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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Conspiracy Theory – Recruited Rebellion

October 8, 2015 by  
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If you have been following our series of articles on the Conspiracy set, you would by now know that the setting of Fiora is a place when the people are constantly looking for an opportunities to gain the upper hand. It happened once when the lower class were oppressed too long and they rose to […]

M15 Core Set Review – Kurkesh, Onakke Ancient Creators of the Chain Veil

July 16, 2015 by  
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Part of the back story for M15 was the continuation story of the downward spiral to madness of Garruk’s curse caused by the Chain Veil. This Legendary piece of Artifact seems to be the core focus and downfall of many Planeswalker. Thus far all the Planeswalkers known to be associated with it had been rather […]

Set Review: Commander 2013 – Artifacts and Lands

August 29, 2014 by  
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Hi and welcome back for another Commander 2013 set review. Today article we will be looking at the last few non-Commander (not Legendary Creatures) cards for Commander 2013. As usual, today we will also talk about each card’s political and self value; and also their impact in both EDH and normal variant. So please join […]

EDH Essentials: Artifacts

July 31, 2013 by  
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Artifacts play a very big factor in Magic the Gathering. As much as we love lands, as much as I love lands, artifacts play a huge factor of who is winning since the dawn of Alpha edition. Artifacts have evolved from accelerating your mana base to support you with utility and finally, provide a function […]