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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Commander Review: Fate Reforged – Sultai Ideals

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All in for the Cause Regardless of the Cost.

Hello my fellow EDH-ers and welcome to yet another article of the past of Tarkir. Today article will be talking about the origin of the ideals for the Sultai clan. Back in the introduction of the Sultai clan we know that the clan admires the Dragon’s ruthlessness. Dragons with this aspect are drawn to the Sultai region where they steal treasures and spread death everywhere they went. On the top of the herd and leading these Dragons then is a Dragon known as Silumgar who was among them the most ruthless and deadliest.


The Drifting Death

The misty jungles and swamps of Sultai region is the home to the Sultai and Silumgar’s Dragon brood. The Dragons were laid palace siege on the Sutltai to raid and steal the treasures from them and the Sultai were fight to protect their palace from the Dragons; a constant tug-o-war of fighting to gain back the treasures.

Palace Siege

Dynasty Fall.


All would had been that way until Ugin’s death. The Dragonstorm eventually stop and without new Dragons being created to replace the defeated ones, Silumgar and his brood will slowly killed off and the Sultai would went on to rule over the whole region. Silumgar met his death in the river Marang near the Molderfang Falls. Legend has it that he was killed by a young and cruel Sultai khan and the place became a holy site for the Sultai ever since.

Polluted Delta

Brood Lost.


Like the others, Sarkhan’s intervene with the past would also change the fate of Silumgar and his brood. The Dragonstorm intensified and instead of dying off Silumgar and his brood also thrived instead of perished. With the Dragon attacks intensifying all over Tarkir, the Humans had no way to survive long by their own and as a last resort, the then Jeskai khan arranged for a meeting with the other clan khans in hopes of finding a countermeasure to the Dragons’ attacks which threatened their very survival. This failed in the end due to Tasigur the then Sultai khan who had recently after offending the Rukshasa and the Naga caused his clan to lose its power to control Zombies. He was forced to make a pact with Silumgar and his brood under the promise that he will have a special place of power under Sliumgar’s regime. Tasigar’s betrayal would revealed the location of their secret meeting to the Dragons. Together with Ojutai, Silumar will help the other to utterly destroy the Jeskai. After the khanfall, Silumgar was driven off the Jeskai region but went on to take over the Sultai region thereafter. As for Tasigur, he was rewarded to become a pet to Silumgar to display his dominance forever. Tasigur’s body is still wore by Sliumgar in the present as it was preserved magically; displaying his ruthlessness, which the Sultai had so admired before, in having no mercy for his enemies and defeated foes.

No Rest for the Enemies.

No Rest for the Enemies.


With the brief history of the origin of the Sultai ideal done, let’s have a look at the ruthless Dragon leader’s stats.



Card Name: Silumgar, the Drifting Death


Types: Legendary Creature – Dragon

Card Text: Flying, hexproof

Whenever a Dragon you control attacks, creatures defending player controls get -1/-1 until end of turn.

P/T: 3/7

Silumgar color identity is on the other end of the Control side; controlling with hand disruption and removal. He has the very strong Commander favorite protection ability of Hexproof which protects him well from most spot removal. This usually puts opponents in ultimatum of clearing the board just to kill him off. His Dragon Tribal theme attack trigger is also very in flavor with his corrosive, venomous breathe; an attack trigger which gives a -1/-1 till end of turn for each attacking Dragon to the defending player’s Creatures. This works like how his corrosive breathe eats into his enemies. The trigger is very powerful especially when you attack with more than just one Dragon as it eliminates blockers even before they are being declare. Anything that survives the mass attack trigger will then be too small to survive the combat too. Depending on the number of attacking Dragons, Silumgar attack trigger is at least a small tokens sweeper to a major board wipe to even Indestructible Creatures. Last but not least, Silumgar has a very high toughness which allows him to survive most combat except with a Deathtouch Creature. Combined with Hexproof, it is much harder to kill him off since he cannot be targeted with spot removal and is hard to kill with combat damage due to his high toughness. This as mentioned earlier leave opponents with not much choice but to use a board wipe just to get rid of him.


The Horde Controller

Deathbringer Regent Launch Promo

That moment when you realized that you needed a peppermint like it was a life and death situation…

Like other Dragon leaders, the attack trigger is more powerful with more Dragons attacking. I especially like the fact it is a -1/-1 instead of dealing damage or destroying as Indestructible is becoming more common nowadays. The -1/-1 outright kills Indestructible Creatures as long as the toughness reaches zero. And since it is giving it to all Creatures even Hexproof Creatures cannot evade it too. Silumgar attack trigger is at the very least with him attacking solo a 1/1 sweeper. Even with him attacking alone can render the defending player’s defense useless as the smaller 1/1s will all die from the trigger and the rest of the bigger Creatures become smaller and may die after blocking your attacker. One thing for sure is that every time Silumgar’s attack trigger happens, a lot of Creatures is going die from it if you attack the right player. In that regard, you should consider putting cards which can benefit from multiple Creatures dying. Below are some example of such cards that you can combo with Silumgar’s attack trigger.

Black Market Put a charger counter on it whenever a Creature dies.
Gets B for each charge counter on it at beginning of your precombat main phase.
Blade of the Bloodchief / Sadistic Glee Equipped / Enchanted Creature gets a +1/+/1 counter whenever a Creature dies.
Blood Artist / Falkenrath Noble Makes target player loses 1 life and you gain 1 life whenever a Creature dies.
Deathgreeter Gain 1 life whenever another Creature dies.
Demon of Dark Schemes ETB Massacre.
Get an Energy Counter whenever another Creature dies.
2B, Pay four Energy counters: Reanimate a Creature from a graveyard to battlefield tapped.
Dingus Staff Deals 2 damage to Creatures’ controller when they die.
Dross Harvester Gain 2 life whenever Creature dies.
Gristle Grinner / Malakir Cullblade / Ob Nixilis, Unshackled / Scavenger Drake / Swarm of Bloodflies Grows bigger as more Creatures die.
Faces of the Past Tap all untapped or untap all tapped Creatures that share a Creature type with a Creature that just dies.
Glissa, the Traitor Retrieve Artifact card whenever a Creature an opponent controls dies.
Grave Betrayal / Lim-Dûl the Necromancer Steal Creatures you don’t control that just die.
Harvester of Souls Draw a card whenever another nontoken Creature dies.
Massacre Wurm ETB Massacre opponents’ Creautres. Opponents lose 2 life whenever a Creature they control die.
Mimic Vat Steals a Creature when it dies and make tokens of it later.
Murder of Crows Draw and discard a card whenever another Creature dies.
Ogre Slumlord / Overseer of the Damned Creates a token whenever another nontoken Creature dies.
Reaper of the Wilds / Shadows of the Past Scry 1 whenever another Creature dies.
Salvaging Station Untap the Station whenever a Creature dies; tap Station again to bring back 1cc nonCreature Artifact card; sacrifice 1cc Artifact; rinse and repeat for each Creature that dies.
Sangromancer Gain 3 life whenever an opponent’s Creature dies.
Selhoff Occultist Mill one on target player whenever a Creature dies.


"More Death Please."

“More Death Please.”


As Silumgar is the Dragon leader of his brood, it is natural that his attack trigger is much stronger with more Dragons you attack with. The good thing about his attack trigger is that you do not need a lot of Dragons to attack to really abuse it. Having even just one Dragon attacking can wreak havoc on the defending player’s board; especially when your objective is to kill off his or her board of 1/1s. The way I see it, anything beyond one can finish a lot of Creatures. If you ever gone up to four Dragons, that is enough to wipe off the board of most defending player board leaving those Creatures which survived severely weaken to block or easily killed off with a bit more damage. There are not many Creature based opponents who can withstand constant Languish on their board. This makes Silumgar a very effective horde controller, preventing opponents from having too big of an army. This is why you can just go partial Dragon Tribal theme with him and still get a relatively good attack trigger from him. Below are some Dragons which are within Silumgar color identity you may consider to add to your deck; either for full or partial Dragon Tribal theme.

Acid-Spewer Dragon / Belltoll Dragon Pumps your other Dragons when Megamorph up.
Amoeboid Changeling / Ghostly Changeling / Moonglove Changeling / Mothdust Changeling / Shapesharer / Skeletal Changeling / Turtleshell Changeling Extra lower and middle cc “Dragons” to fill the ranks. The filler to all Tribal themes.
Cairn Wanderer “Dragon” which gain basic abilities from Creatures in graveyards. Said basic abilities are; Flying, Fear, First Strike, Double Strike, Deathtouch, Haste, Landwalk, Lifelink, Protection, Reach, Trample, Shroud, and Vigilance.
Catacomb Dragon Half power, rounded down, of nonArtifact and nonDragon Creature blocking it.
Cloud Dragon / Henge Guardian / Scion of Ugin / Teeka’s Dragon Basic Dragons to fill the ranks.
Clockwork Dragon Comes with its own +1/+1 counters and way to increase them.
Deathbringer Regent Board sweep if it is cast from the hand and there are five or more other Creatures on the battlefield.
Draco Biggest and highest cc Dragon available for all color identity.
Dragonlord Silumgar Upgraded Creature or Planeswalker stealer version of Silumgar.
Ebon Dragon ETB force target opponent to discard a card.
Icefall Regent Locks down an opponent’s Creature for as long as it stays on the battlefield. Tax opponents’ spells targeting it by 2.
Keiga, the Tide Star Steal a Creature when it dies.
Kokusho, the Evening Star Drain each opponent for 5 life when it dies.
Lotus Guardian Mana producer.
Mindscour Dragon Mills four on target player when it deals combat damage to an opponent.
Mist Dragon Self-protection by Phasing out.
Necromaster Dragon Saboteur Dragon. Pay 2 when it get through to mill each opponent for two and create a Zombie token.
Noxious Dragon Destroy target 3cc or less Creature when it dies.
Phantasmal Dragon 4cc for Flying 5/5 with drawback of need to sacrifice when being targeted.
Quicksilver Dragon Self-protection of redirecting spells targeting only it to another target Creature.
Ruthless Deathfang Force target opponent to also sacrifice a Creature whenever you sacrifices one.
Scourge of Nel Toth Self-recurring Dragon.
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Infect Dragon.
Steel Hellkite Spot mass removal through cc when it connects with opponents.



Silent Death

The Death in the Skys.

Bringing Death to your Doorsteps.

In conclusion, Silumgar is very good Dimir Control Commander whether you are going partial or full Tribal theme as his attack trigger requires only a small amount of Dragons to be effective. Combining that with the Control elements available in his color identity, you can easily control your opponents’ board state by attacking with your Dragons and finishing off whatever was not kill by the attack trigger. In that regard, if you like a Control Commander, we definitely recommend Silumgar as the one. More so especially when your play group has a lot Creatures lovers.


What do you think of the origin of the Sultai ideal?  Will you use him as your Control Commander or just the means of board sweep of your deck? Share with us your thoughts and ideas of today’s Dragon leader in the comments below. That is all we have for today article. Do stay tune for more upcoming Commander Review of Fate Reforged. Till then.


This is yours truly, Edward “Reaper King” Leong, signing off.


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