come true one day.

      Cheers man 😀

  4. Zeyl says:

    Thanks for this well-written article.
    Makes Commander so much easier for beginners like me.

  5. Austin says:

    Did they unban derevi, empyrial tacitcian

    • Edward says:

      Hi Austin,

      Thank you for reading our review. Our review is based more on the Multi-player mode of EDH. As far as we know, Derevi doesn’t seems to be on the banned list. Below is the link for your reference. Hope that help clear your doubts.


      Cheers 😀

  6. Chris says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the committee would look into banning Iona, Shield of Emeria as that card is more or less an instant win against mono colored decks besides blue in some circumstances.

    • Edward says:

      Hi there Chris,

      Thank you for reading our article. We are just another fellow EDH player who are writing articles and reviews on EDH. We are actually not the committee. But if it is a real problem the committee will look into it and issue a banning if deem necessary.

      Cheers man 😀

  7. Diego Solarte says:

    A simple question. Can I play in EDH format the conspiracy card Sovereign’s Realm?

    • Edward says:

      Hi Diego,

      I think that would depends on your playgroup whether they allow that to be play; and how it would be played. We did have an article on the old Conspiracy suggesting ways to play the Conspiracies in EDH. Maybe you could have a read and have an idea as to how to go along with it.


      Hope that answer your question.


      • Tyler A Gehring says:

        @ Diego
        Remember EDH is a casual format, so anything your play group wants to do do it. If the card is banned but your group doesn’t care play it anyway. Though if your looking for official EDH rules no as it’s a conspiracy and their is not slot for conspiracy card’s in edh. Now that being said again if your play group wants to allow conspiracies into the game then that is a group by group basis. So just assume you can’t unless you have asked your group ahead of time as conspiracy cards as of yet are only allowed in conspiracy drafts. Hope this helps.

  8. poki808 says:

    I think they should banned Tree of Perdition. I think its an little o.p.

    • Edward says:

      Hi poki808,

      Thank you for your comment. Was there many instances of your play group with people losing to the Tree? It is quite rare in my play group so I do not know the full extent of its power.

      I think the committee don’t see it valid for a ban (maybe not yet) as it still needs to be cast and tap to use its ability. Even with Haste that will only take down one opponent only. In that case it might be over power for French EDH (1v1) format. But that format uses another ban list different from this one.

      If it is over power, I’m sure it will not escape the committee’s radar.



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