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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Winning in EDH Multiplayer Tips

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Hello everybody. In this blog post, I like to share some tips in winning EDH multiplayer games. I am a complicated person who is extremely lazy. So I will try to keep this blog post short and sweet. So let’s start the ball rolling.

Have a good look at the Generals

Knowing which General your friends are playing, will give you a good idea what kind of deck you are up against. Preparations are made not just in the mind, you may mulligan the cards you do not need against and have a better chance to get other cards that may deal those General. Especially those Generals are having the similar themes (graveyard recursion or mana ramping)

Politics is a dirty game

The chances of a player to dominate 2 or more players is very slim. The reason is simple, he will spend a lot of resources to hold off 2 players. Of course the chances are still there, but they are low. However we also must understand some truth in EDH games, the amount of bomb spells are high and they can swing the advantage to the caster easily.

So usually alliance are form when a player has gain a certain vantage. For example, a player A may have Grave pact, Skullclamp and Reassembling Skeleton in play, which allow him to cause each other player to sacrifice 1 creature and player A will draw 2 cards for 1 mana each time he clamp the skeleton. He can do it again for 3mana.

However, for politics to work, someone must start off a trigger. Like Hilter invade Poland and everyone else is not happy. That will be a good time to point it out and suggest an alliance.

Beware though, if a player does not wish to join forces, even in the face of such vantage, chances are, he has solution in some form.

Leverage on other Players resources

Observe what is going on other players. Why is a player A attacking player B? Why does A deem B a threat? As long as A deems B is a threat, he will commit resources and effort to attack B, or remove the threat. So what is the threat?

Based on what he deem is a threat can tell his deck loops hole. A mono black deck has extremely little answer against enchantments and artifacts just as a mono green deck has extremely little answers to deal with creatures (which unless they fight)

here are a few ways you can go to deal with the situation:

1. you can leverage on this knowledge and deal with that player later

2. allow that player focus on his personal threat by not casting that type of spell

3. develop other stuff that can prepare yourself for the winner of this conflict

Usually people ignore mana development, defensive cards or library manipulation cards like sensei’s divining top.

Is there a reason why people ignore the follower mentioned above? I believe that these cards have provide no immediate threat when they landed, therefore players usually hold off and devote their resources on their own development.

As humans, we often prefer wait things to happen, then we deal with it. For example, people go and see doctor when they are uncomfortable or shit, not before. Instead of finding ways to keeping themselves fit and sick free. This type of habit is surfacing, not just games but almost in everything people do.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing or bad habit. Because even if I am fit and healthy, I do need to see doctor when I am sick, there is no running away from that. I’m just saying this is human nature. Something that we can leverage on and put in on our advantage.

In simpler terms, Player A is trying to kill Player B, he is doing your job for you. Be my guest.

Have a constant check on other players’ resources

In Magic, the resources we often talking about are as following:

Cards in hand

Cards in play

Cards in graveyard

Having a constant check on these following zones helps us reduce the number of possibilities that can happen in the game.

For example, there is no creatures in the graveyard, reanimation is not going to happen any time soon. A blue player has 2 cards in hand, very little chance there are counter magic in his hand, and even there are, there are only 2.

Mystifying Maze is in play, that player can stop 1 creature from attacking, and this can be a political bargain tool.

Aura shards in play, that player can control any enchantment and artifacts.

Keep checking the amount of cards, what kind of cards is in play and how many cards in hand in all players has also can help you ‘outflank’ your opponents too. Leverage the loopholes and take the vantage position.


Ok, let’s put everything in summary.

Almost impossible to win when all players are going for your throat.

Know the Generals, have the mental and mulligan preparations against them.

Leverage on other players. Find ways to let other players spent their resources. Conserve yours.

Have a constant check on other players’ resources. Know what a player can and cannot do, leverage on that loop hole.

Thanks for reading. As a gift, I have an ebook, given by Science of Strategy. It translate and explain Sun Tzu’ The Art of War. May you all have a good time playing EDH!


From Humility Manferd. 😛

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