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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Fate Reforged – Abzan Ideals

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Abzan Ascendancy

Survive Together.

Hello fellow EDH-ers and welcome back to another article of the past of Tarkir. For today article we are going to talk about the origin of the ideals for the Abzan clan. Back in the set Khans of Tarkir, we came to know that the Abzan admires the Dragon’s aspect of endurance. Embracing that aspect and leading the brood of Dragons who have the highest endurance among all the Dragons is the Dragon leader known as Dromoka.


The Eternal

Sunscorch Regent

Desert Home to those Who Endured.

Dragons drawn to the hot and sunlit deserts of the Abzan main operation areas are covered with tough scales that protect them from most clan weapons and magic; an aspect of strong endurance which the Abzan admires. Leading this brood of Dragons is the robust and ankylosaur-like beast, Dromoka. She is well protected by scaly armor and is able to breathe searing beams of light. Although a patient and merciful leader, she does not hesitate to unleash her breath weapon to obliterate those who dare stand against her.


Originally upon Ugin’s death, the Dragonstorm will stop and without new Dragons being created, Dromoka and her brood will eventually die out and the Abzan will thrived on to rule the deserts.

Dragon Tempest

Birthplace of Doom.


However due to Sarkhan’s intervene, the Dragonstorm intensified and Dromoka and her brood thrived. Their citadel siege intensified and Daghatar, the Abzan then khan, decided to meet with Dromoka when he was summoned by her. Upon realizing Dromoka and her brood had been massacring his people over their “necromantic” ways, viewing their summoning of the Spirits of the ancestors as an affront to nature and life, Daghatar hoping to save his people from being obliterated ordered the end of the clan kin-tree traditions and install a pact with Dromoka. This would lead to the rise of rebellion groups calling themselves the “True” Abzan led by a woman called Reyhan in hopes of overthrowing the Dragon’s rule and regaining the clan status. However her efforts did not come to fruition as she was later killed at the Khanfall. From then on, the Abzan would go on to lose their clan identity and the remaining “True” Abzan had to go on with their traditions in secrecy still in hopes of overthrowing the Dragons and revive their clan one day.

Citadel Siege

Brutal Denial.


Brief history of the origin of the Abzan ideal aside, let us have a look at the Formidable Dragon leader’s stats.


 Dromoka, the Eternal

Card Name: Dromoka, the Eternal


Types: Legendary Creature – Dragon

Card Text: Flying

Whenever a Dragon you control attacks, bolster 2.

P/T: 5/5

A brief recap on Bolster X, it is the clan ability of the Abzan which let you put X number of +1/+1 counters on the Creature with the least toughness when activated. From this it can see as how Dromoka shares the same ideal with the Abzan clan in the ways of endurance since both also uses Bolster X. Dromoka spells Tribal with her attack trigger, giving all your attacking Dragons an attack trigger of Bolster 2. The ability will still work without Dragon Tribal but truly shines when you have a lot of Dragons attacking as it can really throw defending players math off with all the Bolster triggers. Even without using a full Dragon Tribal theme with Dromoka, she is still a force to be reckon with. If she is the only Creature on your battlefield when attacking, she is effectively a Flying 7/7 for just 5cc when she attacks since she will be the only target and thus the one you control with the least toughness. Talk about a Flying tank like powerhouse.


No Weak in the Brood

Battlefront Krushok

Walking Fortress.

Unlike the khans of Abzan clan, Dromoka lacks Black in her color identity thus she does not has cards of the color to deal with +1/+1 counters. The kind of things which can benefit from Dromoka Bolster attack trigger are mostly similar to Anafenza and Daghatar since they all share the similar ideals of endurance. The +1/+1 counters theme can also be used with Dromoka as with the other two Khans. For easy reference, below are Creatures which give benefits to your Creatures for having +1/+1 counters on them or uses +1/+1 counters for other functions.

Abzan Battle Priest Gives Lifelink to all your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them.
Abzan Falconer Gives Flying to all your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them.
Ainok Bond-Kin Gives First Strike to all your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them.
Battlefront Krushok Your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them can’t be blocked by more than one Creature.
Bloodspore Thrinax Gives your other Creatures entering the battlefield with additional X +1/+1 counters where X is the number of +1/+1 counters on Bloodspore Thrinax.
Bramblewood Paragon / Crowned Ceratok / Tuskguard Captain Gives Trample to all your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them.
Cenn’s Tactician Let your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them able to block an additional Creature.
Etched Oracle / Mindless Automaton Creatures who convert +1/+1 counters into card draw. Help to refill +1/+1 counters on the Creatures.
Fertilid Use +1/+1 counters to tutor for basic Lands. Political tool.
Gyre Sage Produce more G as it get Bolster or Evolve.
Longshot Squad Gives Reach to all your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them.
Phantom Flock / Phantom Nantuko / Phantom Nishoba / Phantom Nomad / Phantom Tiger / Phantom Wurm Creatures who remove +1/+1 counters to prevent damage dealt to it. Help to refill +1/+1 counters on the Creatures.
Spike Breeder / Twilight Drover Creatures who convert +1/+1 counters into tokens. Help to refill +1/+1 counters on the Creatures.
Spike Feeder Uses +1/+1 counters to gain life. Help to refill its +1/+1 counters.


Mindless Automaton

Power Transfer.


Taking the attack trigger more seriously, you can also go full Dragon Tribal to better benefit from Dromoka. A full force of Dragons attacking with Dromoka on the battlefield can make even the smallest member of your attacking army become a huge force to be reckon with when combine with the above Creatures which give extra abilities to your Creatures with +1/+1 counter on them. One thing bad about the Dragon Tribal theme is that Dragons are generally high cc to cast and it takes up card slots to dedicate it for cost reducers. Below are some Dragons which you may consider to use in Dromoka color identity.

Arashin Sovereign

Eternal Defense.

Alabaster Dragon / Arashin Sovereign Dragons which go back to your library when they die.
Avian Changeling / Chameleon Colossus / Changeling Hero / Changeling Sentinel / Changeling Titan / Game-Trail Changeling / Woodland Changeling Extra lower and middle cc “Dragons” to fill the ranks. The filler to all Tribal themes.
Canopy Dragon / Henge Guardian / Pearl Dragon / Scion of Ugin / Teeka’s Dragon Basic Dragons to fill the ranks.
Clockwork Dragon Comes with its own +1/+1 counters and way to increase them.
Destructor Dragon NonCreature permanent threat removal when it dies.
Draco Biggest and highest cc Dragon available for all color identity.
Dragonlord Dromoka Upgraded Voltron-style Dromoka.
Enduring Scalelord Insane combo with the Bolster attack trigger.
Eternal Dragon Plains fetcher.
Foe-Razer Regent Kills opposing Creature by fighting it when the Regent enters the battlefield.
Herdchaser Dragon / Shieldhide Dragon Pumps your other Dragons when Megamorph up.
Jugan, the Rising Star Distribute five +1/+1 counters among any number of target Creatures when it dies.
Lotus Guardian Mana producer.
Mirror Entity Tribal Power fully opened. Changes your whole army into Dragons.
Steel Hellkite Spot mass removal through cc when it connects with opponents.
Sunscorch Regent Grows and gains you life as your opponents cast spells
Wardscale Dragon Stop spells from defending player when attacking.
Yosei, the Morning Star Lock and tapped down opponent for a turn when it dies.


Yosei, the Morning Star

A Dragon’s Dream.


The Flying Tank

Dromoka, the Eternal

Impenetrable Defense.

From my point of view, Dromoka is quite underwhelming as a Commander. The Bolster attack trigger is not a bad ability to say but requires a heavy Tribal Dragon theme to truly shine. The Dragons available within Dromoka’s color identity all have relatively high cc. Most of the time it would be only one to two Dragons (including Dromoka) that would be attacking. In that regard, I feel that Dromoka will do well more as a normal Creature rather than as a Commander.


What do you think of the origin of the Abzan ideal? Is she worthy as the Commander of your deck? How would you choose to use her in your deck? Share with us your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. We have come to the end for today article. Do stay tune for more upcoming Commander Review of Fate Reforged. Till our next article.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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