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There are somekchanges in EDH banned lists at September 2011:


Why Erayo, Soratami Ascendant banned?

From what I read in mtgcommander.net forum. The core reason why Erayo is banned as a general is because it doesn’t make the game fun. Once Erayo flipped, the advantage switched to Erayo player but doesn’t really kill the opponents but creating a serious uncounterable, free counter spell, plus 1 card advantage.

Well, the community doesn’t care if there are still ways to deal with it once it is flipped. They care about is does it make the game fun. And from what I read, interactive is the what they looking for. So when any cards that make the game not reactive, they freaking banned it! At least we are sure the community is going in that fun direction.


Why Lion’s Eye Diamond (LED) is unbanned?

From what they say in the forum. LED was banned at first because of the possibility of 2 cards infinite combo. However, they found out there are so many 2 cards infinite combo in EDH, so what is the point of continue ban this LED?

Moreover, they believe there are possibility can be done with LED. Maybe LED unbanned may bring new avenues of playing EDH, so why not?

However, they are still keep LED under an watchful eye. They too worried that LED may become a core element in all EDH games. The Deciding Factor of EDH games. What does that mean? Think of Yawgmoth’s will in Vintage games. Whoever abuse their Yawgmoth’s will is going to have a huge percentage of winning. And this is what the community is worried about, LED become Yawgmoth’s Will in EDH.


In Summary… :

so, what is the community is looking out for? Well… they not worried about fast mana, but they worried that cards that make the game too s-l-o-w or too Fast~! They also worried that a Single Card is the Key Element to winning or losing.

So is the community looking at the right direction? Yes, they want to create a vibrate and interactive game. But are the cards they banned prevent such things? Oh well… does it really matter? It isn’t like the cards they banned cost as much a few hundred dollars and when this card is banned it will go down in price.

Hell! These cards are all dirt cheap in the first place!

Enjoy the game, and stop whining!


In the end, this is the Final List:

Commander, also known as EDH, is played with vintage legal cards, with some exceptions:

  • cards are legal as soon as it is started in prerelease
  • The following is the official banned list for EDH games. These cards (and others like them) should not be played in the game unless all players agree with it.

Additionally the following legends may not be used as a General:


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